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I'm certain there was a thread on this but I couldn't find it with the keywords I used. It might even have been removed, I guess, since this place is for promoting high-fruit raw diet. Well, I'm not about to promote anything else, but let's say that for whatever reason(s), you couldn't do the diet justice, calorie-wise and all, at this point in time, what would be the next best thing?

More specifically, I'm wondering what cooked vegan meals would go well with the rest of one's diet being about 50%-75% percent high-fruit raw? Of course, if these products are as expensive as fruit, then there's no real point. So, carbohydrate substitutes that are okay, with a good amount of calories and decent nutritional value, and that preferably don't cost too much? I can almost only think of potatoes - and _maybe_ som grains or legumes/beans - but I'm hoping there's a good deal more that I have underestimated.

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To reduce costs, I'd suggest finding a wholesale fruit and veg merchant. I tracked one down, and now I can often buy a 40lb/18kg case of 'overripe' bananas for £1 or £2 (or even for free occasionally) compared to the usual £16. Sometimes organic bananas are available at the same or slightly higher cost. Other stuff is also often cheaper than the supermarket. For example, today I bought 3 cases of figs (24 to a case) at £3 each.

Getting to know your wholesaler can be very helpful, especially if you can be a bit flexible about what you eat. You can help them out by buying 'overipe' fruit very cheaply, and they may well be particularly willing to help a young person out. There's no need to be restricted to just bananas....
I did some slight checking on that. I guess I'll have to try harder. Or contact one even if doesn't seem that they'd be likely to want to sell to a single person. Problem is that if they can't deliver it to me (and even if they could, that would cost some money too), I'd probably have to travel who knows how far, and without a car I couldn't easily get even one case home with me - unless there happens to be a bus stop nearby... maybe I'd have to make some special special deal...

How exactly does you arrangement look like? I could use some inspiration.
i contacted an online bulk organics.., and they said they would deliver cheaply, as an employee lived near me.

chum it's bread & potatoes, red lentils, for you, and scraps.
Mango Muncher, I'm finding it really hard to find a whole fruit fruit and veg merchant, could you share, if you don't mind, how you found yours and how did you contact them and place an order? Thanks!!
If to freeganize means to forage, then the best I can freeganize around here would be the low-calorie apples, pears and plums, all of which I'd have to steal from people's gardens (and very few people living around me actually have fruit trees). University studies and a general interest in learning this and that keeps me from wandering out of town to look for low-calorie fruit trees (and I don't have a vehicle of any kind, atm, making it even less feasible).
as a matter of interest, do you have berries in Sweeden?

blackberries are available here in uk, largely inconsipicous to the general populace is this superduper high vit C food under there noses.
....I know what you mean Nicolas - living on a high fruit diet is expencive here in Scandianvia . I also have had baked patatoes during winter or steamed vegetables once and a while when I could not find or buy enough fruits during winter (much better now but it is still limited fruits and not so good quality fruits during winter )
... In my city we have a farmers market saturday and wensday with organic farmers and I know people that work for them at the marked get both paid and much cheaper fruits and vegetables - you might have these farmers marked in your city too? perhaps they can use some hours help and you can get some fruits for that :-)

....fruit diet in scandinavia is challenging - especially during winter and it cost much more than in US or more sunny and warm countries .
Yo, potatoes are extremely high in pesticides and are very poor in terms of mineral/nutritional content.

As Violet, Ryan, and others have mentioned, if you really want to do this, you could. Manifest what you want and somehow you'll find it. I don't even have a job or anyone to help me with money and I manage to eat this way. Doesn't have to be organic. Do your best. Go to the back of grocery stores, produce markets, health food stores and check out their dumpsters. Ask produce clerks for bulk order forms, ask them how much of a discount you can get. Ride your bike around town looking for foraging opportunities. It's totally fine if you don't get some greens in for a bit because I know those tend to be on the pricey side sometimes.

Avoid splurging on low calorie higher cost fruits such as berries and stone fruits. Take what you can get.

Now, if you desire to eat cooked foods, I would recommend lentils, split peas, etc. Easier to digest than tougher legumes and are relatively inexpensive, especially if you find any Middle Eastern or Indian grocery stores. Also lightly steamed veggies. And always have cooked food with a big salad beforehand to aid digestion. Instead of brown rice, seeds like millet, quinoa, buckwheat, amaranth, etc are less acidic on the body but aren't exactly budget food. So really, I think fruit is your best bet in terms of nourishment and price.
Thanks for the heads-up on the potatoes. And, I'll be sure to check out my not-too-tough legume options.
Good luck!
Nicolas, usually you won't be able to buy directly from a distributor unless you have you own company with decent credit-rating.

What you wan't to do is probably check with supermarkets if they get "overripe" fruit (especially bananas) that they have to throw away anyhow, maybe you'll be able to get some at a good discount. You could try this with any distributors you might find as well, maybe someone working there wouldn't mind some extra tax-free cash in hand :P

Luke seems to be in the know regarding this, he might have some good tips.
Just now I came back from a distributor who didn't seem to mind tax-free cash in hand. Can't say I got the greatest price reduction, but it's something. IIRC correctly, I could get slightly cheaper bananas (like 1-2 SEK cheaper) from Lid'l. But Lid'l is, well, Lid'l. :P I'll give asking for "overripe" fruit at the stores a try next.

And to the others speaking derogatorily about cooked... of course I don't WANT to eat cooked. Who here in their right mind really wants to do that? Actually, it would seem that I'm in the minority who has had ZERO food cravings (and I'm not even consuming anything much over 2000 calories a day.).

Anyway, this thread isn't really about me (whose budget, psyche, life situation, etc. you don't know), or how "easy" it is for hobos in Greenland to do 80-10-10. It's about your understandings of what the next best thing to 80-10-10 would be, should one not do the high-fruit total-raw thing for whatever reason - EVEN if you think there can't possibly be a single reason for not doing it at a certain time in one's life.



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