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I'm certain there was a thread on this but I couldn't find it with the keywords I used. It might even have been removed, I guess, since this place is for promoting high-fruit raw diet. Well, I'm not about to promote anything else, but let's say that for whatever reason(s), you couldn't do the diet justice, calorie-wise and all, at this point in time, what would be the next best thing?

More specifically, I'm wondering what cooked vegan meals would go well with the rest of one's diet being about 50%-75% percent high-fruit raw? Of course, if these products are as expensive as fruit, then there's no real point. So, carbohydrate substitutes that are okay, with a good amount of calories and decent nutritional value, and that preferably don't cost too much? I can almost only think of potatoes - and _maybe_ som grains or legumes/beans - but I'm hoping there's a good deal more that I have underestimated.

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Just 2,000 calories a day pretty much doom my finances when it comes to doing anything other than eating - which might include buying educational material (and not just books that you can find for free online). That is unless I eat pretty much just the cheapest bananas I can find, and then I guess the question is, just how healthy is it really to mono-diet on such relatively crappy bananas for months on end?
i don't understand the excuse.. how much cheaper is it going to be to get your calories from potatoes? a medium potato has about the same amount of calories as a large banana.. and would eating cooked potatoes rather than the "crappy bananas" be a healthier alternative, even if it is slightly cheaper (which i doubt it is)

could you elaborate on what exact information you are looking for?
Potatoes: roughly 70cents/kilo.

Bananas: 3 dollars/kilo.

Potatoes and bananas have about the same amount of calories per weight unit. But then you also have to take into account that 20-30% of the banana weight that you buy is inedible peel.

Which makes bananas 4-5 times as expensive per calorie.

Now, I'm not saying this is an "excuse" to go off raw. BUT if you have the choice to eat only bananas and starve to death (because you can't afford enough of them), or add in some potatoes and still stay 811 vegan I think it's the only sensible thing to do.

We've got the EU to thank for the high banana prices over here.
in your defense "80/10/10 diet" isn't only raw. even Dr. Graham stated in an interview that 80/10/10 isn't a new idea. its been around for decades. he simply adopted it for a raw vegan lifestyle since its less taxing on the body eating fruits. so yes you can still be 80/10/10 vegan and be healthy but obviously most of our ideals on the forum would be 80/10/10rv. later man
Great answer, Simon. You make some very reasonable points in your post.
Good for you, but for me that is closer to 80-100 euros a week. Where do you live? Where do you get your bananas?

Seems to me that most people that insist on that "there is really no excuse..." lack a sens of real world economics.
Indeed. This diet is not suppose to be a prison sentence, it's suppose to be about freedom & better life quality. If someone has to go down a "less than optimal" road for a while until they find a way to remedy a problem, it doesn't make them weak or an excuse-maker. It makes them quite proactive.
Hi Simon, thank you for your calorie count.
It seems that you spend a lot of money for your food! I've always known that life Sweden is pretty expensive (a friend of mine's girlfriend is Swedish and she told us something about it).
Have you already tried to buy in a "local exchange community" - or organizing one? It means being in agreement with many other families and buy great amounts of products, thus paying less because of high amount.
Also, I think if you try to buy local, ripe fruit that won't cost too much, but I don't know the case that well.

Nicolas, I reckon potatoes would be the way to go. Cook, cut and throw 'em in a salad.
Yeah, that's pretty much what I was thinking when I created the thread. Potatoes...
I'll check it. Not sure if there's any SUN-dried fruit sold in stores near me though.
Potatoes should be good for economy sake, or brown rice (cheap if you buy in bigger bags). My dad cured himself of colon cancer years ago on a macrobiotic diet, which is mainly steamed brown rice and cooked vegetables.

For curing sickness, I think it's all about what you Don't have in your diet. Of course, to thrive, then it makes a difference what you DO have in your diet, nutritionally. But I get the impression you already know that, and you're just looking for a temporary economic solution that won't damage your health too much in the meantime.

On brown rice, you'd still be eating better than I did at your age. I'm 42 now, been transitioning to raw food for 3-1/2 years and already feel fantastic. You will likely have time later on to make up for whatever cooked food you eat at this age. In your position, I would focus your energies on learning/studying for your career, i.e. how to make money. Then money will give you a much greater freedom of choice throughout your life, including how to eat.



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