30 Bananas a Day!

Banana is an amazing Gifts present by nature to human being. It gives lots of health benefits to our daily life. The color of bananas are in different color like yellow, green and little brown. But most of them commonly eat the yellow color banana. It is use in many fruit jam, cool drinks and also used in medical purpose. Many people use banana as snack food and also it contains many nutrition’s helpful to our body. The nutrition present in banana is Potassium, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Magnesium, Copper, Manganese, Net carbs, Fiber, Protein, and Fat.

Health Benefits of banana

Improve your Antioxidants

Antioxidants are more important to protect our body from various infection and diseases. Banana loaded more amounts of antioxidant properties including dopamine and catechins. Dopamine helps to make the brain feelings more good and banana supports to reduce the free-radical damage.

Boost men energy

Today many men are using the erection booster medicine like Generic viagra pills for their relationship. Banana is most powerful remedy for male impotence.  Really bananas is easily increase men energy and provide more strength to do relationship for long hours. The main enzymes called bromelain present in banana supports to increase men stamina and also improving blood flow into male reproductive organ. It is not only increase the men stamina but also it regulates men hormones in well conditions.

Improve your Eye Vision

Eye is most important to gives light to our whole body, so we must to maintain it very well. Vitamin A is most important to increase eye power because it has series of compounds like beta-carotene and alpha-carotene. These two compounds mainly protect your eyes and surround membranes. Vitamin A helps to preserve your Eye from night blindness. You can use banana to decrease the swelling of the eyes and to remove dark circles around the eyes.

Reduce Depression

Banana restricts subduing negative emotions like sadness, depression, stress. This fruit has tryptophan which is good to stop the emotions.

Good for Heart health

Today major people are loss their life due to heart health issues. Regular consuming of banana helps to increase heart health very well. Potassium contains in banana supports to increase the heart function. It also active cells presents in heart. It helps to protect the heart from high blood pressure and low blood pressure. It mainly manages the heart beat in constant way.

Helps to quit Smoking

Many people today addicted in smoking cigarettes. They spend lots of money for their bad habits. Banana is the natural remedy to skip the smoking cigarettes from your daily life. The fruit supports to reduce the withdrawal symptoms; you can easily quit smoking habits.

Maintain good Digestion

Digestion is more important to supply energy to all parts of the body. Banana helps to maintain good digestion. Dietary fiber is more important to manage the digestion. Banana contains two main fibers Pectin, Resistant starch helps to clean the large intestines.

Best skin Care

Skin is the most important to shows our body very cute. Banana is the one of the best natural remedy to treat various skin health issues problem. Vitamin C, vitamin B6, antioxidants and manganese presents in banana supports to protect from skin problem. It also makes smooth and glamorous skin. Banana helps to protect your skin from roughness and dryness, because it holds 73% of water in it, hence it assists to hydrate the skin. You can also use banana as the natural beauty remedies like face pack, face massage, scrubber.

Helps to reduce Weight

Reducing Body weight is the major problem for many people. But banana is the best fruits for healthy food diet and weight loss. Normally one banana contains 90 calories supports to full your bowl and reduce the hungry sensation. It also manages the body nutrition’s and reduces the unwanted waste presents in your bowl.



Banana is the most wonderful fruit. Health benefits of banana is more support to our body. So don’t forget to add banana in your daily food diets to maintain your body healthy and good.

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