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Hello, there, I'm Anna :) I've been doing 811 for almost three months now, loving it, but still finding some things that I want to question. I have been raw since May actually, and meatless for years, and lately it seems like my memory is not nearly as sharp as it used to be. I'm constantly forgetting things, remembering them later, but now I have to write everything down to remember it. Also, when I'm talking to people, I'll start with a point, and then realize I'm kind of talking about nothing, and minutes later, I'll bring up original points, like "Oh yeah,and what I meant by all of that is..."and whatnot. One of my jobs is at a daycare, and a lot of times I'll realize I've been watching kids do things that I should be telling them to stop (hitting eachother with toys, climbing the bookshelves, etc. haha) but it takes a minute before I fully realize it. I know some people are like this by nature, but I never used to be, so that is why it is concerning.

Admittedly, I have just started college, and I actually have close to 6 jobs (mostly odd ones). In the summer, I did at least an hour of deep yoga a day, along with other exercise, and it's harder to keep up with now. So it could just be alot to think about, and that could be the reason.

If anyone has any ideas, similar experiences, or anything else to contribute, that would be lovely, and I would so appreciate it! :)

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We've been at 811 for about the same time then.  I've experienced the exact opposite - my brain fog has lifted and I'm much sharper than I used to be - additionally, I experience less fatigue in general.

Really? Well that's good! What are you doing, like... what foods do you eat the most? I eat a lot of dates, tomatoes, bananas, spinach... but like a lot of different foods a day, all 811. But I know lots of people do well with only 5 foods a day, monomeals, all of that. Have you had success with that?

thats exactly what i was wondering... how many calories youre getting in??

Let's see, I'm eating a lot of bananas and greens (head of lettuce a day, sometimes celery or cilantro as well).  I also eat dates, oranges, berries, mangoes, nectarines, peaches, tomatoes when in season.  It's going to get a little bit more monotonous now that winter is approaching.  I'll have to resort to frozen organic strawberries, blueberries, and mangoes.

Oh, and dates.  I also eat raisins and am looking for some sulfur free dried apricots.  I also include a tablespoon of nut butter a day (sometimes it was half an avocado but I find it so difficult to keep on top of when they are ripe).

I was really mixing up all of my fruit at the beginning but now I am naturally moving towards monomeals (a big whack of bananas or a big glass of orange juice.)  The nut butter is eaten by itself or with greens.  The dates I eat alone.  I tend to still have smaller meals a day - can't handle the big meals that some people handle here yet.

I always get enough sleep but water is probably where I'm falling down a bit.  I'm finding it hard to take in the recommended amount - but since I feel so much better, I'm not going to worry about it too much - just try to drink.

I avoid spinach and kale because I have Hashimoto's Disease (nodules in the thyroid) which can lead to a slower thyroid.  Spinach, Kales, and veggies like broccoli have oxalates and goitrogens which can suppress the thyroid if consumed too often. 

So one possibility is that you are consuming a goitrogen on a regular basis.  Perhaps you could consider changing over to romaine, green leaf, and butter lettuce for a month in order to see if you start getting more energy.


Well when I first started, I underestimated and did a calorue counter for only 1400 calories, then dropped doing it for a month. When i did more research on how mucb i really needed, I did the calorie counter for 2500, which was definitely better... but I haven't logged in weeks :0 Sometimes its really inconvenient because.on the go you don't always have time to measure and log evrrything in. However, I could definitely start doing that again, and I will try the more watery food and actual water approach, Ezd0g, thank you. :D
yes definitely eat enough, but you should also take advantage of this change. I think it's really cool that you can talk for a long time about one thing. a good monologue can be better than dialogue for so many reasons and i appreciate when people finish their thoughts. I mean, have you become more conversational?

on the kids at the nursery-remember they are the future of society. Think about all the problems in today's society. I am sure a raw vegan, regardless of other credentials, is probably the best 'authority' figure for these kids. They will learn true peace, with you not under you.

Once again, if you're a space cadet make sure you're eating enough and if you feel you're putting yourself in danger, well, you know what we say here. trust your gut.

Yeah, I was like this the first three days and chopped it up to detox and lack of sleep.  I didn't carb up enough and it messed with my sleep.  Now if I get good sleep, I'm actually sharper. On this lifestyle, I need more sleep or I get spacey.  I don't know, maybe it's just something I notice more too though.  I notice a lot more the cleaner I eat - like even the things I think I should notice - higher level of consciousness.

Classic sign of under eating, up your calorie intake and see how you feel in a few days.  2500 cals minimum for women, with your activity probably need at least 3000.  Stick with High calorie fruits for now and skip any veggies or low cal fruits until you make sure you are getting enough, then slowly add them back in.

Wow you have a busy life Anna, stress/worry can do funny things to the mind, be sure to get plenty of quiet time/sleep and fuel, a 10 min power nap helps I find.

Me, and a friend who just recently started down her fruity path, have both noticed this as well... Scary. I feel fantastic, in every way but this.
Perhaps because I often fail to take my b12 supps... >.>

Thank you all for the replies and wonderful information! I've actually start drinking way more water, especially in the morning, and getting more calories and rest lately, and I actually do feel way better. Woo! Thankss :D

Do you still drink caffeine?  That stuff used to make me loopy. 



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