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Hi everyone I was wondering for those of you that eat fully raw how you broke away from eating the strachs and rice? I really want to eat fully raw because I know its better for my health and I just feel better that way but I feel addicted to rice and whenever I see anyone else have it I end up having it. I cant seem to be raw for more than 2 or 3 days anyone else deal with this?

Thanks in advance

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Sometimes just saying "I don't eat rice" out loud to the other person helps me avoid situations where I'm presented with foods I shouldn't eat :) That way I feel like I would let my body down if I went through and ate it anyway. Hope this helps a bit!

That does help  actually I will try this thanks!

If you make sure you have eaten enough fruit calories, when you are presented with rice or other starches you won't want them.

Stock your house up with lots of bananas, watermelon, and mangos. Find the cheapest prices, the stock up. Always have some in the freezer. Eliminate all salt and spice from your diet. Keep no rice in your house. Have a friend to hold you accountable. Ez game.

I wish I could get rid of all the rice and potatoes in my house but other people eat it so it makes it hard when its just right there.

Thanks for the advice! I feel the same way you do I just dont feel as good and lose that high once i eat the cooked foods

Hahaha yeah, it makes for an awkward situation that way you're tempted against it :)
For me it was easy, i felt insane pain when eating it, no flavor was strong enough to endure that pain.

Thank-you I feel like you I will just limit myself to two cooked meals a week and try to decrease it from there until I no longer want it

Well for me, as time went on, I did not have a choice.  I have a damaged kidney that is in love with fruits!  And I started noticing that I felt better on raw than cooked.  It became like cooked was a punishment for me.  

I also do not paint myself into a raw purist corner and say I have to starve if no raw is available.  I call myself highly raw or 99% raw.  I have a bag of white basmati rice I can steam in an emergency.  Once in a while, i like to go to restaurants with a buffet with family and friends.  I can load up on salads and fruit, and just tasted the cooked stuff and everyone else wins too...you know the types like those gluten frees.  

Adding a half head of lettuce a day helped along with 1-2 oz of nuts and seeds.  Adds a higher fat content (good for me with the fat soluble nutrients) and takes the edge off the continuous sweet flow.  

Mix it up too.  Eat simple meals, but keep rotating foods for maximum nutrient exposures and eliminate boredom.  

Peace, PK



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