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I start raw till 4 journey 1 year ago and still have terrible detox simptoms, or im doing something wrong.I got problems like :

  • Heart palpitations/irregularities
  • Excessive thirst
  • Brain Fog
  • Feelings of fear
  • Excessive memory loss (short term)
  • Chest pain - burning, in left- middle - up place in chest
  • Disorientation
  • Difficulty finding the right word
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • constipations( i poop 1 a day but feels blocked all time and i see poop sometimes its from 3 past days) 

It is not i feel all the time but regular fe days like tis and few days better or sometime very good , i dont know what is the reason of this I eat melon , clementines , bananas, apples , veggies i add lots old celery wat is improved my clarity i add flax seed to blends , drink 3-4 l water , sleep as much as i can but i ave troubles with it. i work 8h day and i feel not good with it whe detox / bad fills. I also add some nuts aand avodaco a little and do improve. Any advice?

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it could be the melon when i ate them i got those chest pains too

You should really go to the doc buddy, and get your labs done, your symptoms are hard-core, numerous and wide-ranging - there could be anything going on.  Can you go and see someone? Detox doesn't last a year and produce all those symptoms.  

It's interesting that you improve with nuts and avocado, so you could explore dietary ways to improve things, but I wouldn't take the chance at this stage personally.

Most of your symptoms fit into hyponatremia, so in the interim you could reduce your water consumption massively, switch some fruit for cooked food and add a reasonable amount of salt to your diet and see what that does.  But yeah, I suggest you go and get checked out if you can.

Edited to add: I know you've got excessive thirst, so if we presume this isn't due to diabetes insipidus and is due to hyponatremia till you get to the doc's, reducing your water intake and boosting the salt in your diet will ensure a correct balance of water to sodium in your cells, and will stop the stress on the body which causes you to feel thirst even though you're consuming loads of fluid.  Equally, your thirst could be due to dehydration, so reducing your total fluid intake and increasing your sodium will help here too.

i have very good health before :< , i increase sodium 4 days ago by adding green smoothies with lot o celery and i eat celery even to snack i see differece but i dont know if it will fix problems with pain in hcest and feel like shit  half a day ,i tough that it is still detox , i buy b12 shot and i wait for needles xause in england u cant buy them , only on ebay maybe tomorrow i put some b12, and i will visit a doctor in tuesday but what can he help me ? can only give me a blood test as i will ask for it

avocado and nuts dont dom any improve 

If you do have hyponatremia, then adding in celery and continuing to drink the amount of water you are doing, as well as consuming fruit during the day, won't make much of a difference quickly enough - the ratio will still be hugely out of whack.  With hyponatremia at this stage, you need pure salt, there's no way around it.  Chest pains can be a symptom of hyponatremia (though obviously people can manifest symptoms of a problem slightly differently, so not everyone will have this) and quite advanced at that.  But - you may not even have hyponatremia, it might be something else entirely. 

Great news re the doc.  Yeah, get your bloods done.  They can check your electrolyte levels, and also adrenal and kidney function (as if you've had hyponatremia for any length of time, it will have stressed your endocrine system) as well as any other tests based on your medical history/current symptoms etc.  You should really get your B12 levels checked too, before you start supplementing.

But anyway, really glad you're going to see someone, they're much better placed to help you than I am.

i drink 4 l water i eat only water fruits last 3 days cause i tgougt it will water my body :F but now i eat cooked i next meal will be cooked with solt and dsont drink till tomorrow

I know - it's so counter intuitive to reduce water intake when you're thirsty.... not surprised you smashed in the watery fruit!

Great.  If I was you, I'd do all/mostly cooked (with added salt where appropriate) till your appointment, and also ideally drink 2L of water at most.  The more water you drink, the longer it'll take for your sodium levels to increase.  

Im in england and im from poand dont knwo if they will do a blood test to me but i will tell im situation i am in and ask him that it is the best way to check wats going wrong , i hope he will agree....

Are you registered with a NHS doctor?  

Oh right - avocado and nuts don't improve your situation, but you've seen a little improvement by adding a load of celery to your diet?  That makes more sense, you don't have fat deficiency symptoms. The celery improving your symptoms a little supports the hyponatremia guess, so even if some of your issues are related to something else, at least you know you need to focus on increasing this in your diet anyway.

Yes im appointed with doc at tuesdey , yes i seen improvement wit celery immediately after eating and my skin improved ten , not so dry but i cut all fluids now and eat cooked meals :F wich i was cravind so hard :)

Skin improvements with celery - OK, you're definitely on the right track with boosting your sodium levels, hyponatremia or not.  What were you craving - cooked food?



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