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I dont know much about it. I am getting the book but probably wont be able to get it for another few days. I want to start now though! Can you give me something to get me started? Right now I'm eating pretty gourmet. Lots of nuts, seeds and avocados. Help me with some basic tips please! Thanks!

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Here is the welcome wagon page that answers most  questions. 


well i guess you can go hard and totally give up the gourmet,that would be good,but if that sounds out of the question at this moment in time then just eat more fruit and slowly phase out the gourmet,thing is in my short experience eating nuts etc and mixing it with lots of fruit is kinda counteractive,you wont be doing yourself any favours,and it made me feel bloated and just not right,watch harleys vids for info and lots of help and advice,i also am a fan of dan mcdonald i take a bit from all the raw youtubers!  :)

Thank you for your replies. I checked out the link you shared ashmatical, that was very helpful. I didnt find any information there on how much I should be eating. From what little I've read and seen on youtube I gather that you eat mostly fruit all day. Something about bananas and dates? Mono dieting? I am still so new to this so a lot of it hasnt really come together for me yet. I do dislike how I feel when I eat a lot of fats (and  I notice that the more fats I eat the more fats I want!) what should I focus on as I begin this journey tomorrow? Should I just eat as much fruit as I can?

I am about two months in now and still have not had the opportunity to get the 80/10/10 book or freelee's book - both of which I would like to get - and I am doing fine on this lifestyle, so you could definitely start now! :)

The welcome wagon like Ashmatical posted is very helpful. I also watched a lot of Freelee and DR's videos, and browsed the forums, reading other people's questions and seeing what other people eat.

If this helps, most people get most of their calories from bananas and dates. So for example, I eat about 20 bananas a day now, and about 10 dates. (usually I'll blend up 10 bananas per smoothie, or maybe 8 bananas and a few dates) I'll add in other fruits, melons and berries for variety when I can afford to. Then for supper I eat a big salad of lettuce and tomato. (a head or two of lettuce with a few chopped up tomatoes) This week I was also able to add in cucumber to my salad, and I also got some cantaloupe and pears.

Of course, depending on how much you are used to eating, you might not be able to eat all that fruit at once. When I started out, I started out with only 3-banana smoothies! Now I could probably do 15 in a smoothie if I wanted.. haha.

wow thanks for the awesome advice! I'm looking forward to starting tomorrow! I love the way I feel on raw foods but like many others I'm sure I have heard that eating too much fruit is not good. I've always adored fruit more than any other food on earth. I've tried to fill up by eating nuts and seeds but then I feel nauseous. I'm excited to start! 

Once you spend some time on fruit, maybe a week or more, you will start to feel that the more you eat the better you feel.  And you've never felt anything like this. :)

aaah! Im so excited!

Welcome, i am new also.  Been fruity for about 4 months.

I now try to remember to eat before I get very hungry. If I am busy working and forget to eat and get very hungry I am way more likely to eat crap.  So I always try to eat before I get to hungry and bring fruit with me every where I go.

I can email you some docs I have.. message me with your email and I will get it out to you .. I have 5-6 pdf docs .. I may have to send a couple emails depending on the size your email can handle for attachments.  Good luck .. you will feel great on 80-10-10



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