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Need some big green smoothie advice for making it taste good

Ok i need my greens but i just cant eat them as a salad. They taste to bad so i have to make a smoothie out of them.

My green intake should be minimum 200g spinach and 100g lettuce a day.

So can i make all this in one smoothie or do i need 2 smoothies?

And also the important thing, i need to make it taste good so i have to use some fruit in the smoothie so it tastes good.


Can anyone please give me some great smoothie recipes wich include alot of greens but some fruits to make them taste great?

Thanx a lot :D


Also share any other good methods of getting the greens in :D

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Yeah, I didn't use to. I probably drank my smoothies for well over a year before trying celery. I found, to my surprise, that I liked it (to a degree). I still don't like plain celery, have tried, but some with spinach + OJ or just OJ is actually nice for a change. You can try it but don't force it - it'll taste good once you're ready for it.

Ok. Yeah maybe in the future i will try some celery :)

I just cranked down another 0.8 liter OJ and 250g spinach. 500g spinach in one day is decent :D

Not bad, not bad =D


Here's an interesting article on oxalic acid in spinach.

Thanx. I actually felt a litle in my throat but not much. Strange stuff that even raw stuff has some crap in them, really frustrating.

I wasn't talking about pesticide residue. All living beings defend themselves against attack, by whatever means available to them. You and me run or fight, plants cannot move so they apply passive defense mechanisms; toxins. Some plants are so successful that any animal eating them will die a quick, painful death. The only exception to this rule are fruits and some berries, the carriers of which (trees, bushes) benefit from having their fruits and berries eaten. That said, the plants/trees themselves do not benefit  from being eaten and thus defend themselves just like any other plant - and even fruits can do some damage unless properly ripe (the evolutionary advantage for the fruit-bearing tree diminishes if its fruits are consumed unripe).


All plants therefore contain toxins that are there for the specific purpose of damaging any animal that will attempt to eat the plant. These toxins/poisons are poisonous in varying degrees, and come in a zillion varieties. Some are mostly harmless unless ingested in high doses, others lethal even at a low dose. These are the natural defense mechanisms of the plants, evolved over the millions of years they've been around.


Plant-eating animals have developed two different approaches to meet these defensive systems; certain animals subsist on a small number of different plants (cows, horses, Pandas etc.) and have developed means of neutralising the specific toxins in these plants. Other animals, including humans, have not developed any specific physiological neutralisation mechanisms, but rely on their ability to keep the amounts of any single toxin down to such low levels that no damage is sustained. Humans have typically eaten a thousand or more different types of greens over the course of a year, ingesting such tiny amounts of any single toxin that no damage is done to the body, and obviously avoiding the truly poisonous plants.


Today, you'll be lucky to find 12-15 different types of greens in a supermarket. Still, using some wild greens and rotating the greens we do eat as much as we can, we can at least minimise the damage that does happen - and relax knowing that any plant toxins are likely to be vastly less damaging than most of the cooked junk food we have been eating for most of our lives.

Good day Super, i'm happy you found a smoothies you can drink...lolz. i have just made a yummy one.

4 bananas

2 Kale leaves, vien removed

12 romain leaves

2 cups grapes( i used flaming reds)

1.5 cups water. very sweet and you barley taste the kale, the lettuce has dissapeared.

let us know what ones you have liked please


I do sweet fruits like strawberries or peaches which add a lot of flavor to the greens, and then bananas which make it all go down smoothly. I can add a ton of greens to this and it still tastes fruity. If you have a fast blender, try kale. It gives you that green energy zip more than lettuce does.
best smoothie EVER: papaya, banana, spinach and if you really want it jazz it up add a few dates. it is divine!



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