30 Bananas a Day!

Hello!  I am brand-new to this, haven't read the book yet (on wait list at my library), and have yet to fully convert my diet. I am curious about going 100% LFRV, since I started recently making smoothies and found the gave me MASSIVE amonts of energy! I generally eat pretty clean anyhow, but my current diet does contain cheese/butter, local farm eggs, gluten-free breads and grains, and salmon/fish cought by my dad on his fishing trips. 

Q #1: I know I need to cut out a  lot of the above mentioned items, but are gluten-free grains (and toast, which I adore!) OK? I can do without the rest, though I might miss it ;)

Q #2:  Since I've been easing into this, making a large breakfast smoothie and eating fruits and a tiny bit of nuts during the day, then a salad and something else for dinner, I've found I can only eat so much! I get full very easily and don't like the feeling. I don't understand how people can choke down SO much fruit in one day... is it really neccessary, if you don't feel that hungry? I'm not doing this to lose weight btw.

Q #3: I love almond milk and just discovered making my own from scratch- it's delicious! Is it still ok to drink on the LFRV diet?

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For me the easiest way to start is to go all in...eat as many fruits and veggies as you can stand...and go from there. 

Smoothies are great...and you can pack in a lot of fruit and veggies in...

I dont eat anything if Im not hungry...so do I get in 30BAD no...and according to DR my banana total would be somewhere near 100 a day...just get in as many fruits and veggies as you can during the day you will be fine

Thanks for writing, Nate! :)

I have found that a breakfast smoothie is a great source of energy, and since i'm trying this diet (this is officially day 2 of trying to follow it as true as possible), I have been making larger batches. I used to just make one small glass but now I try to do double, so I don't feel the need to also eat granola or something. I'm pretty small (around 105#, 5'2"), and if I overfill my stomach I just get nauseous. During daytime I'm not hungry much anyway, but trying to eat a bit more so I'm not so ravenous by dinner!

Thanks again and take care!  

Thank you, Banana-Boy! :)

The 'Welcome Wagon" has a ton of good info, I will check it out! 

Ugh, I just wrote a huge response but all that posted was my photo below! So here is my abbreviated version ;)

Thank you for responding, and all your tips Tamara! :) I am probably going to follow Nate's advice above about not eating when not hungry... if I get over-full the food just comes up through my esophagus (really gross, sorry!!), so best to avoid that feeling. I'm a very small person (5'2", 100-105#), and probably don't have a huge stomach cavity. I don't get very hungry during the day (though can't live without breakfast), but eat plenty at night. Still a bit confused as to what to eat for dinner, besides salad... my brain craves "something more", like a bit of soup or toast. I used to buy brown rice tortillas and toast them as crackers- maybe that is still ok? I know grains are not optimal food as they are hard to digest but I need to study this a bit more. Unfortunately at the current moment I can't afford the 80-10-10 book but I can't wait to read it- on hold at my library! 

I am not terribly concerned about the almond milk I just made- certainly it has a higher fat content than store-bought (which is largely fillers), but I only use it for creamer in tea/coffee not to drink alone. I would use it in meusli (raw oats), but I think that is not allowed on this diet? My main concern with fat is my love of nut butters... it's so hard not to eat half a jar! ;)

I am indeed using Cronometer and it's great! Interesting to see how everything tallies up. I am also quite active, try to go outside for excercise daily at least 2 hours... hiking, running/walking, steep hills, or aerobic yoga. Also been doing a lot of heavy-duty landscaping work (where sweat just pours off your face), so burning lots of calories for sure. But I eat a lot at night so I think it is enough. I tried steamed yams for dinner a few days ago and they did indeed satiate my bread/toast craving! 

Thank you again for all your good info, sorry if this reply is scattered! 


Photo of my current fruit selection! I am fortunate to live where there are tons of blackberries and I just picked a huge amount... the red jar is full of Goji berries :)

beautiful fruit !!  

just as others have said   for the easy win here   you got a stuff your face with fruit 


buy in bulk  

otherwise  you get hungry & the world will  feed you health destroying non-foods

banana can be frozen  when they all ripen at same time   eat when spotty

Thanks! I am trying to eat as much as possible (so as not to feel weak), since I excercise a lot. Sooo full after half of a small pineapple this morning!

Right now I have to make do with what I've got: no freezer (only a half-fridge beneath the counter), and I live on an island with no car or store within easy reach. I don't mind shopping every day though! Looking into making online purchases, but it seems really expensive that way.

Next splurge will probably be a small freezer! :)

Hi Peter, thanks for the advice! 

I am using Cronometer (it's kind of fun!), and so far I'm averaging around 1700 cals/day, with eating as much as I can, plus excercising a couple hours (mostly I go for a long walk down a difficult/very hilly road, plus running up hills at intervals). I am wary of stretching my stomach too much, but I know it can shrink too (I used to be 90lbs and get full after just 1/2 an apple). Btw I'm not looking to lose weight (prob. 105-110lbs now), just gain health/energy and maybe for once clear up my skin so I don't have to wear makeup... was taking Minocyclin (antibiotic) until just about five days ago, which seemed only to make it worse. After just three days of diet change I feel better and my skin looks a bit clearer too. Coincidence? 

I think I will have to take it slow with the food quanties though- I really hate that nausea feeling! How long does it take to become accustomed to this diet? I don't want to make myself unhealthy in this transition process. Also, I have cut out meat (fish), eggs, cheese (the worst for your skin!), but used a tiny bit of organic local ghee on the steamed acorn squash I had for dinner tonight... maybe next time I will use a dot of coconut oil if feeling tempted to add "richness". ;) 

The food coming up esophagus thing is called acid reflux.  if you eat mostly fruit and vegetables, this problem will go away over time.  I used to have this problem as well but i havent had to take reflux medicine since i started

Hi Dennis, thanks for writing! I feel like it's easier to eat more quantities with a blended smoothie, especially with mild fruits like pears or bananas. I think also I am just a small person and don't need to eat as much as most people (5'2, 105-110lbs). I think it is also hereditary to have a weak esophagus muscle (so that when over-full the food comes up easily)... I do not have an eating disorder but a family member does and she has this issue (as shown in xrays). So, I will be cautious and take it slow and hopefully not feel weak in the meanwhile until I can get enough nutrients in, because I hate that sickness feeling! :)



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