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Hello all, this is my first post here. Around 7 years ago i went on antibiotics for acne, it helped at the time but the acne then just returned and ive had problems since. Some of the issues ive had acne, blackheads, flaky skin, itchy rashes, digestion problems and sneezing.

I believe all of these problems are candida related and ive been trying to get a diet going to beat it but i always fail in the end. When i first started reading about diets if you have candida problems it was pretty much mainly all recommending the high fat diet but i never really felt comfortable with this as i knew certain fats (cod liver oil, fish oil, avacados etc) caused acne breakouts which i didnt really understand at the time.

Now its time to really give the low fat diet ago, for the people that have had candida problems on here has a low fat diet of just fruit and veg cleared you right up? I know when i eat fruits my stomach feels fine compared to when i eat other foods which make me feel pretty horrible, so im sure that tells me fruits are fine for me to eat despite most websites stating not to eat fruits on a candida diet.

As my problems have worsened as it just started with acne and then the rest of the problems slowly creeped in. How long for a guess would a low fat diet need to be able to really start showing progress on this war? And has anyone else had the same sort of problems i have and sorted them all out?


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I would think it would help clear it up. I have struggled w/breakouts as well. It made highschool pretty terrible, went on all the topicals w/o much improvement then did a 4yr bout with accutane (is that what your referring to above?) I saw the most improvement w/that but when I went off it the breakouts came back tho not as bad. Even into my twenties I still was getting unsightly blemishes. I noticed improvement when I went vegan and no longer included dairy, now that I am lfrv acne is no longer a problem, more of a memory. I will get tiny bumps (not really noticeable to anyone but me, far from unsightly whiteheads/blackheads) when I have high fat days w/avocados, and the other week I had vegan chocolate and had two or three blemishes pop up that week. But with no overts, and especially mono-islands my skin is crazy clear and any old marks start disappearing.

I'm not sure how long it will take for it to start clearing up for you, since mine has been over the past years switching to veganism and now lfrv. I saw the quickest results and clearest skin when I did a water fast and have heard that others experience amazing skin quickly when they do the same.
All the best
Thanks for the reply. I cant remember the exact name on the antibiotic but it wasnt accutane, my doctor wouldnt give me that as he felt my acne wasnt bad enough for that. I dont tend to use any topicals or anything on my face either now, none really have made improvements so i just tend to use water now.

A water fast could be quite interesting, how long did you do yours for? I can imagine i will struggle with it as i love food, but if i want my skin to clear up i have to do these things :)
Have you read The 80/10/10 Diet by Dr. Graham? If not I suggest you do. I would suggest to do the low fat raw vegan diet with a big emphasis on the low fat part. No avocados, durian, nuts or seeds to begin with. And make sure to drink enough water. That should clear your skin up!
I havnt but i shall take a look now. I tend to drink quite alot of water so i should be okay with that, thanks :)
Welcome! Glad you're here! :)

Most likely if you eat no overt fats, i.e nuts, avocado, you will see results within a few days, and consistently getting better. You must also get plenty of rest and sleep, daily sun over most of your body for 15 minutes on both sides or what you can handle without burning, plenty of water, daily exercise, at least 20 minutes of continuously moving so you breath hard, raise your heart rate, move your lymphatic system, preferably eating organic, oh and emotional poise is essential too. :)

IF someone is not seeing results after doing these things 100%, Dr. D has been known to recommend doing a 1-3 day water fast for candida, never more than that without supervision.

Hope this helps! :)
Thanks all for your replys and advice. I think my plan is for the next week is to just eat fruit and veg, no fats as all have advised. On the Friday, Saturday and Sunday i think i shall attempt a water fast as i have nothing planned for then. I know ill find it tough but quite excited by the thought of doing it and seeing if there are improvements made.
Please let us know how it goes! :)
watch doug graham's vids on you tube about candida..also, looks like you need a fruit and veggiee detx right about now..and yes, your candida will go away if you are on this lowfat raw vegan diet. You will see a difference in many other ailements that bother you. Try it, what do you have to lose? except for acne!!! good luck!
Ive noticed when i eat some fruit my nose becomes abit runny, does anyone know why that would be?
One thing that is really annoying me is the sneezing, i have sneezed loads today!! Im not sure why either, i havnt eaten any fat and i guess i was under the impression the sneezing and rashes would be something that would dissapear once i eliminated the triggers which was been caused by fatty foods.

I dont quite get the itchy rashes on my neck either. There was nothing at all, then at dinner i had some romaine lettuce, cucumber, strawberries and grapes; a little later in the day and the itchy rash kicks in.

Also i dont really know what it is but when im eating a fair bit of fruit i have a bloaty feeling i guess it is, although im not sure. Also makes me feel as if i wont be going to the toilet for quite some time as im having no urges, i thought eating alot of fruit i would be going more often.
Honestly, I would not make too much of anything weird you experience in the first few days of going LFRV, as people have experienced a wide variety of detox symptoms, and things like sneezing and rashes are not uncommon.

My personal experience was that the first time I tried raw (going high fat) my skin got better for a few days, then broke out very badly, and then more or less constant (but slow) improvement.

Make sure you drink a lot of water and eat enough calories (eat more than you think you need!) and I'm certain you will see a big difference within a week, even if you get a few weird rashes in the meantime. One thing I have noticed in all before/after pics I've seen is that everybody has a gorgeous glowing complexion after a fairly short period of time.
The sneezing concerns me a little bit because its been going on for over a year now, its not just a reaction or detox. The only times its ever faded when i went high fat and cut out fruits and other foods with sugar. The rashes have been been going on for a couple of months so thats another thing i find abit dodgy.

For my lunch today i had the same as yesterday, strawberries, grapes, romaine lettuce and cucumber. Around 10 minutes after eating it, i had abit of a sneezing fit, it feels like it was directly due to what i just ate. Ahh weird :(



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