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Hi everyone!

I am looking for someone to do the 30 day challenge with or even someone to just talk to on a regular basis. I started the raw vegan lifestyle about a week ago, so i am still transitioning and thought it would help to have some there to help. I do not have anyone around me that understands or really supports me 100%, so I can see how it is going to get a little tricky. I know I need the help and I think it would be a fun way to continue this journey.

Anyone one interested PLEASE let me know :)

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Thanks! I joined :p

I'm so glad this was mentioned, I'm about a week in as well!

Hey Shannon

I just started the lifestyle too... I don't know if you want an experienced 30BaD person or if you want a newbie but I'm online a lot if you want to chat... I don't really have people in my life that would support this so I know what you mean :)

:) Peace

I joined :)

Awsome, I'd love to :)

I was glad to read the replies, I will be checking out the facebook page:) and if ever you want to chat for moral support, I'm available, I'm also currently trying to do 30 days raw!

can i be of some help

I will be your buddy. I will be a buddy of anyone else as well. :)
This post is great. I have been wanting a chat buddy on here for a hole now! :)

I'd love to help you! or anyone else! :) 



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