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I'm here out of concern for my boyfriend. We are both vegan ( I'm mostly high carbed cooked but still make a lot if mistakes and he.. Well he lives on gluten free vegan Mac and cheese from the frozen aisle. I need to give a back story on him.. For the past 8 years he's been sick going to the hospital 1 to 10 times a month with severe abdominal pain and non stop nausea and vomiting. They've diagnosed him with cyclical vomiting syndrome. (Its basically and abdominal migraine) I also think he has some ibs related health issues because it seems like going to the bathroom is usually the thing that triggers the episode. I know in my heart that this lifestyle will help him so much, and he even did it for a couple weeks and said "he felt like a god". The problem was he couldn't eat enough and went back to cooked foods. He's about 105 lbs or less and 5'9" I will try to find some pictures.
Anyways, he's in the hospital again today and I'm trying to convince him to let's both get on fruit but his parents are so concerned about protein that they are wanting him to eat meat! We obviously don't want that to happen but he needs help. He can go days or weeks without eating because he's afraid of getting sick. He usually just eats French fries and tht Mac and cheese or nothing. I'm guessing he eats around 700 calories a day and when I try to feed him he gets irritated with me. When we try to eat fruit he gets full on half a mango or 1 banana. To those of you who have gained a substantial amount of weight how did you do it? Should I have him eating a banana every hour until he can handle more? He also never drinks water! Will drinking more water give him an appetite? Sorry this is so long but I just need help. Thanks for reading guys.

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This guy sounds very ill.

Be careful and think any advice anyone may give you through very thoroughly.

I'll state the obvious here, and you already know it.

He needs way more water.

He needs way more fruit.

But honestly here, this guy sounds so sick that he needs professional help.

Find a natural hygienist, or send him to the Hippocrates health institute. 

He can't take care of himself, and it sounds like no one else can do the job either. He needs real help.

Also, and this is pure opinion here and by no means intended to be insulting..  It sounds to me like he has a lot of mental issues going on. If he is okay with how he is, then there is something wrong.

If he 'get's irritated' when you try and feed him.. this is wrong. There's something backwards in his way of thinking.  If he's not begging for help and taking all that he can get, there's something wrong.

His negative health may have caused the problems of thought, or the mental problems may have caused the poor state of health..    but it's really the chicken or the egg here, it just doesn't matter.

Now, if you don't go to a professional...

I'll give my advice, just because I like to talk.

I like to post on forums and look the the guy who knows everything. It's a past-time. I like to help people, too, but really it's all about me. That's why I'm here. Anyways.

If he gets full on 1 banana, or 1/2 a mango, then I argue that the problem isn't with him, it's with the fruit.

Here's how the body works when deciding what to eat.

If the energy your body has to spend to digest is more than what you will get out of the food.. it will be unappealing. If your body doesn't have enough energy to digest, it will be unappealing. On the flipside, if the food is super easy to digest and provides great energy, it will be very appealing.

This guy sounds so sick and week, that he needs easy-to-digest energy.

Laugh all you want, but the most easily absorbed energies are: Love and support, Reiki (hands on), and the sun (infrared).

These things with enough clean water and ripe organic fruits will work wonders for anyone, especially someone in his condition.

(clean water means check your source of bottled water. not all 'spring' water is actually from a spring. look into your brand)       (and ripe organic fruits really means ripe. You can't find ripe at the grocery store. You need to find them locally. Preferably biodynamicly grown)

This is serious stuff here. And it's going to cost money.

I had more to say, but I gotta run. 

Good luck!

Thank you for your reply. I agree with everything you are saying. I know his condition (which is a genetic disorder) has caused him some mental problems.he gets irritated because its like everyone, me and his parents, are always on him for something. (Did you take your medicine, did you eat any fruit today, have you one #2 today) He lives in a constant state of fear. When am I going to get sick again. I can't eat out in public because I'm scared I will get sick. These are things he is constantly thinking and feeling. Has a team of 3 doctors, the generic doctor, a GI and a pain management doctor. They are all trying to treat te symptoms. I'm attuned to reiki and we did go to an infrared sauna once and he really enjoyed it. Also acupuncture. It's just getting the moment to do all these hubs regularly. I feel like we can't start something because he's in the er and then we get home for a few days and he wants to ret a bit but then he's right back. I know he feels really great on fruit but his stomach is so small at this point he can't handle all the high water content I think. I really appreciate your input. I just feel lost because I'm not even 100% on this lifestyle like I want to be for my own reasons, I feel like I just need a program on how to get him to be able to eat the amount of fresh fruit he needs. Thanks for the reminder, we need to do anything and everything to get his health in order.

Honestly from my humble point of view and limited experience it sounds much more like he's just simply undercarbed and dehydrated, and lacking in sleep sunshine and subsequently, exercise. Irritability is the first sign of being low on carbs. Yes I know he has a condition and that alone can make you cranky for sure, but again, both things are stemming from the same problem in my experience. I've seen it first hand, someone who refuses help, is extremely irritable and negative, even overtly hostile, but when they eat some f'ing carbs they cheer the f up. I would say as a first stage if he had to just eat sugary low fat foods, whatever it is, heck even gatorade if necessary to "crank the engine" up to idle at least. GMO oils and GMO potatoes cooked together at high temps with MSG and salt is not a good look for someone with a digestive issue. I mean look at the studies of what GMO corn did to pig stomachs and rats. Cancer, inflammation and chronic disease. If he can't go with the fruit, go super hydration + McDougall style menu, including lots of fresh raw salads as well. No nuts.

Get a copy of the China Study to the parents, and explain that the WHO did an extensive research into protein requirements and found that 2.5% of daily calories from protein is all we need, then they doubled that recommendation to be on the safe side, to 5%. A banana has about that much, as do rice and potatoes. Ask them if they can show you a single clinical diagnosis for actual protein deficiency. Ask them where do gorillas get their protein, or rhinos or elephants. The myth that you can't get all essential amino acids for humans from plants has been proven wrong. Read the China Study and also 80/10/10. They are very well written interesting and easy books to read.

Also- if anyone with experience in starting this lifestyle was there an initial weight loss? If so how can we shorten or prevent it if possible? When he gets out of the hospital we are planning on going 100% and him and his family are afraid of him losing more weight. Any help would be much appreciated.

The best way to get used to eating enough calories from whole fruits is to eat them very ripe and/or blend them.  

When I first went vegan I lost maybe 5 lbs but now I've managed to gain 20 lbs of muscle to reach a healthier 140 lbs.

I'm only 3" taller than him and I eat 4-5000 cals every single day.

If you eat 700 cals/day you will DIE it's just a matter of time.

First you have to make him understand this, if he wants to live at all..

My sister's 14 month old baby eats 1000+ cals/day for dog's sake..

The problem is in his head not his stomach obviously so I'd start by finding a good therapist.

Hi- thank you for your reply. We are going to be looking to therapy options as well an maybe try hypnotherapy. The issue with him is cyclic vomiting syndrome... It's like a migraine that can come on at anytime and he has no control and can vomit up to 50x in a day. Eating large quantities usually upsets his stomach and gluten and dairy were big issues too but he has cut those out. I know this way of eating will champagne his life but I just dot know how to make it happen for long term. The last time he went 2 weeks an felt amazing but he wasn't able to eat enough and ended up eating cooked foods again. Thanks for your input

Well I'd vomit too from all that junk phood.. he won't vomit from high carb, low fat vegan whole foods that's for sure even if it's not all raw.


In my experience Barbara Brennan certified practitioners are the *best* and most effective. Not to say other methods wouldn't be effective, but definitely be very careful and critical of the woo woo crowd. I had incredibly positive results and so have others who tried it. If you go to barbarabrennan.com there's a list there of practitioners in your area. They combine energy work with psychotherapy and do a four year course to get certified. In my experience what they do is not woo woo :)

Can't say your beau has these specific issues, but you're sure to find help in this book:


Also look through the posts of our PK Esperanza Vite, who was near death due to severe digestive issues.

Her website:  www.therawmonkey.com

Wow thank you! The raw monkey seems like it will be an incredible source of inspiration for him.



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