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Here's the deal. I need answers from people who have true answers.  This isn't my problem it's one of my sons (He's mid twenties).   He is total low fat 80/10/10 Cooked Vegan.  He doesn't eat any junk (cakes, and crap and rarely eats any meat knock offs - hasn't touched anything like that in weeks).  He eats whole foods.  
   A few months ago he picked up a flu that another son had brought home. It went through the home.  Then after that he has never felt the same.  He has gut issues now he has NEVER had.
where he had normal BMs - Not anymore.  Now it's like a wall of gas or something.  He can't have really any BMs through the day. He wakes up every morning 5 am and has ONE and then he'll maybe have another one an hour later. It's a "normal" BM as in size/shape/form (not hard, not runny).  Not to get graphic.
   He has this rumbling/grumbling gassy feel in the Lower abdomen - intestinal.  Like a grinding feeling. It's driving him nuts. Makes him feel crappy.  At first he was thinking possible hernia. But it's across the whole lower front of abdomen.  He has tried MANY different things to help himself.  He exercises. He is normal weight. Healthy. Hasn't lost any real weight. He doesn't drink with his meals.  He has even stopped eating many foods and done days of ALL FRUIT (Raw).  But nothing is budging this problem. I told him perhaps to try Probiotics which he has for about aweek maybe slightly more.  It seemed at first to help but the last few days it's definitely NOT.  It's been 20 days like this.  He has pain across his lower front when he coughs.  But he doesn't hurt otherwise but it's like kinda sore or something.  It's so odd.  This makes no sense except that he has a major gas issue that can't seem to change. Yesterday I made him Peppermint Tea and some Ginger (with fresh ginger) tea.  the Peppermint seemed to immediately help.  He didn't know if the ginger did or not as he did the mint first and then a bit later the ginger.  so for the rest of the day there was no problem really - maybe a dull feeling. But he was feeling this was going in right direction.  He ate only fruit all day yesterday.  
   He didn't eat much fruit last night for supper cuz we're running out - I'm going on to buy more today.  
   Also, he drinks a lot of water - been even drinking more and more the last week or so.  
   I know you can't diagnose - but any ideas and thoughts??  This is bizarre. This Son rarely ever gets sick. He is healthy, rides bike daily (10 to 60 miles depending on day), walks, runs, etc.  But this is getting crazy.  To me it looks like something happened with his gut flora after he was sick with the flu (he threw up alot - which he never does if he gets any sickness).  This is the oddest thing.  
    Thanks in advance for any ideas.  
     He has no medical insurance.  Though he was thinking of going anyway, but the thing is they'd just send him to a Gastro DR and . . . . oh mercy.   Hoping someone will have some ideas.  He said to me today - "I don't get it, all these people out there eat meat, cheese and crap and they don't have this problem - why me?".  
    So True.  

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So sorry to hear this Joni, hope he feels better soon!

Just some quick thoughts...

Sometimes when the body gets hit with an illness or injury it can bring out other underlying issues or other things close to the brink.  Coming from generations of degraded food and lifestyle and environment, your son does not have the same body constitution as your grandfather did.  From what Dr. Graham says and my experience testing probiotics with hydrogen peroxide, even the best refrigerated brands are totally worthless.  Feed the body the right foods and the right bacteria will proliferate.

Whole foods are foods found in their natural state, not cooked, and of course cooked food does degrade the body over time so it could be that the grains or some other cooked food has caught up with him and he needs to cut those out from now on.  I'm sure he will figure out what he can eat now with experimentation.  Also GMOs can cause serious digestive injury so if he has been exposed to these it could be a cause or partly so.  It could also be a parasite, especially if he ever eats at someone's house who fixes rotting/rotten corpse on their counters or at eating establishments. 

I would try a 3 days water only fast with total bed rest followed by a two week banana island or some other high calorie fruit he likes and then one at a time add another food to see what he can handle.  If after 2 weeks on banana island he still has the pains I would test for parasites and/or consult with Dr. Doug. 

My prayers are with you both! 

Thank you so much for responding.  I've shared this with my son.  He's been really researching all of this as to why he's having problems.  We did consider GMOs.  As for parasites, he literally never eats out.  He hasn't eaten in a restaurant in months and months and months.  However, he has eaten at the church potluck.  All the food at the church potlucks are Vegetarian - but who knows - it is possible that someone made something that wasn't prepared on a sanitary counter or something.  
    I stopped in at the health food store today and they were like "no no no - don't have him eat simple sugars in fruits.  He needs psyllium.  That the fruit will cause gas."  
   We don't buy that.  But it is hard to get a solid answer.  Thank you so much for your prayers. They mean alot.  



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