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Vitamin K. There is a trend going on now where Moms are rejecting Vitamin K given at birth . Vitamin K helps the clotting factor in newborns. A year ago we received an infant whose mother thought it would not be a good idea to give vitamin k to her perfectly healthy newborn as she planned to breastfeed the infant. When the infant was a week old, it developed a brain bleed that bled out through the fontanells and turned the child into an alien head. We spent months and months trying to keep this child alive. The infant was very critical and had several urgent life saving measures. Eventually, the child bought a brain shunt and a G-tube and we sent the now severely brain damaged, crippled child home. The infant spent the first 7 months of life inside a hospital. All of that because Mom thought that her baby did not need a vitamin k shot. Be very careful when playing doctor with your baby.

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And that's why women should make damn sure that they're getting the nutrients they need when breastfeeding...

Just because you see one case with one baby or even a few does not mean you need to scaremonger mothers and idolise doctors. Doctors make bad decisions every day all around the world that leave people dead or disabled or severley impaired or ill. None of my children have had vit K injections and all live to tell the tale.

How was the child born? Any interventions by doctors? What was the mothers health/diet like? Blanket statements about what we all should do are useless at best and dangerous at worst. I was made severely ill in my early twenties by doctors and their "knowledge" and if I had entrusted an obstetritian with my pregnancy care I would have had all three cut out of me cos I labour for longer than they will "allow", instead I had all three vaginally at home in my own time.

What happened to that bub is tragic and sad, but let's not turn it into a crusade.
Oh, and before doctors came along to manage births and heroically jab all our babies with vitamin k, where did women and babies get their vit K from...greens. So a better suggestion would be to tell all women wanting to avoid jabbing their new born babies, to eat lots of greens and breastfeeding and birth naturally in an emotionally safe birthing environment with a supportive midwife so that they are likely to have an intervention free birth so the bub is at less risk of damage from a doctor that causes a bleed.

And who are you? Don't talk to Myca that way. Scaremongering mothers? That is exactly what everyone else on here is doing when they speak against vaccinating.

Telling me that it causes autism and auto-immune disease, and neurological disorders, and to get your child vaccinated is a threat to health and well being.

So what if I don't because of your advice and then my baby gets really sick? It must be something I did wrong? That's a very bold statement. Or it's something the doctor's did wrong by intervening? Well, actually, the doctors wanted to give the vit k shot to the baby but it was refused. So it wasn't the doctors making mistakes.

Doctors do the best they can with the tools and knowledge they have to save peoples lives.

'Doctors do the best they can with the tools and knowledge they have to save peoples lives.' 


Wow..  Lovely Lauren, you have lots to learn about 'doctors.'

I've had a lifetime full of negative experiences with them.  I am surprised that you haven't.


I agree w/ all you said.  Well put.  Also, I think it's terrific that you had your children @ home.  I had two horrible c-section deliveries and plan on having more @ home if I am able to.

Georgia, I am not on a crusade. I am talking about a child and what the child will live with the rest of his life. I am happy for you that your experience with your three home birth went well and I am sorry that my experience offended you. I will withdraw from the forum now.
You are banking a lot on breastfeeding providing vitamin k. First, that the mom will produce it. Second, that she will produce enough, third, that the infant will absorb it. Take the gamble if you wish. Our mom was well educated. Not her first.interesting the reaction to vitamin k when so many people here don't mind taking B12.
Vitamin K is one of the most benign things out there. We have more and more moms spending a lot of time on the internet and in groups before birth. I used to be thrilled when they understood what I was talking about. Not so much anymore. It was very difficult to watch this kid with his huge swollen head and completely devastated brain seize for hours on end. The codes we did. The blood and platelets we poured in. Knowing the first week of his life, he was perfectly fine. "Jabbed" ? A needle stick was nothing to what this kid suffered and will continue to suffer. I brought this up as a information for those who are open to hearing about reasons why vitamin k is given. It is your choice to close your mind to it.

I don't think you should leave the forum based on this discussion. :-) You are only trying to help people based on something you are passionate for. With so many people on one forum there are bound to be many many many different thoughts about any 1 given issue

Myca don't leave!!!!! =(

I appreciate this information so much.

I think what you say is important. 

It is a whole different health approach then mainstream. 

I dont understand why they dont test before givng the shot. But bear in  mind that shot got a megadose of vit K, which may have some negative effects too.

Here is article on vit K shot danger.



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