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New To RT4 and feel constantly bloated, I have problems to eat so much fruit, I am gaining

Hi guys,

I wonder if you could help me. I started the RT4 a week ago. I have been struggling to eat all the calories, a morning 6 banana smoothie takes me until 12 pm to finish without being able to  add the load of water recommended on the diet. I feel incredibly stuffed (so I do not finish all the foods in its recommended amounts), constantly bloated, visiting the loo 5/6 times a day. I am bloated also when I wake up in the morning. This is extremely uncomfortable at work so I do struggle with this a lot. Please help!

I eat a banana smoothie with some frozen berries or dates in the morning and a mixed berries or orange/apple smoothie for lunch or sometimes mixed fruit "salad". My stomach feels full although at times I do feel hungry, but I cannot physically add more food in my system. To compensate for these unfinished meals I have been upping the calories by eating dried fruits such as prunes/peaches/tropical fruits. Is this even a good way? there is not much said about the dried fruit or even nuts in the videos or web here...

The first two days when I included nuts and veg in my diet and had an approx fat intake of about 30-40 g I lost 0,5 kg in 2 days and had a flatter stomach in the morning, however when I concentrated only on the fruit and almost no fat and some cooked meal in the evening (max daily fat intake 15-20 g) I was each following morning heavier and heavier. Now I am at a higher weight than my starting weight.

I have these questions to all of you to keep me motivated to continue:

If you started gaining weight how long did it take until it went back down? I started this diet to shed some weight I put on after having some health issues. My regular weight is 48/49kg (now about 4 months ago), now I am at 54, I am desperate to lose the weight back to feel comfortable again as this is the most I have weight in 10 years :(

How long does it take to get the body used to the new diet?- so that I am not bloated/going to the toilet so often?

Can I eat dried fruit to up my calories? Or what other foods can I up my calories with? I am afraid to just add sugar as I do not to supplement fruit with sugar.

How long before and after meal do you drink to not feel sickish? When I mix the two together the food keeps coming back.

Thank you!

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if you are 5´4 and weigh only 49 kg your underweight

do you come from a background of restriction

and yes you can eat drie fruit to up your caloreis but you need to stay hydrated especially if you eat foods low in water

i wait around 1.5 hours after a meal before i start drinking then i sipp on some water like all the time till i have finished my 1 liter after that i wait around half an hour till i eat 

in the past i wasnt hydrating properly and waiting before i eat after drinking and was bloated all the time too

it might also be the combination of acid and sweet (apple and orange)....

maybe you could also add in some cooked food to get in the caloreis and feel more satiated

i know its not very apreciated to suggest cooked food on this forum but imo starches work better for me than fruit but you gotta try that out yourself.

good luck on your journey and keep it carbed ;)

Thank you so much Sally,

Actually I do not think I was coming from a background of restriction, until now I ate normally, meat, dairy, sweets. I did not eat fried or processed food much and tried to not overeat. I was weighing between 48-51 kgs over the past 9 years. Just lately, about 4 months back I started to have some hormonal and stress problems and gained 5-6 kgs, for me a lot. Now Id like to try this diet to lose the extra weight and hopefully balance my body and get my health back into shape.

I will try to hydrate much more and try to eat only the amounts my body feels comfortable with. I will also try the starches more.

Do you use salt at all? and flour? All the videos only show pure fruit/vegetable meals but I am afraid of being bored of this food in the long term.

no prob :),

yes i eat flours sometimes but i try to minimize them not cus i want to be "as pure as possible" or something like that i just feel my best on other stuff

i avoid salt in the past i didnt eat any salt cus i was suuper sensitive to it but now i eat it if i am for e.g at a friends house and they only have salted cornflakes or salted tomato paste.

listening to your body is definetly the way to go 

asking for advice is good but in the end only you can tell what is best for yourself!

i also only eat as much as i feel comfortable with (which is a lot lol)

and if fruit is too bland for you DEFINETLY try starches because for some ppl fruit just isnt the holy grale (other from what freelee claims...) dont be to strict on your self keep it hclf vegan but dont restrict certain foods such as pasta for e.g. (i tried to avoid them cus i was afraid of them)...



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