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Hi everybody,

A bit of background on myself. 

I come from a recent history of some caloric restriction.  In the past year, I lost 40 pounds of body fat after finishing up college and taking a toll on my health.  I used the mainstream calories in-calories out, 'bodybuilding' approach to cutting that off.  It worked pretty well...at first.  At first, I was able to maintain a consistent 500 calorie decifit (1 pound of weight loss per week) while GAINING strength at the same time.  I had lots of energy, people were commenting on how good I looked, etc.


More recently, I started hitting the wall with this eat less, exercise more business.  My strength gains have stagnated, I have less energy, and I'm periodically moody with mental fog.  I have to be seriously hydrated at all times and stagger my caloric intake perfectly in order to get through the day.  Even then, it's a stretch to try and survive off 2000 calories a day with my activity levels (I burn an additional 500 cal a day through exercise on average).  Previously I was eating paleo (meats/fruits/vegetables/nuts and seeds...plus some whole grains), by the way.


Part of what attracted me to this lifestyle is the abundance and the personal sustainability of it.  No one wants to not eat when they're hungry.  And I have the appetite from hell, so it really works out.  Plus I like fruit.  After doing a lot of searching on the internet, I came across Durianrider's and Rrealrawresult's videos on youtube and they have inspired me to give 80-10-10 a chance.


Some beginner questions I have are as follows.


1) Will dramatically increasing my calories all at once cause me to put on a lot of weight really fast after my metabolism might have slowed?  Will it be fat or other things like water weight? 


2) Should I increase my calories slowly so my metabolism adjusts?  Is 2500 calories a reasonable starting target, increasing my intake by 100 each week?


3) How much dietary fat is too much?  Would a handful of almonds a day or a single avacado be too much?

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Welcome to 30bad. :)
I'm unsure about your first two questions, so I hope someone can answer. I personally came from a calorie restricting background with little exercise and have only seen weight loss, whereas some here in the same position have seen the opposite (first weight gain, then loss). Maybe I would start with the same amount of calories your body is used to having and gradually increase like you said, if you're worried about weight gain. But remember that any weight you do gain will come right back off. :)
As for the third question, I recommend cronometer.com or similar to track calories and nutrients, because your fat should be lower than 10% on average each day. Because you may not eat fats or the same amount of them every day, try to think of it as a weekly average. :)

Well, it's my first day trying it out and I already feel I need addtional 500 calories on this lifestyle as compared to paleo just to feel as satiated (protein is very satiating).  So I think I'll start at 2500 and go up from there.


I don't mind gaining a bit of weight temporarily.  I'm just worried about gaining back the entire 40 pounds I took off!  That was hard work.  If it's just a gradual gain of 10 pounds, then I'll just use it as an opportunity to build some extra muscle while that's happening.  I'm trying to do "damage control", I guess you can say.  Plus I'm looking at doing my first full marathon this summer, so I don't want to be carrying around a lot of extra dead weight for that. 

I can't see any reason you'd gain 40 pounds unless you were calorie restricting previously. I think you'll be just fine. :)

Good luck with your marathon. :D

Actually, I WAS calorie restricting, which is why I brought it up.  I was getting a regular deficit of 500 calories, taking in 2000 a day while my body was expending 2500 (including exercise).

And thanks!

1) You may gain weight or you may not.  Some people do, some people don't.  Coming from calorie restriction, you might put some on.  It will be water.  The fat you eat is the fat you wear.  The carbs you eat are either burned or stored as glycogen to be burned later.  Adding glycogen requires extra water.  

2) So are you saying that you are going to start at 2500 and try to increase it by 100 cals per week?  The best advice I can give in this area is to eat relatively calorie-dense fruits, such as bananas and dates as your staples.  People who try to start out eating really water-rich fruits like oranges or grapes or watermelon run into stomach-capacity issues in the beginning, because you have to eat so much volume to get the cals you need.  So eat the more water-rich fruits on the side rather than as the staples.

3) The answer to this question depends on how many calories you're eating.  You're aiming for 10% of total calories or less from fat.  This is an average over time, too, so not to worry if you have an occasional day that is over.  Use a cronometer to start out...  before long you'll have a routine down.  

Another thing... Most people find that fruits don't digest well after fats and fat takes 12-24 hours to digest, so it's usually good to eat your fat as the last thing in the day and then you won't be eating any fruit until the next morning.  

Best wishes!  Have fun.

Thanks for the tips.  I doubt I'll have trouble from a stomach capacity standpoint. I can eat a lotttttt of food.  I can probably eat up to 4000 calories a day without any discomfort.  I'm the guy at the dinner table who always steals other peoples' leftovers.  I'm glad it's just water weight.  Might as well eat til I'm full then!

I knew about the 'staple foods' concept.  Right now, I'm using dates, bananas, raisins (dehydrated fruit OK?), potatoes, corn, bazmati rice, oatmeal, and legumes as my caloric staples...in that order.  Aside from that, I just get a variety of economical fruits (including a lot of frozen berries), greens, non-starchy veggies, and occasionally splurge on some overpriced (but really cool!) tropical fruitslike papaya and dragonfruit.

Thanks for the tip on fat 'timing'.  I didn't know that.  I had a handful of almonds in the middle of the day so I guess I'm in for a treat, haha.


Glad I could help.  Sounds like a great start!  Yes, eat to your heart's content.  What a concept, eh?  :)

I'd be cautious with the raisins.  Dried fruit is hard on the teeth and the intestines.  All the water is sucked out and our digestive system is designed for high water content stuff.  Plus if they're not organic, you're getting a boatload of pesticides.

I'm a fan of the frozen fruits, too, to add to bananas and get variety.

I don't buy organic in general.  Is that a problem?  I figured all the crap on the shelves that I've eaten most of my life is chemical/pesticide laden as it is, so inorganic fruit would be no biggie.

I'm not totally dependent on dehydrated fruit, but I figured it would help deal with issues of food ripening cycles. FYI, I live in a remote northern community where food shipments aren't as frequent as down south.  That's why I'm stocking up on gluten-free grains, legumes, starchy vegetables, and some dehydrated fruit.  I know durianrider says organic fruit is the best, but when that fails, go to low-fat, carb-rich, whole plant foods.


Organic if possible!  Yes.  Because it is usually higher in nutrients because the soil is tended better.  It often tastes better (I definitely notice a difference with bananas).  It has less toxic residue to poison yourself.  And finally, it is produced in a way that results in less death!  (Reduced herbicides, pesticides means less animal, bird, insect death)  All those pesticides, herbicides and traditional fertilizers are made with petroleum and require a lot of energy to produce.  So you are contributing to less global warming with organics.

Doug Graham advocates organic as much as possible.

I've actually been making banana-blueberry smoothies the past couple days.  They rock.

Ahhh, ****.  And I bought all those potatoes, rice, frozen veggies (I steam them), and oats.  What a shame!

What should I do to keep it raw when I live carless in a remote northern community that only gets shipments of fresh produce every so often?  Some days I go to the grocery store and they have literally run out of bananas!  Need to have a backup plan.




Good tip about the banana boxes.  When I get a big batch, should I peel a whole bunch of them and refridgerate to keep them from going bad?

What's wrong with unrefined grains (aside from wheat) and legumes?

Are boiled potatoes okay?

Grains are hard for the body to process and are acidifying, which isn't good news for your bones and teeth.  Legumes, same thing, plus the gas!

But they are not that bad.  Boiled potatoes are better; easier to digest, more water content, less acidifying.   Sweet potatoes are good, too, and have more vitamins and antioxidants.  Plus they taste better without salt.

The biggest problem with eating cooked foods like grains and potatoes is that people tend to consume them with salt.



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