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hey everyone,

I am dealing with really bad dandruff and some mild acne right now. I was wondering if you guys had any natural/home remedies that you could recommend.

My dandruff is dry and white, and kind of powdery with some bigger flaky chunks. even thought my hair is really short (see profile pic) you can still see little bits of dandruff stuck in my hair, which is really gross. I just buzzed my head and I want to be able to rub my headfuzz without flaking everywhere.

I've tried coating my head in coconut oil, letting it sit and then washing it out, and that didn't seem to do much. I also tried rinsing with apple cider vinegar in the shower, two separate times, but both times the dandruff just seemed worse the day after.

My acne I'm not worried about so much, but I would like to get that figured out too. It's just tiny little bumps all over my forehead, cheeks, chin, and neck... from a short distance it's not noticeable, as my skin tone is pretty even, but up close (like when I look in the mirror) it's super noticeable and just looks really bumpy.

I eat super clean raw-til-4 style, minimal fat and sodium, I drink a ton of water. I wash my bedding once a week. I don't use any weird chemical-laden products. I typically wash my hair 2-3 times a week with baking soda, or Dr. Bronner's, and I don't use anything on my face, I just splash with water and rub gently with a wash cloth in the shower every morning.

I was taking the birth control pill for 9 years, and stopped taking it at the same time I became vegan (July 2013). For a while I thought the pimples were just detox, or an effect of coming off the hormones, but it's been almost a year now and they still persist....

I did just find out that the tap water where I live has flouride added to it, so idk if that has anything to do with the pimples, since I drink about 3 liters a day.

Any advice or insight is appreciated :)

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Oh my gosh, Oaty, I have been dealing with terrible dandruff just as you described for almost the past year. I tried the same things and now the only thing that seems to have worked is literally washing my hair with vegan shampoo and conditioner every other day! I don't want to--but my head is so itchy and flaky if I don't wash it.

I tried no-poo with baking soda and ACV, and that made it so much worse and truly dried out my hair so it was brittle and the worst it had ever looked.

I had to go back to shampoo and conditioner to stop the itching and flaking.

I hope it goes away some day; I will try to take note of the advice given to you here, too!

Good luck!

It sounds to me more like dermatitis than acne due to the small bumps and itchy scalp.

A few things you can try.

1) vegetable glycerin mixed with distilled water in a 1:5 ratio. Apply it on the skin to discourage a fast cell turnover rate.

2) You could be allergic to flouride in your water. Try drinking distilled water only, and again, only washing your face with distilled water.

3) AC vinegar taken internally might help. I wouldn't apply it directly to the skin though as it can irritate and make it worse.

4) Another poster mentioned honey. Agreed, not vegan. It is an antibacterial though and can help soothe irritation, itching etc.

5) Lastly, you might actually be having a vitamin deficiency. Specifically B6. If your metabolism has sped up at all (which it will on this lifestyle when you consume fruit sugar) your body tends to burn through your B-vitmain reserves at an extremely fast rate and you need to be replacing them. This alone might solve your problems.

How do you ensure you're replacing your B vitamin reserves, a supplement? Or specific food? Both? Thanks for this informative post!

I supplement with extra B6.

When my hair had absolutely no dandruff was when I drank ALOT of water, a gallon to 1.5 gallons per day, not counting ANY liquids from fruit as I was eating a watermelon and a canteloupe per day as well.  Hydration from the inside shows up on the outside.  I would say that your hormones are recovering and to help recover more quickly, take a vitamin d supplement.  Vitamin D regulates hormones and builds your immunity.  Do this as well as getting out into the sun, then you can quit the vitamin as your reserves are increased.  These things worked for me and I hope it helps you!

+1 for this. Drink your body weight in water every 2 weeks

I have actually put fruit smoothies in my hair and on my scalp, and face. As hair and face masks. It works wonders. What I made the smoothie of was some avocado, some banana and some mango. Avocado brings fat (protecting and conditioning), banana is a good thickener (stay in place), and mango brings some acid (cleans).

It is soo soothing when it is on. Mmm. And immediately after the first or second treatment I did, suddenly I didn't loose hair anymore (and I have lost a lot) and my dandruff disappeared. It actually seemed to be able to  replace normal shampoo and conditioner, because it does clean the hair and condition it. While also providing nutrients and life energy to the scalp. As evidenced by the sudden halt in hair loss.

Soap, in my experience, is very damaging to the health of hair and scalp. It steals the life from it. And I wouldn't use anything alkaline for the skin, as the skin likes to be acidic.

At least as a treatment, I almost can't imagine anything better for the hair and scalp. And this is much easier to remove, rather than all the refined oils. Just rinse it out with plain water. Which is why I came up with this in the first place, so I could treat my head without having to use soap afterwards which would only counter the treatment more or less.
And you can do this as much as you want to, because it is very friendly to our body.

Also, maybe try inversion massage of your face and scalp. Have you tried that? Lay on your bed, on your back, with the head outside of it, hanging down, so that your head is below your heart in elevation. You will feel blood rush to your head. Then, spend 4 minutes massaging your scalp, Spend another 4 minutes massaging your face. And don't be afraid of being rigorous, transfer some of that physical energy to your head. Get the circulation going. Do this maybe daily. It is very powerful. I saw real changes in my complexion after the first or second time, which took me by surprise. This will detox your head area, especially the skin, and bring much more life energy there, so that you can begin to avoid having dandruff and pimples. They are there only because your head lacks energy, and because of stored toxins.
So, fruit, blood and massage.
Maybe do the massage before your hair mask, for stacking the effects.

What ever you do, if you provide enough energy to your scalp and face, and remove stagnated energy, it will get into balance.

And unless you do this actively, providing energy and life directly, I find that the damaged effects of a poor lifestyle from the past can linger a long time.



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