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Hi Guys!

I'm looking for an advice on my sisters daughter. She is 6 years old and she is so full of energy. A very lovely girl but she is very exhausing and tiring, nervous and misbehaving a lot lately and my sister is starting to have slight depressions because she is really tearing on her nerves and she doesn't know what to do. Obviously she is not vegan and the doctors tell her to give her daughter Ritalin. I really don't want her to give her drugs and so doesn't she.

I told her to give her bit valerian and some lavender oil which is plantbased and vegan but it doesn't hepl a lot so far.
So any of you have experiences with that and could give me a good advice?

Apreciate it, thx

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I would... Feed her a healthy diet.  No TV/computer/video input.  Make sure she gets several hours of vigorous exercise a day and daily sun on her skin and in her eyes.  As much purified water as she wants, hydration is so important. 

well as sad as it is I can't force my sister to feed my niece vegan, and also u might know how omni kids are they don't eat everything - she is barely on tv, computer n stuff I rarely see it she really goes outside n plays but yeah she is really demanding. She also asks for water a lot she drinks a lot too.. but she has like ADHD so yeah my sis struggles a lot with her also she is a singlemom and the father of my niece only comes for some weekends to spend time with her. I finnaly got her away from giving her dairy nd stuff.. It really could be everything that makes her nervous, I doubt it's the sugar tho.

a trampoline will help the child get exercise without exhausting Mom.  ;) 

my kids are happiest when getting lots and lots of exercise, that usually means summer camps full of physical activity.  now is the perfect time to try it out and see if that does the trick.  rock climbing camp, dive camp, swim camp, soccer camp, ballet camp- sign her up for physically active camps for the rest of summer to see how she responds. another benefit of this is that they will then eat anything you put in front of them, no questions asked! :D  I m telling you get this girl moving lots!!!

I second what Shell says on going outside.  I have seen kids on all diets respond well to playing outside.  They need both group and individual play.  

Your sister might benefit too from getting outside.  

Find some local parks, hiking trails, go paddle boating, bike riding, etc.  

I also second the sunshine and fresh air.  Good for physical and mental health, and the sun is good for the eyes.  

Peace, PK

My children were diagnosed with ADHD when they were young, before I became vegan. I had learned that food coloring and many synthetic and chemical ingredients in processed foods were a big contributer to thier condition. I removed ALL processed foods from thier daily food intake. I had to relearn how to prepare thier meals, making everything from scratch. I also increased they're veggies , leafy greens, and fruits and reduced the fats. I gave them all they wanted of non-processed whole plant foods. Within about 3-4 months, there was a noticable difference in thier hyper and improper behavior. They had become more settled, more calm, and happier. I was happier. :-)
Obviously vegan would be best, but maybe suggesting smaller steps to your sister, to get things started, would be easier for her to accept and apply.


This makes sense too.  Whatever the diet, for example, bake cookies at home instead of buying the processed stuff.  

Peace, PK



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