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First of all what a great website and forum! So glad to be a part of this community!

So I have been slowly transitioning into this lifestyle and I'm having trouble getting my body adjusted to the changes even though I am going really slow. The worst luck I'm having is with raw bananas(even when they get the brown spots). After I eat about 2 or 3 of them, I feel sick to my stomach for about 24 hours with sharp pains and really bad cramps, and I have to lay in bed that whole time or else it will get extremely worse. From the research I have done, it looks like I may have a banana allergy. I seem to do just fine with 1 raw banana in a smoothie and dried bananas(I can eat a whole package of those). I seem to handle dates just fine. I also tried apples and can eat 2 of them without too bad of stomach problems. I am worried I am going to not succeed due to digestive issues with fruit. Has anyone else been in this situation and what would be your recommendation for getting through it? I'm drinking a lot of water, so i know that can't be the issue.

Is it ok to just eat dates and dried bananas for awhile till my body gets more acclimated to eat more fresh fruit? Cantelope and watermelon also seem to be giving me digestive issues too. Didn't think this transition was going to be this hard.

Thanks for your advice in advance :)

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Nope I never had a problem with bananas or any fruit for that matter! However I think it's okay to stick to the fried bananas and dates so yes to that question.

Never had a problem with bananas. When I eat watermelon I have to take it easy I eat one half first then I have to wait about 15 min before I finish or I'll get stomach pain. Eat what you can, maybe try to eat smaller meals more often

Some people who have had that problem have found releaf eating some lettuce, celery, or lemon with their bananas. Another thing that helps is making sure to drink enough water ( I aim for at least 100 ounces of water a day)

Thanks for your advice so far. I guess I am going to do a menu like this until I can take on more fruit-

2 Apples (200 Calories)

15 Dates (800 Calories)

2 Packages of dried bananas (800 Calories)

1 Smoothie, with half an avocado, 1 banana, dates, and something else (500 Calories)

Cooked rice until I can go fully raw (1000 Calories)

I'd be careful of a gut bomb with that much dried fruit :)

And for nutrition sake, add a lot of greens.

Good luck! It may take time to find your groove. Just keep experimenting til you find it.

How much water do you drink per day?

Hey there :D 

I was thinking that mono-mealing may be the best option for you? I mono-meal all day but I am careful to eat the more easily digested fruits first...such as rockmelons then papayas or persimmons and finally bananas or dates. 

I think the dried fruit is ok so long as you are drinking plenty of water.

Also I would suggest making a conscious effort to chew your fruit really thoroughly. If I drink smoothies too fast, I get indigestion that simply does not occur if I take plenty of time to 'chew' each mouthful.

Hope this helps and good luck! Proud of you for going vegan :D 

if you're eating a lot of dried fruit, i'd suggest soaking it in water for at least an hour before eating it or blending it into a smoothie

Hi, I had the same issue, my 2nd and 3rd day I had no bananas just ate other fruits then I did one banana for a few days and I worked up to 3. I am on day 22 and can now eat 6. And I only do 6 as a smoothie with dates. 3 is the most I can eat without blending them but no more tummy pain from them. One more item I added to my smoothie was coconut water.



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