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Natural Ovarian Cyst Healing - please post if you have info or experience with this

Ladies, do you have any experience in this 30 Bananas A Day community, about healing Ovarian Cysts naturally?  Especially on the raw food diet... I have found hardly any mention of this in the raw food movement in literature or online. 

I have a very large (8x11x15cm) Ovarian Cyst that I want to heal naturally. It grew this big due to a high stress, overly busy life, procrastinating taking steps to heal it, and also from a lifelong habit of overeating unhealthy cooked foods or too rich raw foods (nuts) when stressed. Of course there are the mental and emotional patterns that created my Ovarian Cyst also, but I won't go into that right now.

My cyst has been present for about 10 years with no pain, but it grew dramatically in the last year when I developed a daily coffee habit to keep me going. Apparently cysts are particularly sensitive to coffee. It is VERY BAD for them, so beware of coffee, if you have one.  

In my year on daily coffee, the cyst grew so much that it began throwing out my spine.  I at first thought that a new neck and upper back tension that gradually intensified over a long period of time, was just work related, but later I realized it was the increased size of the cyst pushing everything out of alignment, from the bottom to the top of my spine.

Ladies, beware of letting an Ovarian Cyst go unattended! I procrastinated the changes in diet and lifestyle to heal this, because the Cyst was causing me no discomfort, for so long.

I have been eating 50-70% raw for 7 years, am now vegan, and aiming to eat 100% raw.  As time has progressed I have naturally gravitated towards the 80/10/10 diet. It definitely feels the best.

If I succeed in healing myself naturally, I will post the info here. Im taking herbs to dissolve the Cyst, and have started a juice and fruit fast featuring juice from fruit and leafy greens with ginger, lemon, beet, and carrot. My exercise is yoga, breathing, rhythmic circular spiral dance, and self reiki and crystal healing sessions. I can't do any aerobic exercise due to the spinal misalignment.

I would really appreciate to hear your experience with healing Ovarian Cysts naturally.

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Thanks for the reply!  I appreciate the info. Can you share with me what happened when your cyst burst? Did you have surgery?  And did you notice a dramatic shift in your health and particularly any issues in sexual organs from the 80 10 10 diet? And how long have you been on it?  I'm gravitating toward 80 10 10 quite organically, because it does feel so good, but am not completely there yet. I'll consider your suggestion about using 80 10 10  as my only treatment. But would love to hear of any success stories in healing/dissolving an ovarian cyst on 80/10/10

Thank you thank you!!!  I really appreciate all the info.  I am convinced that 811 is the way to go, for optimum health on every level, and my body tells me this, too.

When I was eating mostly cooked food, I always loved raw vegies, but never liked fruit that much. On a cooked diet many years ago I incorporated Macrobiotic and Ayurvedic principles, adding tons of salads and raw food just because I always loved them. As time passed, I liked simpler and simpler food, trying many things. My diet kept evolving. I grew and ate big flats of sprouts for a couple of years, was into super blue green algae drinks for a while, then I got introduced to the raw diet, went to a Raw Family workshop and began doing green smoothies, had amazing results by adding green smoothies to a regular whole food diet, but still didn't love eating fruit. However, the green smoothies were giving me more fruit than I'd ever had in my diet. Now I see that the fruit was a big factor in why on 1 liter of green smoothie a day, (with 3 fruits in it) eating solid food became entertainment, not necessity. I attributed it at the time to the broken down leafy greens only.

Now, after many years of experimentation, and discovering Doug Graham and Freelea and Durianrider, I find that fruit really IS the answer to satisfying my body's true hunger!  All the 811 principles are experienced by my body as truth.  Recently I came across Tony Wright's talks. His info is crucial for high fruit people to hear, in order to understand the experience of eating high fruit and what it wakes up in the body, mind and spirit.I highly recommend you check him out. I saw a link to his work on this site.

Check out the long lecture Tony Wright did at the Woodstock Fruit Festival - you can view it on youtube) - His research pulls together so much of what I have intuited and pieced together by research, re humanity's ancient origins, the earth and its vast intelligence, and why emotionally, mentally and spiritually we are changed so much when we eat a high fruit diet. I first came across his work on a fruitarian youtube video.

I so wish I could go back and do my daughter's childhood again. All she wanted to eat was fruit, and I didn't eat fruit, then, so I gave her very little fruit!  Arrrgh.  Well, she is 23 now and when she comes to visit, in the last year, I have soooo much fruit to offer her. She loves it. I have gotten into the mono smoothies and love them so much.  Try cantaloupe, or watermelon, or just mango....the color of any fruit is transcendent in a mono smoothie. Young coconut smoothies are also heavenly in taste and color.

I do want to try the juicing, a couple of litres a day, to dissolve my ovarian cyst - I realize beets, carrot and ginger are not part of 811 but they are specific at cleansing liver and working on the cyst healing.  Everything else I eat will be in keeping with 811. I'll post my progress on the forum. I am not 100%  811 but working towards it every day.

It looks like it's ok to belong to the site as one is transitioning, based on reading other posts. I embrace the principles of 811 more than any other raw food path I have investigated. It explains my experience. My body has led me in this direction.  It's such a relief to have a community that explains what my body told me was right.  it took so long and so much experimentation to find!

I'll check out Alan Goldhammer. I have been researching water and dry fasting a bit.. Thanks for reminding me about it. I had not seen any research on water fasting and cysts.  Thanks again for the reply and all the info.  This forum is an amazing source of support and inspiration!

Hi, and thank you for your response.

Yes, the cyst could be drained in a laparoscopic surgery, but there is a good likelihood that they could take part of the sex organs with it - a friend I know lost her Fallopian tube when they took out her Ovarian cyst. Also, it's not technically just draining it, because they take the sac of the cyst out also. So, they drain and suck out the Cyst and possibly what it is attached to. If they take the Ovary then for hormonal health you're considerably weakened.... perhaps taking hormones orally all your life.  Surgery is risky, and you have no say when you're 'out' on the operating table.

It's good to hear the cyst that you had shrunk on its own. That's what I'm aiming at, with lifestyle and diet changes. I'm resting a lot, eating smoothies of fruit and greens, juicing, eating as much fruit as possible, and doing intuitive dance and energy healing work to dissolve the Cyst and bring energy flow, oxygen, and awareness to my sex organs. I'm also doing my emotional work for the root causes. Sex organs = Creativity, so I'm looking at issues around my creativity and sexuality. 

On another note, I'm also going thru Menopause for the last year, at age 51. I find that when I am eating high or fully raw and clean, the hot flashes go away.  When I eat more complex raw foods or add some cooked food, the hot flashes are ongoing and intense. No mood swings though. I have been eating high raw and whole food for about 7 years, mostly whole food before that for decades, and mostly healthy for the last 20 years.

Regarding dissolving the Cyst and changing the conditions in my body that encouraged and support it, what I understand from my research is to clean up the liver, stop eating all toxic and difficult to digest foods, rest, and deal with issues of creativity and sexuality, present and past. My research shows that beets, carrot, apple, ginger, lemon are good. Then there are herbs, such as Dandelion, Black Cohosh, Red Clover, to balance hormones, sleeping in total darkness, except 3 days around the full moon, and also daily exercise to increase endorphins.

I know the 80/10/10 diet may not recommend using herbs, but the leaves could be classified in the 10% 'greens' category.

Also for dissolving the Cyst and healing the conditions that created and support it, I find that Exercise gives me a sense of healing. I like intuitive dance, based on Belly Dance, Ecstatic Dance, or tribal dance principles. It makes the energy flow through my whole body. The circular, spiralling, figure 8s, undulating motions to steady rhythmic music, open up blocked energy flows. When I do this, the blood and energy come alive, and I shift emotionally and mentally into a place where I feel my body as well, especially my creative flow / which is grounded much in the sex organs. When that is happening - my body remembers the wellness / alive state, and I am relieved of pain and know I am healing.  It really helps with the back pain, and I will be stiffness free for some time afterwards.  I also understand from research how important it is to get into a positive, happy emotional state. It's equal to health and helps the body to reset.

The energetic side of Ovarian Cyst healing:

Ovaries are about creativity actualized in the world. An ovarian cyst is a sac around an egg that does not fully release. The cyst is also a fluid sac that collects and holds toxins.

Don Tolman calls cysts and tumours temporary storage containers. -Places the body stores toxins it can't deal with, for the safety of the rest of the body.  When the body's toxic load is lightened, (thru fasting, rest, cleansing, etc)  then it can deal with stored toxins in cysts and tumors.

On an energetic level, I also notice that when I am really 'with' my creative energy flow and manifesting it in the world - that my inner state changes into a vibrating, alive feeling.... I sense that this is contrary to the energy that upholds and creates the cyst. I feel that if I can sustain this,  the Cyst will dissolve. Lightening the load on my body with clean, easy to digest, living food is the material side of it.



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