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Please help with some advice.

My closest longest vegan middle aged friend is just being ridiculous with his diet.

His body is giving out awful symptoms of constant exhaustion, persistent cognitive problems. Also anxiety attacks now too.  

Given a choice, he guzzles energy drinks/caffeine, nothing for breakfast or a flapjack,  and for lunch at work has taken to stuffing his face full of tea cakes  (3 packs of) or chips from the chippy.  He is addicted to doritos, pot noodles and just makes really, really bad food choices...  Not being negative - but things are going downhill health wise.

He just doesn't like much fruit and veg and prefers a baby like food texture and not really crunchy or chewy food.  On the plus side he does like mountains of pasta and tomato sauce, plenty of potatoes which he drowns in margarine or oil- he is not opposed to the nutribullet, but can't be bothered in his current state.

He finds cooking/eating nutritionally well an unsurmountable effort.

He is drinking supermarket fruit juice, getting acid reflux  and drinking no water.

His excuses are just beyond me and I am frustrated especially because he just trashing his natural good health that he was blessed with pretty much like he trashes everything good in his life 

Some excuses eg: red bull has the b12 and vitamins he needs in which he seems to really believe is a good reason to drink it,

only doritos etc makes him feel full, fruit and veg doesn't satisfy him, he can't find anything in the supermarket to eat other than three bags of teacakes (I just don't believe it) - or he will eat a whole loaf of bread sandwiches with marmite in (but will not add salad to it at all etc.

and he won't take responsibility for eating healthily and it is ruining his energy levels/health and so his life.

He did try the banana last last year (he doesn't like chewing the bananas but likes smoothies) but took it to extremes and he had a prolapse which fixed naturally.

What is wrong?   What to do?

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He is not overweight at all which is good- if anything he has always struggled to keep weight on - but is not anorexic.  He is able to cycle quite a way and holds down a full time job but the lack of energy and cognitive probs and head chaos is making  work very difficult.


if you are a shining example, invite your friend to bike ride with you or whatever sport you like and give him a reason to get fit.  By far, the people who have the easiest time learning to eat healthy are the athletic types.  Truly, physical exertion goes hand in hand with eating healthy.  Get your friend doing something physical.

I was sitting here contemplating this before you posted.  I am certainly not a beacon of health.   An upbringing of junk - daily anti-biotics for many years bad reaction to vaccination, bad case of EBV possibly other viruses and wham. 

Onto vegan junk in teenage yrs - then a successful candida diet after nothing else worked and failed countless nhs treatments.   Early twenties/thirties was stable and a good example on vegan macrobiotics,  but was never bursting with energy.   Some severe flare ups of viral illness.

tried and failed on raw.  tried again. failed again. repeat. tired of trying now as received no real benefits because I cant stay on it long enough and left with uncontrollable food cravings.  Uncontrollable! Never had this problem before.  Reverted back off raw before eating fish or meat!    I never before understood how vegans went from vegan to eating meat - I see a fair few do from a raw diet??? 

But left now with some peculiar eating habits now myself eg: I really enjoy waking up at night sometimes and eating a gluten free chocolate muffin.  However I still always know to include healthy stuff, be gluten free, add in fruit n veg etc.   still trying to regain sustainable health.

 Ever since I gave myself the go ahead for sugar.... can get addicted to that.


My friend is an x alcoholic of over a decade alcohol free but it feels like when he was drinking.

He was fit and cycled a lot but this only motivates him to eat more white pasta/doritos/pot noodles.  I think that is what he thinks and wants to live off.  

His body clearly thinks differently though.  He doesn't seem to be making the connection of his symptoms and not eating a wide varied balanced diet...he really dislikes the symptoms but he does get out of certain life responsibilities by being tired all the time eg. keeping his place straight etc.

He hates chores and will do anything to get out of them and I think healthy eating is like a  chore perhaps.

well then use your friend's situation as a motivator for yourself to get more fit, more healthy...for truly when you get healthy you will inspire many more to do the same. 

print this out and put it on your frig: 

The Healthy Person! :)

What are full time not self- employed working vegans eating for lunch/breakfast snacks?  any suggestions that could forfil his criteria... how to start back on the road to a healthy diet???

Fruit of any kind that's in season

Thanks for the suggestion.  I think unless you are eating a lot of fruit to cover calories and vits  then the odd piece of fruit a day  is not going to cut it - but better than nothing for getting some nutrition.  I think more than that and it was giving him a dodgy tummy and also he got sick of fruit really quickly and all the things above -about chewing, not being filled up.



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