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Hello all, this is my first post here. Around 7 years ago i went on antibiotics for acne, it helped at the time but the acne then just returned and ive had problems since. Some of the issues ive had acne, blackheads, flaky skin, itchy rashes, digestion problems and sneezing.

I believe all of these problems are candida related and ive been trying to get a diet going to beat it but i always fail in the end. When i first started reading about diets if you have candida problems it was pretty much mainly all recommending the high fat diet but i never really felt comfortable with this as i knew certain fats (cod liver oil, fish oil, avacados etc) caused acne breakouts which i didnt really understand at the time.

Now its time to really give the low fat diet ago, for the people that have had candida problems on here has a low fat diet of just fruit and veg cleared you right up? I know when i eat fruits my stomach feels fine compared to when i eat other foods which make me feel pretty horrible, so im sure that tells me fruits are fine for me to eat despite most websites stating not to eat fruits on a candida diet.

As my problems have worsened as it just started with acne and then the rest of the problems slowly creeped in. How long for a guess would a low fat diet need to be able to really start showing progress on this war? And has anyone else had the same sort of problems i have and sorted them all out?


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Paul, you want to get a copy of 80/10/10 by Dr Douglas Graham, and while your at it get his book 'Nutrition and Athletic Performance. The 2 best books ever written on how to eat proper IMHO.
Im really not sure if fruit is for me at the moment, i never feel to great after eating some. My stomach doesnt feel to great and i dont understand the whole issue with struggling going to the toilet. Almost a year a go i tried a low fat diet of mainly fruit and i would be going to the toilet about 4 times a day, now ill go once in the morning and thats it, whilst my stomach feels all abit horrible throughout the day.

Is there any reason as well why my face would feel oily after eating fruits?
Ive eaten very poor lately so i really need to get back to this diet. My only problem is how it makes my stomach feel andi dont go to the toilet much, if i could wipe that out i would be absolutely fine with eating this way. I just think as fruit makes me feel that way i get the thought its not what my body wants? Anyone else have these problems?

Tonight ive felt abit down due to eating poor, i guess its some sort of candida attack. Ive got a itchy rash on my neck, ive really scratted at my face and now i look all red. Although my digestion wasnt great on low fat, i cant remember getting one of these itchy rashes which is obviously a positive.
Tomorrow i am going to begin a 2 day water fast. Should i expect to see any results from this or is that not really long enough?
It will probably effect you positively, fasting is best with rest. so staying in bed with eyes closed will really help.
It takes 8-10 days for the excessive fat to leave your blood stream, so fasting may be good to start.
Well i never managed to do the fast but ive done 3 days of a low fat diet so far. I havnt enjoyed it at all and ive been having cravings all the time. I dont know if i can carry this on, i know its only 3 days but i dont feel any better. I feel weak, my stomach feels crap and bloated. I think its only a matter of time until i give in......
Hi Paul,

I so know how you feel right now. I had the hardest time beginning this diet. I tried and tried for about a year and a half, and I just couldn't get through the detox. And because I wasn't 100% convinced that this was the best diet for me, when I'd feel terrible I'd start doubting it, and I'd finally weaken and eat either cooked or high fat and/or salt. Sigh. But I'm really confident that all your uncomfortable symptoms are detox. A lot of people will feel worse initially as their bodies can finally start to get rid of all the toxic stuff they're holding onto. Then after that initial phase you will start feeling better. Constipation, acne, dizziness, weakness, cravings, low blood sugar - these are all very typical detox symptoms.

Finally I just realized that all those terrible feelings were detox, and I just needed to get through it. I set aside 30 days when my husband was traveling and did it, one day at a time. It was hard, but I finally made it past the 2-3 week point when I had always caved in the past. Once I got past that, I realized I wasn't craving salt every second anymore - just every couple hours, lol! But seriously, once I made it 30 days, I never went back. I totally love eating this way, and I really recommend you do whatever you need to do to get through the detox so you can eat lfrv.

For some people, a water fast is the best way. For others, slowly transitioning in stages. Decide where you want to be on the spectrum of how long it will take vs how intense a detox you can handle, and make a plan and do it!

Good luck to you, keep posting, keep the faith.

Peace, love and strawberries!
I ended up cheating last night and my stomach feels absolutely terrible, plus i now feel all depressed. I think i defiently feel alot happier and my stomach feels better when im on higher fat unfortunately. On this high fruit diet everything in my stomach feels like its been held in and isnt to be let go, all my negative emotions and everything.

I dont want to go high fat though, if i do i know one piece of fruit will flare up my candida and ill get an itchy rash. I have no idea which way to go now, i want to do low fat but i still remember how my low fat diet kept me constipated and made me feel awful for weeks, i know it contained brown rice but i cant imagine thats to bad. Why the hell does this have to be so difficult, it frustrates me so much i have friends asking me to go out and i cant come up with reasons not to go that dont sound stupid, i really dont think they would understand this crap like i have an itchy rash thats flaring up, my stomach feels bad or my acne looks horrible.
Yes i had this exact issue with my skin(cystic acne and lumps and bumps all over the shop) and my tummy was a mess i was always itchy too.Mine was hormone related which yours would be too.

a low fat high fruity diet,making sure to include lots of greens will do wonders for you body and skin/
ARe you keeping your skin clean,avoiding touching your face or picking?
I haven't read through the posts here so forgive me if i am asking q's already answered :)

Dont get disheartened Paul,find a way of eating low fat raw (even if it's just 80% raw) just be consistent with it.I use to be so embarrassed about the state of my skin and felt so crap,i was very very antisocial.The only advantage i prob had was i could cover mine with makeup....
poor love i give you a hug,it will get better.

Green juices would be great,i use to even put wheatgrass juice on my skin that was so great!
I dont really tend to use anything to wash my face anymore, maybe a splash of water but all the cleansers ive used over the past few have always dried out my skin. Maybe once a week i will try to gently exfoliate with a flannel but thats about it. I think my skin did actually improve without using cleansers so ive stuck with that.

I havnt had a green smoothie in quite a while now, i may have to get back doing them. How long did it take for you show some real improvements from starting the diet? I know my problem is im already feeling down and upset about everything, so when i start a diet and see things getting worse (even though this is just the beginning and improvements could come afterwards) i just give in.
On most of the posts on here where people are complaining about not getting on well with too much fruit they then say they are eating something else, like rice or potatos. We've all done it and blamed the fruit, but there comes a time when you just have to try just the fruit and quit cheating. Look how well the people just on fruit and greens are doing and go for it. It might be uncomfortable for a few days but your current problems have been uncomfortable for years and will continue to be so if you don't find an answer.



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