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This is ouwebsite.... http://www.fruitariancommunity.tk/

here is where we will be discussing of all the news so as to keep the discussions in one thread to avoid repetition.

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Jacob Kareko
Sales Manager
1-971-219-2825 (Cell)

My highest recommendation is to first contact Jacob and if you can find a lower fare anyplace else, Jacob will do his best to find you the lowest fare available.



he works for the usa, but it might be your best option.


you must land at nairobi airport.

me and Peter.


Him, his wife and his 3 year old girl have become fruitarian, also his brother japhet!!


Congratulations Pom, it's a great thing you're doing over there. It's purplexed me for a while why africa doesn't feed itself on more fruit rather than persisting with grains and beans. I guess you've just proved that the answer is lack of education, they just don't know that it's possible to live on fruit. Kenya has a perfect climate for growing these fruits and the bananas and mangoes they do grow are delicious and cheap. Keep up the good work in getting the truth out!


I'd love to come and help you at some point when I get the time. Just wondering why you seem to be against greens in some way? Will you be planting any at the community? Personally I couldn't live just on fruit all the time, I need to balance the sweetness. Do you at least eat non-sweet fruits?

thanks for the encouragements!! thats also helping!!


im not against greens, if anyone wants them they can grow them, i just don't beleive we need them, i beleive we need sweet sweet and more sweet!!! but jasmine is sending us some books, they will get more and more educated. You are right, thats really all they need, they dont even know who micheal jackson is!! ....



The blog got deleted because i was asking for donations n seeds...

I have re-created the blog with same name. Some modifications but enough to back track most of what happened.

Also, i sent 2 guys searching for the big candyland, 200 acres at 200 euro per acre, one of them found it in only 1 week. Actualy he has 130acres, but he said it will be very easy to expend. It is still on Ura river, on southern boundery of meru national park.

One more local has turned fruitarian, thats 15 of us! Everyone is eating the way i though them, n everyone loves the experience, the kids especialy, they say no more fire! Fire is bad! Im a fruitarian! Lol

The man of the family of 6 is a wonderfull person, weve been friends for 2 months n he never stops impressing me with his inner peace, love n joy. He also look like boudha! Lol his name is Biti.

Shop is doing well, no profit of course, n i pay 3 guys 3 times a weeks to get the fruits with their bicycle, its 16km, nice time, i did it for almost 3 weeks n i was geting hooked to it. Such a beautifull route! its like those pictures of masaii mara, but filled with rivers, tall trees, n farms. Anyway, the cost is about 20euro per week, with that i feed 15 fruitarian, thats a lot of fruits! Tomorow will be our day number 11, houra!

The people are planting their lands with fruits, we are low on seeds, but the most important is the kwik fruits, we have plenty of water melon, a bit of rock melon, looots of those delicius indiginous papaya, n now we are geting bananas, theres about ten varieties here, some are seriusly delicius, i never though bananas could taste so good!
Also i found a nursery, i couldnt resist n bought 10mango tree at 0.50euro each, the indigenous one, so good! We had a good talk, he only deals with indigineous trees n organic. Everyone in this area is organic, they only spray for lentils n water melons.

What else... Monkeys are destroying every bodies crops like maniacs... Exept for mine! Ha! Fear? Respect?

There is so much to say! More coming up!
are Kenyans also great runners as they seem to be?

Great work Pom!

"Unfortunately" i booked tickets with a friend in february to go to shanghai in may and i dont want to disappoint him so i will go back to sthlm from kenya on the 11th and to shanghai on the 16th to 2nd june, then i much finish work in sweden over the summer that was not finished when the snow fell.

I believe that Pom, Peter, Mbiti and the others have some hard work planting, watering and waiting in front of them but im really impressed with poms endurance and the others has always lived there so i believe this will be a great thing.This thing with the church and the 14 fruitarians so far sounds great! Mbiti is a cool and kind guy.


I urge all of you who has a chance to send as many south/central american, arabic and asian seeds of non-acidic and sweet fruits as possible to Pom so they can create a paradise there.


On the way to Pom from Nairobi is a city called Embu and there are jackfruit or chempadek (dont knowhow to separate them but sunshine will hopefully sample them in the next few days) trees there, i have 5 very sweet ones in my trunk filling the whole car with a sweet smell. Was surprised that two baboons dissed them yesterday, one smelled it and the other tasted and spit, but i love them. The baboonsloved the banana peels and bananas though. :) Will try to send some seeds to pom before i leave.


I have had big difficulties buying land here to plant on since the laws and government are not finished with the land certificate issues and the tries to con are many.


Ura River and the forest right next toit is very beautiful, i have pictures and videos from parts of it but no time or way to get them online. Unfortunately the area around the river, 10 metres from the river bank is dry besides the rain season but now pom has water pipes and seeds so hopefully they can pump the place green!


Due to dryness unfortunately the animals inside meru national park where not there when i was there, besides a few small monkeys and night time elephants, no elephants in daytime though. I really missed the baboons, zebras, gazelles, day time elephants, giraffs and so on and therefore i tried to find land on the other side of the park. Had 50 contacts trying to sell me land but there was always something bad with it, disputes over the land, trying to sell for 2-20 times the market price, seller not really owning the land and so on. On that side the fence is also completely seperating you from the animals which i dont like.


I made friends with an orphanage outside maasai mara and they have been scouting for land for me here and i went here yesterday to see it but they had a car accident and are luckily now completely going to recover in nairobi hospital, so now i will probably just get my bags in mombasa and fly home without seeing this land.


the better thing here is that the mara park is not fenced and not dry on this side,so if i would be next to it animals can walk right into the fruit forest. ive seen lions, zebras, gazelles, bush babies, hyenas and social monkeys right there. And elephants and giraffs not far away and come sometimes. Leopards walk around the area at night making the dogs crazy and impalas are making there nice mating sound.


Negative with this area is big herds of cows and goats (maasai buys these instead of having bank account) and there is basically only bananas and a few papayas and water melons right there. I tried to plant jackfruits and papaya along the whole river recently though and will give more seeds to the orphanage so hopefully it will be nicer in the future.


Maasai also eats much meat and are drunk and use prostitutes and look up to hustlers and through plastic everywhere and what not but on the other side i think they could be helped if a fruit community got started here.


Anyways, I will go back home for a while and to finish work there and probably also look in other countries for a cheap organic farm to buy together with other people and then add other fruits to make a forest, but i will try to support pom with seeds and maybe some "marketing" through web and i will definitely return there and keep updated. I have a ticket back to for Kenya after christmas eve.


I dont want to snow in on one place before checking what is best. Also open to check Kongo and the rest of africa, brunei, rest of asia, south america and possibly indian jungle.


My problem with south america is now elephants, they are so peaceful to watch and remind me of dinosaurs and remind me that we didnt kill all nature yet. But some parts of asia has elephants and tigers and monkeys and allready good fruits, im open to suggestions.


The indian jungle is not by the equator, i would like to be on or below that, but might comprimise.


anyways, please mail me, david@krug.se if you have ideas of a place where a piece of a fruit farm with non acidic fruit might be for sale and animals like elephants exist.


Look forward to hear of your fruit progressions in Meru Pom!



Wow...what an adventure.  I'm wondering what is happening with the other members you have left (on the coast?) Tanya and ? I bookmarked your blog!

We are now 16 fruitarians!! 100%!!!


thank you david for help and concern, it was nice to have someone whom understand what kind of place i am from. So you are really coming back on chrismas?


Ok, now we seriously need a website, i know its a lot of work, but what is hapening here is just too big!! So please, just a small website, contact me on my e-mail, wearefruitarian@gmail.com.


So what else... ive planted about 5 thousand papaya trees, i have no idea of the percentage that will survive, but im planting (mostly throwing) almost 2000 per week... We are planting totomoko, or soursop (high on fructose!!), watermelon, rockmelon, some mangoe, i will know in a few hours about some loquats, never heard before, i see them everywhere, but i always though they were passion fruits!! those are everywhere, so ill taste and if good ill buy lots to plant, and thanks to david, we will have a lot of jackfruits or maybe jampedak!! Ho yhea, I'm sorry sunshine, but everyone here has been puting pressur on me and i don't really have a joice... im getting banana plants.... lol, i know its not juicy, and its probebly not human food, but they have some pretty good varieties here!! lol. Unfortunetly no one but sunshine's mom has sent us some seeds, so we hope that will change!! come on everyone!! I have 50 acres to plant!!and about 40 more for the local fruitarians!!


The fruitarians are doing great, they have no cravings, as i expected!!! no problem! I told the parents that they don't have to wash their kids everyday, or to brush their teeth, you shouldve seen their faces!! They realize more and more about the impact of it all, and they keep saying that all the people of their church will turn fruitarian. We are already making plans for saving up to buy as much land as possible, in the area i've send people to find the candyland, very recluded and low population, the best in kenya if you ask me!! They have been suffering a lot from the government, they are against i.d. cards, sending kids to school, making money and using technology, so they know that one day they will have to run away and hide, interesting huh?? they are planting all they can plant, and are asking me for seeds all the time. They are convince that in a few months they will be self suficient on fruits!! And Biti, the father of the famiily of 6 kids i mentioned before, has a lot of experience in growing all the kinds of fruits here. And he keeps repeating, we need more seeds!!


The shop is doing ok, it is self running but is expensive, about 20 euro per week is alot, the community's funds are at about 650euro, must make it last, in case we don't receive anymore donations.We should be able to last for another 3-4 month.


the rain season made everything back to green!! yheaaa!!! this is difinetly the most beautifull place in kenya!The rivers are raging, the birds are singning all the time, so many of them, of all colours! And for some strange reasons, don't know wich, we can now see the top of mount kenya from where we live!! i saw the snow! 


As for sunshine, nixon and tanya, they are still on the coast, sunshine has always been recovering the best way he can since he recovered from a near death experience 2 and half years ago, fruit diet and fasting has kept him alive, but the process of this adventure has taken a lot from him. Tanya i havent got any news from her, im really curious!! And nixon also. I seriously hope they will come as soon as possible!!



So i repeat, we need someone to create a website!! please!!!

it is not ilegal, we just have to do it the way the government want. I found the way, its not so hard. If anyone wants to send me seeds please contact me through email... wearefruitarian@gmail.com


visas are easy to get and to renew, ive explained many times before, we have to renew every 3 month, then after every 9 month we take a bus to tanzania, and come back, easy trip. we do this for 7 years, unless one of us creates a organisation or a buseness, then we will become resedents very easely.


thanks for sending the books, ill be printing them as soon as i can.


With or without sunshine, tanya and nixon this project will flourish as much as it can, im convince of it. What they are doing has nothing to do with my plans, doesnt change anything, and i don't think it should for you either. This project is extrimely valuable. I get mails every week about people wanting to either come or help, not many ends up doing anything, but slowly everything is hapening fine. Im very thankfull for everything that has hapen to me so far!! its great!!



ill send you the phone of the senior immigration officer that i deal with....  he will tell you what i have told you.


For any questions about sendind spices please contact me through e-mail.

I sent some organic watermelon seeds last month. Maybe they got stolen or taken by customs. That would be a pity as not only do you not receive them and benefit from them but the postage to Kenya was surprisingly expensive. Hopefully they will still turn up.



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