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You look absolutely beautiful :)

That's incredible Alisha, keep up the good work! :) 

It is great, but I believe her results are attributable to her only consuming 2300 cals per day, the way she made it sound, she wasn't even always hitting that number.  Durianrider and Freelee's advice to eat more like 2500cal minimum for women is much better, and you likely need much more if you do any activity....  Just throwing my 2cents out there.  Im also guessing her calculation for 2300 was with raw food ( cooked is how she said she lost her initial weight); therefore I think its likely to assume she was \ has been under eating frequently, this is how it seems.  I also think when someone says they eat 2300 cal, it is stretching the number to fit there agenda as most people on this lifestyle eat much more, easily... I just don't think her results will be typical, or desirable, from a nutritional standpoint, you want to eat much more... Just my opinion, mean it in a totally positive way.

As well, i am a woman and find it incredibly difficult to consume such an amount of calories per day, i think it takes much more time of adjusting for some people to be able to consume said amount of calories. I dont eat near that many and yet i workout out almost everyday and i still feel great. It really is just about getting the right nutrition. 

Oh my goodness! What a shining that comes from you! It's amazing to see what beauty is exposed when we give our bodies a chance to do so.

You look amazing :) Congratulations, I am so happy for you :) It is also great to see results from someone who isn't 100% raw. I keep being told all the fruit and carbs I am eating is going to make me fat :P Guess we will see.

Wowwwwww! Beautiful!  Congrats on the great results.

You said you would have mashed sweet potatoes at dinner, about how many would you have in one sitting?
Oh my!!! Way to go! How inspiring! :D

Am I the only one who noticed this is a resurrected 9-month-old post hehe? She hasn't been active since last February. But, on the chance that she gets alerted to the new replies, my congrats as well to her on the transformation.

Richard Quetzal makes some good points. Call me a jerk, but if it was indeed accomplished via calorie restriction, it's less praiseworthy IMO. Obviously less extreme, but it could be equated to congratulating someone who suffers from anorexia for being so skinny.

Yeah, true, you're right. I shouldn't have rushed to judgement. Thank you.

Actually So Spiffy I agree with what you originally thought. I am all too familiar with calorie restriction. And even if she didn't realize it I think she was under eating. While she looks amazing she would have looked just as amazing if she didn't under eat but the diffrence in that case would be she got there without doing any harm to her body. But maybe I am wrong. Who knows.



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