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Hey there.i am new to a raw vegan lifestyle but have been plant based for a while. I ate alot of cooked veggies and stuff. Hoping people can answer some basic questions for me
1. Is cooked vegetables completely bad? (and i mean like as bad as processed/packaged foods) i know some nutrition is cooked away but is it enough to really make a huge impact on the body?
2. What vegetables are okay (and at least somewhat tasty) to eat raw? I eat tons of fruit so thats not an issue
3. What are some easy reccomendations to helping someone stick to this lifestyle? (i cant afford any e books right now)

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1. no - every difference between processed food and home made counts. There are many factors that contribute to how healthy a meal is. And one of the big factors is how raw or how heat treated the food is.

2. non-sweet fruit and greens - tomatoes, bell pepper, cucumber, etc. Also celery and leafy greens etc.

3. carb up, rest/sleep enough, ask questions here when you are stuck or want support. Check out this link: http://www.30bananasaday.com/profiles/blogs/30bad-banana-wagon-tour. And wait for bananamommas introductory comment, with all the general information and guidance you could want and need, hehe. Or just read one of hers here: http://www.30bananasaday.com/forum/topics/insulin-resistance-and-81... (ignore the part of insulin)

Thanks so much <3

Thanks Svein you made my day.

Hi Coconut Lady and welcome to this lifestyle. A great place to start is to go through all the literature which are provided below, and many more throughout this website. Many questions you have will most likely be in these links. There is so much information out there that proves the damage done when cooking veggies. Raw is best, but not totally sustainable for a lot of folks. It's good to have a bunch of knowledge when embarking on a raw journey, because there are some things that could pop up more so than RT4. I included a video from a great tool, nutritionfacts.org. I am 90% raw, but it comes with a ton of ups n downs. I rely on raw youtubers, and a lot of freelee's old raw videos. Hope you find something within the links below, and ask away if you have any questions.






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I have a question on the oxalates link (i just read the entire link) i do extensive research on which fruits and vegetable i can can the most nutrients out of, which are the "most" healthy etc...
Most of the nutrient dense and healthiest (according to my many years of extensive research following a plant based diet) plants are on that list but yet this link claims they are bad for you. (and some of the raw vegan "staple foods" that are highly reccomended for everyone are ALSO on this list) Im so confused. Im not sensitive to these "high oxalate" foods (having experienced absolutely no symptoms and feel great after eating them) will there still be long term effect as mentioned in the link if i consume them?

some people seem fine with moderate amounts of high oxalate foods. but i have a friend who cut them all out and felt much better.  i think the main thing is to not juice them as then you get a very high concentration of the oxalates.  you could try cutting out all high oxalate foods for two weeks then add them back in and see how you feel. 

I promise im not trying to be difficult or try to question the validity of this by the way. Im just genuinely concerned with the discrepency.
When people on here reccomend eating fruits, but also cucumber, celery, dates, sweet potatoes, peppers, white potatoes, zuccini, leafy greens (which would be spinach, kale, chard, etc), pineapple eetc and then say limit little to no oxalates.... All of those are on the list. Like reading the list, its basically everything people are reccommending to eat but yet at the same time tell you not to eat. Its very confusing lol.

I'd say make your own experience and if everything works fine for you, you don't have to worry about any of this. And if something isn't working to your satisfaction, THEN you can try to find out why through all of these theories and research and facts. But first and foremost, try what excites you, listen to your body, enjoy the process, learn from your own body and use those experiences as the basis for everything else. Until you get your own first hand experience, you are only going to get yourself a headache trying to figure all of these things out, as you might have realized by now :P Hehe :) Things become easier when you are firstly just dealing with one meal at a time and with that in the moment personal experience that comes with it.

Also, when it comes to the science behind fruitarianism and raw foods, you have noticed that it is not a whole science yet. And it will take years and years before we really can go to science to understand it.

How to pick a meal? (1) Try what ever you fancy. Start there :) Easy. (2) Build experience. (3) Research based on that experience.

Hehe <3

cooked is not as good as raw but way better than cooked and stored or cooked and packaged or cooked and high fat or cooked and fried or cooked and spiked with MSG, etc. etc.

If you are sick and trying to heal cancer or what not then you want to try to tax the body as less as possible by eating only the freshest, ripest, most organic, least chemical, least processed, most nutritionally dense, easiest to digest foods you can.

For most people they can eat lots of cooked foods and feel fantastic and their body can easily handle any extra work or detox needed. Cooked may be cheaper, more convenient and/or more desirable for lots of people.  

I like how Mike Arnstein shares his experience of eating 100% raw here:


And here:


1) Cooking veggies is fine. Eat the ones you like raw or add some greens into your smoothies.

2) Watch Durianrider's and Freelee's Youtube videos and follow Askdurianrider on Tumblr. 

3) Get the RT4 ebook when you can



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