30 Bananas a Day!

Is this normal?

i've been doing it for a week. I also have pain in my kidneys!

please do help.

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Hi Brydie Grace,

if you were eating nothing but bananas for a week, I guess the headaches and nausea are from the detoxification your body has been enabled to get started on by your eating fruit only. Kidney pains however indicate a blockage, meaning they are not working as well as they should, helping your body to transport the toxins out of your system.
If you are drinking enough (at least 2 litres per day) and still keep having kidney pains, you might consider drinking some herbal tea for kidneys, which may help your kidneys to start filtering better.
Are you experiencing any other symptoms like your body holding water, puffy eyes etc.?

Body holding water has just finally started letting go. Coming from a high sodium diet, so do you think my body could just be struggling to get rid of everything? Would you suggest adding something like lemons to the process? I am still eating 2 plates of greens everyday on banana island so i think i'm getting what I need.

Kidney filtration is necessary and should be considered the most important goal, if you are drinking more than what you are peeing/perspirating and feel kidney pain, I'm not sure I would recommend to just drink more water, as somebody suggested further down.
Every person is different, I have found lemon juice with raw brown sugar and water to be a very helpful "meal" to help kickstart kidney filtration.
If you're doing everything "right" on banana island and your kidney pains don't go away, you might consider slowing down, perhaps doing mono meals of bananas, apples, grapes, oranges and the lemon water throughout the day whenever you feel like having some sugar for energy.
Also greens, like suggested, will slow down the detox, while not really necessary during the initial detox imo.
The fruit have high water content, also you could drink your bananas with water mixed in (smoothie). The advantage of getting the fluids from fruit is that they contain distilled water, which also supports the transporting of unwanted elements out of your system.

same here...

you need WAY more that just two litres of water my dear... try about 6. A day...

As others say, check your water intake, be objective and measure your hydration by seeing that you pee clear with vigor 10+ times a day.  Also you must sleep as much as you desire to give your body the energy it needs to heal.  Greens are not apart of banana island but can be added as you like but it will slow down the healing as it takes more energy to digest greens.  Just make sure they are tender leafy greens, like celery or lettuces. 

I do not think it is helpful to drink any more than 3 litres of water a day as this is known to flush all your salty nutrients from your body and leave you feeling dehydrated (over hydration and de-hydration feel the same ;)  ) Also, if you make a habit of going to the toilet as soon as you feel any slight need to, or focus on it too much instead of just observing your body, you will train your body to empty your bladder well before it is full, somewhat starving the body of hydration despite intake. Hope that makes sense, the mind is a very powerful tool ;)

I would imagine that since you have transitioned to a lifestyle with far less toxin intake after a lifetime of eating standard diets, the  amount of toxins (Dioxins, Furans, Polycyclic Aromatic Hyrdocarbons, beta-1-harmane, uric acid and high end glycation products (just to name a few)) leaving your system would be very high.

Fresh dates will calm and centre the brain and lemon juice will help flush many toxins. Pears and watermelon are great for kidney issues including kidney stones and are also great at absorbing at lead!!

Unfortunately thing usually need to get worse before they get better, there are many other de-tox symptoms like sore joints for about two weeks, although as said by others, if it gets too much then slow it down :)

The best piece of advice I could possibly give you is to have a positive mindset, re assure yourself it will get better and you will feel much brighter and vibrant once it does :)

Peace and Love



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