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Hi everyone. So all of a sudden now that I have decided I want to take my health and my diet to the next level, my family and my boyfriend are all of a sudden telling me they are worried about my health and say that I am too thin and are bombarding me with all this non sense. I have been vegan for the past year and i have just begun to slowly progress into being raw vegan. No one has said anything until now. I am 5 feet and 100 pounds, i think I am perfect weight right now and have never felt better about myself. I am not doing this raw vegan thing to lose or gain weight I just want to feel the best that I possibly can feel and they don't get this. I am taking this as a big insult because  out of everyone I know I am the only one who cares about my health enough to take care of myself in such a way. And the people who are making a huge deal out of it just so happen to be overweight, haha funny how that happens! I'd love to know if anyone else has had this happen to them, and how I should deal with this? 

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Are they saying these things to you because they really care about your well-being and simply don't have the knowledge, experience you have?

Are they intimidated by the strong stance you've made in deciding to reach your highest health potential?

I've had this happen to me, seen it happen to others, heard stories about it happening to others. My two cents, hear their concern, follow your heart and mind, shine so brightly that you need not use words to 'defend' yourself. They all come around in time, if you stick with it. Just stay positive, see the silver lining, enjoy your fruit fully!

what kevin said is right on !   its weird when we decide to simply eat fruit & vegetables brings out kinds of crazy reactions from people who eat non foods and claim its needed in society where its normal to have your chest cut open and fat pulled out .

eating fruits & vegetables the worlds reactions is surprising to me  at first but now i understand and its just what kevin said


It's a rare person who can accept another's life-choices without reserve, most will feel threatened and inclined to try and sabotage your efforts, either blatantly or more subtly. All you can do is plant your feet in good earth and let it all blow past ;) 

Thank you for all of your great advice! Really needed it. I am sure they are concerned because they care and are only going by what they've known their whole life.. But it makes me upset that they would research the cons and deficiency rather than the benefits or even take the time to learn a little bit about my diet. My boyfriend is pulling out the "our future baby will have birth defects because you are vegan" on me because he read this online somewhere. So frustrating!! But I am not giving up. I've got my counters filled with fruit and it isn't going anywhere!



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