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I start raw till 4 journey 1 year ago and still have terrible detox simptoms, or im doing something wrong.I got problems like :

  • Heart palpitations/irregularities
  • Excessive thirst
  • Brain Fog
  • Feelings of fear
  • Excessive memory loss (short term)
  • Chest pain - burning, in left- middle - up place in chest
  • Disorientation
  • Difficulty finding the right word
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • constipations( i poop 1 a day but feels blocked all time and i see poop sometimes its from 3 past days) 

It is not i feel all the time but regular fe days like tis and few days better or sometime very good , i dont know what is the reason of this I eat melon , clementines , bananas, apples , veggies i add lots old celery wat is improved my clarity i add flax seed to blends , drink 3-4 l water , sleep as much as i can but i ave troubles with it. i work 8h day and i feel not good with it whe detox / bad fills. I also add some nuts aand avodaco a little and do improve. Any advice?

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Low urea's fine - it's because you're not eating (much!) animal protein.  Sorry - are you saying that you are dehydrated?  What has the doctor said about your chest pains?  What has the doctor said about any of this?  I take it your serum osmolality wasn't tested?  (This would tell you how diluted your cells are and would confirm/refute hyponatremia.)

From what symptoms are you suffering now?  Have you remained improved in the ways you mentioned earlier in this thread?

Yes i still fell dehydrated, and now i know that when i eat raw fruit/vegies i feel better , when i eat cooked i feel sometimes im poisoned  feel crap , raw hydrate me , i cant gewt more kg, i dont work now dont do sport :F ,:< i dont know what to do , to risk and go to eat raw , or to eat only cooked and  wait  wats happen :F , i go to medical place and receptionist said that if i have blood test ok and there is noting to be afraid they dont even call me so i said to give me copy of blood test...  , i didnt even see doc.

serum osmolality wasnt tested or maybe it has other name?

I do ave improvements  with brain functions , no disorientation, sleeping , but sstill have problem with chest pain thirst palpitations , but i feel better when i eat raw - no palpitations and no o r less thirst , not sure about chest but better i think when raw , but my sister and i got promise that we are going to do cooked vegan with 1 blend in morning ... so i feel now like im adopting to cooked , im aftrain to eat raw ..... i have to be honest i didnt try longer raw always eat shit after few days :F maybe i wasnt prepared

I'm sorry to hear all this Cezary.  It's really crap and completely unacceptable that you haven't had a follow up appointment with the doctor.  Can you make another appointment?  The bloods you've done might look OK, but if you still feel terrible and are having chest pains, that warrants further review.

So, coming off raw, reducing water intake and going a bit mental on salt improved things, as listed above - quite an improvement really isn't it?  Which is really encouraging.  Maybe it's time to increase your fluid intake a bit, bring back the fruit (as it seems to now help to alleviate your symptoms) and reduce the salt, but make sure you're still eating enough sodium and not over-diluting yourself with water. Your sodium levels are at the lowest acceptable level for normal (if you're going by the usual UK range) and this was after almost a week of absolutely caning the salt and cutting right back on the water, wasn't it?  So, without knowing your serum osmolality (which would only be called that, so you've not had it done), perhaps this was in fact a little low, which is why the salt helped you.

Dietary changes can take a bit of time to affect your physiology (esp something like hydration), so perhaps be a bit more militant with your eating routine (no sausages, no eggs!), stick with it and monitor your progress carefully.  I still think your water/sodium ratio is key for you.

Do you use Cronometer?  You could well be lacking in minerals - magnesium, or something like that.

I use cronometer i was lack only sodium its for sure, unfortunately i eat 2 pizza etc to increase sodium and that was mistake i thought that it will increase my sodium level and i will get weight, but now i am on good track and see improvement , i got bad things list , i feel very bad after rice dont know why like i was poisoned so i add it to list , and dont eat it , maybe i am very sensitiver to food i eat , i didnt know before but now it make a sens sdo im starting again with my own research. I did lot of mistakes thats wy it didnt work for me i think :F. I am militant now eat only raw fruits/veg o r cooked vegs , i ave also blood from nose and green sneezing like sinus , i got this when i was younger but without blood :F, i eat now lots of sweet potatoes and beets which are ric of minerals, so my iron magnesium are usually 200-400% on cronometer

should i get another appointment to doc?

I've suggested going to the doc mostly because I don't really know much about your diet and lifestyle, bar what you've posted, and I obviously don't want to be some random bird online who tells you to not bother when it transpires you actually should go.

However, if I was you, having already been to the doctor once, I wouldn't bother for now.  You've already made great improvements to your condition by tweaking a couple of things in your diet, and improved really quickly too, and you seem to be spotting other changes that you could make that are also helping. So I would spend a few weeks adjusting my diet and seeing how that goes.  

If things get worse, then for sure, go again.  But if you continue making improvements, I'd leave it for a bit.

I think your new eating regime sounds much better, much more nutritious.

i feel it is going to have sens now and i feel balanced for sure , honeydew melon on breakfasst 2.3 kg and i running yesterday do some easy peasy excersize 


If I don't eat fruit/sugar, I get these symptoms.  Is this with eating lots of sugar or limiting it?

I am eating sugars all te time cooked or not



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