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Hi!  I'm having all 4 of my wisdom teeth cut out on Thursday because they are impacted and are bothering me.  I really don't want to take all of the painkillers they are going to give me.  I was wondering if anyone knows of any natural painkillers?  I read somewhere that standardized ginger root extract is good for pain.  

P.S- I'm not fuly raw yet so, just letting everyone know (my inflamed gums might not heal as fast as someone on a high raw diet). If anyone has any advice on how to heal quicker I would appreciate it.  


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My two bottom teeth are coming through my gums at a sideways angle and are starting to push the rest of my teeth.  I'm getting all 4 removed because I don't want to get braces and have to deal with possible reocurring infection from my half exposed teeth. 

I remember being a kid with bad cavities, there were some nights when the pain was simply unbearable, my dad would give me cloves to bite, and worked beautifully everytime.. Maybe crush them and swirl them around your mouth?

Thanks! I'll have to try it!

Try cool bags! Wrap them in a cloth and place them on your cheeks!

Rest if you can and lie your head down!

Definitely! After I come home from the surgery I'm going to get a bag of frozen peas or corn and tie them to my head.  Hopefully it helps the swelling!

Don't get your wisdom teeth unless you really need to!!!  I've never had to have braces and my wisdom teeth are impacted, so I'm getting them out so they don't completely mess up my teeth.  Also, since they're coming in wrong, they're slanted halfway through my gums and I'm afraid I might get an infection. 

Raw almonds (if you are able to chew them) are high in salacyn, a natural painreliever like that found in aspirin. About 10 almonds thoroughly chewed can help.

Oranges and cherries are also high in salacyn.  Oranges and cherries are also naturally antiinflammatory and can help with swelling too.  

If you need the medication on an  emergency basis, and or to help you sleep, go ahead and take it as needed.  You might be prescribed a high dose of ibuprofen which is good for pain, swelling, inflammation, etc.  Surgery is not a natural thing we do everyday, and sometimes, we have to do other unnatural things to get through the process.  

Think of your surgery and or any medications as going three steps forward and two steps backward, then three steps forward again.  You will come out of this probably feeling better than ever.  

Good luck and Peace, PK

edit here with more info...


http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phenylalanine....lettuce greens and nuts and seeds are high


Thank you! This is really helpful! I'm planning on mainly just drinking smoothies and green juices until I feel better.  With the almonds I'll probably just blend them really well with some water and drink them because I don't want any bits to get stuck under the stiches.  

I'm really going to try and stand the pain, but if it gets too bad I might take one of the pain pills.  Thanks for all the info!

Are you looking for something to deal with pain that may occur days after the procedure, or something to replace the shots they give you while doing the procedure?

I'm looking for natural painkillers after my surgery tomorrow. 

I would look into clove oil.

I'm going to try and handle the pain, but I've heard all these horror stories about how bad their mouth hurts afterwards.  I'll probably just drink smoothies and juices until I feel better.  Why couldn't you fully open your mouth for 2 weeks???



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