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the book "Nature's First Law" by Stephen Arlin, Fouad Dini & David Wolfe is
nothing but a plagiarized version of "Raw Food Eating" an out of print book
by the Iranian author Arshavir Ter Hovannessian written almost 40 years
ago. With a little help from my friends I got the chance to compare the two
books, and I can now conclude that the rumour is true.


Has anyone read this book? From what I've read about it, it sounds like a good read! It's sad to hear though, that it's a total rip off of the original book "Raw Food Eating"-a book I'd rather read.

Check out http://vegsource.com/talk/raw/messages/20056.html for comparisons of the two books. It's really amazing at how Wolfe's book used the exact same sentences time and time again!

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I confirm, total plagiarism.
I have a copy of Hovannessian's book. I don't have Wolf's crew one, but got the chance to compare both one with a friend's copy.
The worst is that Hovannessian published his book with his own money, and distributed it across the world to spread the word. And some guys only had the idea to make money out of it.
"the 'link' between homosexuality and cooked food or the 'holocaust denial' stuff was in the original"
Not that I remember, but I'll check again when I have some time, but I don't think there was any political like comments in it.
ahahah whaaat? in NFL do they say if u eat cooked food you're more likely to be homosexual?!
I would like to strap DW to a lie detector test to find out if he did that just to make a buck or if he really did feel like the info needed to be out in the world. My understanding is that he was really really broke and had to live off of avocados that grew wild for about a year because he didnt have any money. He was kind of like the rebel, acid-taking delingquent kid who's very successful parents write-off and wont help any longer because they just think he is a drug addict who doesnt want to get a job.

But then what he found out was that all of these medical problems he'd had his whole life cleared up and synergistically he found this book he could publish and not get in trouble for because the copywrite was outdated. So for him it was a win win situation- that he wanted to spread the word and needed to get some money so that he could get a life, get out of the jungle, and appear to be someone to his parents.

The only problem is that it isnt that easy. People who have been through 7 years of medical training arent going to listen to someone who has found the answer by living in the jungle eating avocados. And there are so many more difficulties in running a business than anyone would ever know-

I a not sure why people even care whether he wrote the book or not except in the age of gurus people have wanted to look to an enlightened person for answers and he has been willing to fill that role to a certain degree. That has happened in this "movement" for some reason- Where would Hippocrates be without Clement, Where would Ann Wigmores healing clinics be without her and her incredible story of healing? Where would the Tree of Life be without Gabriel Cousens? All of these places are extentions more of the person than the method. It doesnt have to be like this and it does seem that these things are changing- just for the shear fact that these people are getting older and will need to retire soon. Who will take their places? Is there anyone out there who has the charisma and what not to fill their shoes?

I would like to see more healing centers in the future that are more open ended- design your own programs where people take personal responsibility for their healing. I am happy for the publicity raw food has received and hope it can become what it can become- which is predominantly uncomplicated fruitarianism. Because what people need is an inspired interest in preventing disease instead of waiting until they have cancer to try healthy methods. But most of all people need to hear the truth..at least some, the lucky few, will listen.
He could have just sold the book by publishing it himself instead of making it looking like he wrote it.
I have a friend who publishes outdated books on his own and sells them on markets, to spread the words. Maybe he just add a preface to them, but he doesn't take the authorship of what is not his.
Yeah- that's why I think there is a connection to wanting to impress his parents who he has mentioned are Doctors. It has to do with feeling really inferior to them and wanting to make them proud of something he did. But yeah. I mean I know how people feel betrayed in a way but ultimately it is up to each and everyone to find the truth on their own and not go by what someone else says.



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