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Vitamin K. There is a trend going on now where Moms are rejecting Vitamin K given at birth . Vitamin K helps the clotting factor in newborns. A year ago we received an infant whose mother thought it would not be a good idea to give vitamin k to her perfectly healthy newborn as she planned to breastfeed the infant. When the infant was a week old, it developed a brain bleed that bled out through the fontanells and turned the child into an alien head. We spent months and months trying to keep this child alive. The infant was very critical and had several urgent life saving measures. Eventually, the child bought a brain shunt and a G-tube and we sent the now severely brain damaged, crippled child home. The infant spent the first 7 months of life inside a hospital. All of that because Mom thought that her baby did not need a vitamin k shot. Be very careful when playing doctor with your baby.

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Hey Lolita,

This is all very interesting..

I have two young boys and was wondering..  as far as the 'crying it out'.. do you know of other styles of getting children to sleep?  If I were to let my kids run around, they would.. believe it or not.. . just continually run around and probably fall asleep at like 11 or so.  yikes.. 

Just wondering what the alternative suggestions might be..  I don't know if it's more geared towards co-sleeping (we've tried, but ...  we get no sleep)  little kids (toddlers) tend to toss and turn all night until a certain age.


Lolita, this reply gave me chills and brought tears to my eyes.  I wish every parent or parent-to-be could read only these few words in your last paragraph.

(And don't tell me that the Cochrane Library and the WHO are just a conspiracy as well...)

:D :D :D


excellent find, lolita!

you are really whizzing on this and the other thread!!


falcao looks like she's done her homework and gathers some serious info here.

not surprising either, since the medical profession often wants to get rid of midwives.

we were fortunate in choosing an md who was very willing to work with our midwives - in fact, she even convinced my wife to complete her 40hr natural birth when the midwives were ready to toss it in!!

in friendship,


Do you know if this infant had received a vaccine?

Or circumcision. Or if the mom had a c-section. Or if there was birth trauma.

"Vitamin K is necessary for normal blood clotting in adults and children. Some babies (in fact, most of them) are born with insufficient vitamin K levels.

In some newborns, this deficiency can lead to a serious bleeding disorder, typically in the first week of life, called Hemorrhagic Disease of the Newborn (HDN). Internal bleeding occurs in the brain and other organs, leading to serious injury or even death.

While this disease is rare (incidence of 0.25 percent to 1.7 percent[i] ),it is has been standard practice to give injections of vitamin K as a preventative measure, whether or not risk factors are present."


There are three primary areas of risk associated with these injections:

  1. Probably the most significant is Inflicting pain immediately after birth likely causing psycho-emotional damage and trauma to a newborn, which is totally inappropriate, and unnecessary. It just creates another emotional wound that the helpless and innocent baby needs to overcome to achieve health and wellness.

    It is bad enough they will have to overcome unintentional traumas along the way but to mandate this practice is the 21st century is simply unconscionable.

  2. The amount of vitamin K injected into newborns is 20,000 times the needed dose[ii] . Additionally, the injection may also contain preservatives that can be toxic for your baby’s delicate, young immune system.
  3. An injection creates an additional opportunity for infection in an environment that contains some of the most dangerous germs, at a time when your baby’s immune system is still immature.

[I know, Mercola is not our favorite source given his stance on diet, but his own sources are well-documented.]

Who's to say that even with the shot the same thing wouldn't have happened.  We will never know, but what I do know is I don't trust the "healthcare" industry...

Thanks for following on with lots of great info Lolita, Prad, and Peter.

I wasn't attacking you Myca...I just can't sit by and read a post like yours without offering another way of seeing things. And I was having a bad day with mainstream "logic" affecting my family and reading your post triggered my blunt and brutal gene into action.

One person supposedly gets sick and dies from eating 811rv, and someone races off and tells everyone, you mustn't do this or you will die! It's scaremongering without looking at all the facts or separating this one person from all people. That is how I found the threads OP.

Originally, I wrote a scathing reply to this, but I will just say this:

I have two vaccine-injuried children.

If you want more info on vaccination or autism go to this site: http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/Autism-Mercury/

Google: autism, mercury, symptoms of heavy metal toxicity, symptoms of autism, chart comparing the two, Andy Cutler chelation, supplements for children with autism, recovering nicholas, recovering kaiden, recovering grant, kash's story, homeopathy for autism, Pierre Fontaine, ALA chelation, DMSA chelation.


Also, just want to say I really don't appreciate the detailed, alarmist stories, as I feel they are a ploy to instigate emotional response from people.  I could be wrong, but I don't think it helps, because really, the op was lacking in a lot of other variables/facts that others brought up, as well.


Additionally, we're healing our two children from vaccine injuires through the Andy Cutler chelation protocol with ALA.  So far, it's been very successful (thanks to God.) 

I feel people who really don't know much about vax's, their ingredients http://vaxtruth.org/2011/08/vaccine-ingredients/#comment-2384, their effects on thousands of children (one in 72 now, compared w/ one in 10,000 just 20 yrs ago), and the current state of what the FDA is doing (or really, not doing), in terms of any and all medications, pharm companies and food preservatives, should simply do more research and stop judging those who choose not to vaccinate.  Overall, with all of the things I've just mentioned in relation to ingredients and the FDA.... It's.  a complete.  Catastrophe.


Just saying a minute part of my story and point of view and I feel people should see both sides and investigate thoroughly.  Unfortunately, I've had an up-close view of what it's like on the side of vaxing and it not going well.  and it's been really horrific. 

If there are vax's, they should be safe and not contain mercury, aluminum, fetal tissues and the many, many other horrible and dangerous ingredients that they do currently contain.  My kids and thousands of other parents saw their kids directly get sick from their vaxes, lose all speech and eye contact, lose all smiling, lose all connection with them...  My sons bled out of his backside fo 7 straight days after his vax.  My little smiley one (my younger one) got a deadpan face - no smiling- that wouldn't go away.


I want to say, there is hope (thank God.)  And that God answered our prayers and gave me .. google.. and the knowledge to heal my sons.  (and I am forever grateful for those who spread the information allowing me to do so - Julie Matthews being a huge one, Andy Cutler, and the many moms and dads who weren't afraid of criticism, but cared about others affected by this travesty and were determined to spread knowledge.)

My children are currently doing much better (against all advice and reports from docs/ OT's, etc.) and continue to improve daily. 

Chelation was the most effective out of everything we've done.

This is my viewpoint and experience.

Please be aware this is a very emotional and difficult topic for me, as it is w/ all parents in my position.  Because of that, it is a sensitive one.  So if you plan on shooting me down, you better back up your opinion with facts, or as they say in the US 'hood, I'm coming for your a%#..  ha ha..  No, but seriously, this is a tough topic involving my kids, and so any personal criticisms will not be met kindly. 

If you have a differing opinion, whatever, but don't criticize my actions or personal decisions, please.  I wish to merely spread honest info about what I've found out through my experience.  If you have any questions as to how to heal a child from autism, message me on here, or PM me.


Also, here's my FB site on health, autism, and heavy metal toxicity: https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Reveal-and-Heal/216831191709244



Thanks for sharing a bit of your story Morgan. I'm sorry you and your children have been affected in that way...it's horrid and I hope the chelation brings some positive results. I'm so glad I was exposed to this info before my first child was born and was able to make the conscious decision to not vaccinate. I too know lots of children who have been affected by vaccines.

ALWAYS question routine procedures.

Vitamin K shot and a connection to Leukemia?


ALWAYS question routine procedures.

routine procedures => routine income

healthy people just don't pay as much.

in friendship,




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