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I have numerous issues with my teeth. The most recent is that it seems on my two front upper teeth, the enamel is fading away a little. Also a tiny piece of one of the same teeth has been chipped. Both I noticed a few days ago. The other of the two teeth also got chipped about a year ago, before I was raw vegan. And my teeth have been a little transparent on the edges and also quite yellowish for many years I think.

And nowadays there is some brownish coating near the gums, especially after eating dates. Lately, dates have composed about 1/3 of my calories. Could that be an issue? Btw, I usually eat 3 meals a day (or 4 with salad (one head of lettuce)). And I swish with water usually pretty soon after eating.

I brush two times a day. Lately, I've been doing it after breakfast and before bed, and I also floss before bed. I use a non flouride aloevera toothpaste. I recently switched from another non flouride toothpaste. I wonder if that can have anything to do with it. I think that since switching toothpaste my teeth are more rough instead of smooth.

I'm worried about the enamel fading off, and my teeth getting chipped. What do you think I'm doing wrong?

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brushing after eating (breakfast) is not a good idea. better before hand and only rinse afterwards add a touch of bakng soda or something else to make the solution alkaline if you want. but brushing after eating acidic foods like most sweet fruits even you can brush away your enamel. I would also maybe suggest using tooth soap or just high quality soap instead of toothpaste since it usually contains a type of sugar i think. you could try oil pulling with coconut oil also :/ good luck!

My dentist told me my teeth weren't doing the best. She asked if I used fluoride toothpaste. I haven't since 2011. She then asked if the toothpaste I was using was one of those "all natural kinds." Indeed it was. The problem with them, or so I'm told, is they are too grainy. I'd say find a vegan toothpaste with fluoride that doesn't contain so much particulate. I know people on this site freak out when they hear the word fluoride. I've seen a documentary about it. I don't like using it myself, but both my dentist and I noticed they were getting bad without it.

Ya, all the people on the planet, who do not use fluoridated toothpaste, must have poor oral health. 

It was sarcasm. I've been off fluoride for over 3 years and havent had one single oral health issue.

Where in my post did I ever make that claim? I was giving advice to someone who is in a similar situation that I once was.

fluoride is poison: good talk here: Dr. Russell Blaylock: Fluoride's Deadly Secret 1/5 - YouTube

sometimes we need to re-watch or re-read to remind us why we quit what we quit. ;)

Personally, I think flouridated toothpaste as a topical application is alright.  That flouride kills bacteria, doesn't it?  However it should not be added to drinking water.  What is the point in that?

100% agreed.

When requesting assistance please include the following information so other members of 30BaD can assist you more efficiently...

* How long have you been 100% low fat raw vegan?
* When did you last have cooked food?
* How much water do you drink a day? Are you peeing clear 10+ times daily?
* How much exercise do you get?
* When do you go to bed? How many hours do you sleep each night?
* How much sunshine do you get?
* What is your past health history?

*How many calories per day do you get?

*Are you sure your fruit is ripe?

*Are you using proper food combining?

At the same time when you are assisting other members please ask these questions.

In order to give objective advice this lifestyle information is vital.


i wouldnt eat dates so much. and i would avoid oil pulling because sugar from dates+oil = bad teeth

also, improve the quantity of green you eat = lots of romaine and celery

For some strange reason, I had trouble as soon as I switched to a toothpaste that had no glycerine in it.  My teeth got very, very rough.  As soon as I used a non-fluoride, glycerine toothpaste, my  teeth got back to normal.

I HAVE THE ANSWER FOR U AS I MYSELF HAD A VERY SIMILAR ISSUE AS U. i noticed a few months ago the enamel on two of my front upper teeth were fading. i was in consultation with dr. graham for a different issue but i asked him about this and he said CHEWING LOTS OF TENDER LEAFY VEGETABLES is super important for my teeth health. also, when i went back to his book i looked at the section "why do some people fail on the 811 diet" and he stated that many fail because they ARENT ACTUALLY FOLLOWING the diet. he recommends 2-6% of your calories from tender leafy greens and celery.

after that i majorly upped my green intake. i used to eat about 1 head of lettuce every other day. after talking to dr. graham i now eat on average 2 large heads of lettuce every day and within a few weeks my teeth went back to normal pearly white!! 

PEOPLE ON THIS WEBSITE DONT FOCUS NEAR ENOUGH ON GREENS it KILLS ME. nobody has asked u through their comments that maybe u should up your green intake, it blows my mind

when i first noticed my enamel on my teeth were yellowing my first instinct was that i was not eating enough mineral rich veggies. and my instincts were correct. CHEWING leafy greens is crucial, everybody's body requires a different amount of greens. you most likely need to majorly up your green intake in my opinion. 



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