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For some odd reason, Arizona is calling me. I currently live in Lincoln, Nebraska, and when watching the local news one day I saw that they are changing the license plates to saying 'The Beef State' and that was the last straw. I gotta get outta this wretched place! I can literally feel the stale, negative energy here and I can't stand it anymore!!

If you live in Arizona, what city do you live in and how is it being HCLF vegan?

Also if you live somewhere that's super great for this lifestyle, also tell me where that is!!!

Have plans of moving to Bali for a few months at the end of the year, but don't think I can wait that long...

I really need help on this one! Any help is appreciated!!

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THAT SOUNDS AMAZING!!!! Thank you so much for the reply!!! I think you may have sold me already!!!! :)


I currently live in the midwest too.  (Illinois)

And I gotta say... Arizona stole my heart, back when I lived in Phoenix.

I'm heading back to the AZ sometime over winter. (with my bicycle and trailer!)

I can't wait. It will be such a fun adventure.

Haven't been to Tucson, but I've always heard great things!  I might have to check it out!  :D

Arizona is wonderful, I love the climate so much.

At least NE is being somewhat honest about it lol yet Texas has the highest beef production in the US, but NE is a close second. It seems that all those midwest states have that eggs and bacon for breakfast steak and potatoes for dinner dietary philosophy, not to sound prejudicial its only my observation. I have empathy for you, I understand how difficult it is to live a lifestyle that is so different to the culture that surrounds you, especially as it is a culture in which you do not agree with. Hence it perhaps would be best for you to relocate in order to surround yourself with some more like minded individuals. You'd most likely be best off in the more "liberal" states such as Southern Cali or Washington for West Coast and New York, or Connecticut for East Coast, Florida is not politically a liberal state but due to their geographic location you would have access to good fruit. No matter where you go you will NEVER escape meat consumers or different ideologies but at least you can be in a place where you will have much more ease locating like minded people. 

Austin, Texas is pretty awesome, except for the fact that it's in the middle of Texas

If you are a singer/songwriter you should definitely consider Nashville. It's a meat and potato town with a growing health and wellness "scene". Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, a few local organic grocers, yoga (very popular), vegan and vegan friendly restaurants with one raw vegan restaurant opening next month, farmers markets (7 days a week), CSA's. And of course the music scene. 

Please! I need more music vegan friends:-)

Hawaii hands down ;)

I live in Kentucky and I am in love with my local farmers market. Local apples are my addiction right now.


Of course, Kentucky winters might be tough. This winter will be my first full winter on the lifestyle. So we'll see how it goes :)


I have friends in Arizona and they love it. Best of luck~!



More info please.

As asked...go to the amazon, big snakes, good fruit, friendly natives. yolo

And if you are really into bird watching to to the Kern River in California!!! Great bird watching all year!!!

Come to Hermosa Beach for beach volleyball!!!

Go to Harbin China if you are REALLY into freezing cold weather, Chinese ice cream, and massive ice sculptures !!!!!!!!

If you as truly "drawn for no reason"/unsure, as you say, then I recommend just taking a road trip...you can drive from California to Texas in only 20 hours! Another 20-30 hours of driving and you're on the east coast. I go for runs that are 10 hours long lol

Drive across country, check out different places and SEE WHAT YOU LIKE. Hawaii is amazing for me because I love surfing, but some people couldn't care less about going to the beach everyday or being in the sun.

Denver, Colorado is hella veg friendly



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