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I really want to start this lifestyle...I have attempted several times...but only lasted a day or two and then I give up.  I'm finding it hard to get full eating raw foods.  It seems since my body is so used to eating cooked food and animal products that the raw foods don't seem to be "cutting it"  I seem to get hungry shortly after eating.  Not sure if it's just an adjustment thing since I only have given it a few days, or maybe I am just not combining the right foods?  Any suggestions on someone starting from square one....Do I need to do baby steps?  Like day by day slowly cut out the animal foods and cooked foods, because I was just jumping in full force...any information or recommendations would greatly be appreciated.

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If you're hungry shortly after eating, then eat bigger meals. The beauty of a high-carb diet is that you can eat whenever you want as much as you want. Also, many people here aren't 100% raw (including durianrider, freelee, etc). Supplementing your calories with steamed potatoes, rice, and other starches is fine. No real reason to take baby-steps with animal products if you want to cut them out, though. They're not a drug, you're not going to go through withdrawal. ;)

Thanks so much for the reply...Supplementing with steamed potatoes, rice and starches sounds like it would help with the hunger factor for me!  I may have to do that!  I figured as much with the animal products...I can't wait to get fully established in this lifestyle!

Also, since you need to eat a lot more fruit to get the calories you got on a cooked diet, your stomach will need a little time to stretch for the larger fruit meals.  Some people at first eat more meals to help with this and eventually transition to 2-3 meals a day.  In the beginning I remember being able to only eat a couple bananas and worked myself up to eating 8-16 every day as I do now.

Thank you for the information.  I figured as much...this concepts is almost hard to grasp...on most"diets" you want to "shrink" your stomach...now to be healthy you need to stretch the stomach...I like the idea of being able to eat as much as I want though, instead of restricting my calorie intake.

These links should answer most of your questions, including those you haven't considered yet :)


Thank you very much!

Get a box of bananas, a box of dates, a bunch potatoes, rice, noodles, etc... and go at it full force.  

Get animal products out of your diet as soon as possible because you won't get results and may actually have more negative side effects with digestion time and fermentation.

Thank you!  I know the animal products are horrible...They will be the first to go!  Thank goodness I love bananas and dates!  Looks like lots will be in my future!

For me when i first started, I was always be hungry. Being how im on a budget and in college/working, its hard to sometimes get quality fruits and vegetables. I normally do a 1,000+ calories smoothies for breakfast, and another one for lunch. Dinner is usually a salad with veggies, and heapfuls of starchy carbs. This usually does it for me, but drinking a liter of water before a meal is a must!!!

Hey! TOTALLY  feel you on this subject girl! I am also very new to this and am having the same issues! I know for a fact though that I have not been carbing up enough and so recently I have started making 2 banana smoothies the nights before I go to work (I have to leave my house at 6AM) that way I'll have one smoothie on my way to work and then the other one for late morning when I'm usually raveningly hungry. Then I also take my cooked vegan lunch (usually rice and beans)  and have that later. This has been working for me but then again I've only been doing this for one week..but I have a good feeling about it…you just have to make sure you're prepared for wherever you go! Like you I also have fallen off the wagon especially since my husband is not interested in veganism so he'll usually want like eggs or meat or something for dinner which makes it especially hard for me! It's so tempting! :/...but I think baby steps will help…so far dinnertime seems to be the most troublesome mealtime to tackle for me so I'll have to come up with a plan for that one too! Good luck yo you girl! keep us updated! 

fruit digest in about 30 minutes since it is full of simple sugars that get absorbed into your bloodstream right away unlike meat and dairy and fat that just sits there for a few hours.  So it is normal to feel a bit lighter right after a meal because fruit is lighter food.  Pregame each meal with a liter/quart of water and then eat big (but not so much it makes you fall asleep). Also, adding greens into a smoothie will help make you feel fuller because it adds fibers and minerals that you may be craving.  Adding celery and romaine to cooked potatoes and starches will also help those foods digest. Your body also may just be craving more of all this good food especially if its a new thing for you because it "doesn't know" when it will get it again.

If you are hungry you are not eating enough. You should try to get as many calories from fruit in the day as possible, especially if you aren't going to be 100% raw. Upping the fruit is something that I am working on :P



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