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I'm new to the raw vegan diet and I've obviously been eating a lot more fruit. My mum (don't laugh) has noticed this and she keeps saying too much fruit is bad for me. She says too much spikes your insulin levels, too much of the natural sugars and potassium is bad for you, but from what I've learnt in the past month of vaguely studying the diet is that consuming 'too much' fruit and veg doesn't exist and to eat as much as you can.

So, can any of you guys help me understand the negatives of fruits ( if any ).

Thanks guys.

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With few exceptions, there are no negatives to eating fresh, ripe, raw organic fruits and vegetables.

Unripe fruits can cause problems, ie: unripe pineapple can burn your tongue, unripe bananas can cause digestive issues, etc.

Too many of the fatty fruits (avocado, durian, coconut) eaten in excess can cause some problems... but if you're here then you're aware of the low fat component of our diet, so that should not be a problem.

I think it is sad when a parent worries about their child eating too many fruits and vegetables. LOL

Like you would be so much healthier if you cut back on the fruit and added in some cooked gluey starch like pasta, or cholesterol-laden animal products like meat, cheese, eggs.

Well, it can be a challenge tochoose to live naturally in an unnatural world :)

Exactly my point! I said its stupid for a mother to point out a negative in eating a lot of fruit but not point negatives in drinking sodas, cooked animal products, alcohol. Strange.

Anyway, regardless of what anyone says I'll continue to stick to the lfrv diet, I mean it's no myth from the people I meet on here, YouTube and the transformations it's a fantastic way to help lead a healthy lifestyle.

Thanks man.

bad?  that is a moral judgement maybe share with your mom a paper about beyond good and evil, no compromise restorative justice http://www.scribd.com/doc/72099926/Restorative-Justice-Rosenberg-Be...

the body is very inefficient with potassium but efficient with sodium. i read you need 4000 bananas to even come close to a issue and that is physically impossible
natural sugars help the body because the fiber is still attached and why it causes no blood sugar issues.

negatives?  not having enough ripe

expanded negs.
unripes tooripes access miscombination  backnforthies (regveg/sad off/on hclfrv) theft (hominid/critters big/small)

Ask yo momma to show you people who got issues because of eating too many fruits and veggies.. than post them here cos I'm yet to find one..:)

- Fruit spoils
- Quality varies

If you're on a high fat diet you're going to have blood sugar issues no matter what kind of sugar.  On a low fat raw vegan diet the fruit does not cause spikes, otherwise we would all be freaking out here.

The only negative I can think of is the challenge of getting enough ripe fruit that you love, but you learn to work it out, the costs and logistics.

Some thoughts here:

Did the monkeys get it wrong?  We do not see our primate cousins in the wild worrying about blood sugar problems:-D

It is almost impossible to overdose on potassium.  There is potassium in all foods, even animal, and one would have to eat like 666 bananas in 30 minutes to even come close.  And that might require suboptimal kidneys as kidneys are efficient at removing the excess.  

Your mom may be getting her carbohydrates and sugars mixed up.  There is a lot of carbophobia and blood sugar hysteria out in the world.  

Two kinds of carbs are simple sugars and complex also known as the starches.  The complex ones come from grains, wheat, potatoes, beans, and other starchy foods.  When eating these foods, insulin release is triggered.  Our bodies can only convert these starches to glucose,and requires extra work in digestion.  In some sensitive individuals, even if eat low fat, this constant influx of glucose and insulin can cause problems such as hypoglycemia.  

Now fruits on the other hand do not trigger an initial insulin release.  The sugars in fruits like fructose are simple and easy to digest and assimilate.  Our bodies can also make other metabolites out of fructose as needed.  

Fruits and leafy greens are the optimum way to go.  

Perhaps you and your mother might like to read these free ebooks to learn more about how and why we do things:




And, if she is interested, she can take our banana wagon tour just to see what we are about:


We eat a nutrient dense plant diet based on raw fruits and leafy lettuce greens.  Benefits of lettuce greens include 

  1. Higher Mineral Content of Greens Compared to Some Fruits
  2. Calcium Phosphorus Ratio 1:1 
  3. Chlorophyll and Magnesium
  4. Cobalt and Vitamin b12 Precurser
  5. Green Consumption in Primates
  6. Prevention and Healing with Diet 
  7. Oral Health

Read more here:  Benefits of Lettuce Greens

Good luck and if she has any questions, feel free to ask them here or PM me.  

Peace, PK



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