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My Rant-Is our Death, sickness & lack of awareness bringing in the big $$...?

Im really trying not to focus on all this negative stuff but.......

..I was just thinking of all the "empowering" practices we are encouraged to take part in.....if we look a little deeper into these topics/practices its obvious they are money motivated....someone is getting very rich off 'dumbing us down' & making us very sick.....

- Fundraising and the 'fight' against cancers etc...why aren't we addressing the cause?is it because the cause is simple and doesn't make $$?

- giving 'baby' nurofen to our kids....starting to poison & alter their minds early?

- the promotion of cooked junk food....keep anyone addicted to a substance & they will co-operate for their fix

- prescription meds....... addictive & designed to make us sicker until we need some radiation treatment

- fear mongering from media.......trust no one except the banks, government & big 'reliable' corporations

- female guinea pigs on the contraceptive pill.......lets poison this generation, especially the birth-givers & we can really make some sales.

- vaccinations for children & travel that cause terrible health problems

- Baby bonus.......we need more people? Ofcourse yes to consume more! Ahhh more $$ yep forgot

- smoking.....cigarette lighters are commonly allowed on planes but not bottles of water?

- sunscreen that promotes cancer......highest skin cancer rates are recorded in the areas with the largest sunscreen promotion and sales....office workers are the least exposed to the sun but in the highest risk category?

- motor vehicles that lead to obesity & death.....good ol' labour-saving fancy devices that keep us getting fatter and consuming more....weightloss drugs, junk food, gym memberships,more drugs....

- money is the only way to be happy.....keep up with the Jones's

- University....get a 'good' education, make something of yourself....

- anti-depressants.... designed to make us more depressed & less empowered

- the large chunk of taxes that goes to the 'Defence Force' to fight 'evil' & the 'War on Terror'....

- the common school system for children, creating a uniformed army of the 'numbed' & obedient

- mind numbing 'distracting-from-the-truth' video games that encourage violence and aggression

- advertisments aimed at lowering our self-esteem so we consume products that make us 'happy'

- Unnecessary xrays & ultrasounds.....'cooking' the baby early

- radiation therapy for cancer patients....aimed at destroying cells so theres no chance of rejuvenation

- chlorine & other chems in our water systems....behaviour modification ?

- Chem trails?....another form of mass 'dumbing down'?

- Hush hush on the crop circles....(even tho there is like 200 new ones discovered every year around the world)....this may encourage people to start thinking less logically (how we are programmed & taught at school etc) & become more creative,potentially thinking for themselves & start resisting the 'money & power machine'

- Skin creams/shampoos/deodorants/face masks/makeup that damages our skin & absorb into our systems to make us sicker...then consume more....oh im sick i need some drugs....

What are your thoughts?...

......Im sure you could add more.....and why not? Lets hear them....what commonly encouraged practices have you noticed that are actually making us unhealthier as a collective & serving to distract us from the truth...


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oh my god! that's so depressing freelea! i want to eat a footy pie, sausage roll and coke, just let me watch the cricket in peace! i dont want to hear that i have any control over my life destny, i want to continue blaming society, my family, my age, fate etc!

i want to pretend ignorance is bliss! hey, if you dont see the dog poo you just walked in, you cant smell it right?
cheeky DR, distractions are everywhere hey?...its so important to remain 'plugged into the truth' & Im glad we have this community to reveal those truths...and empower ourselves for the better...
Great X, Yes so true....good points that i didn't think of, yes the different movements are obvious ones hey?, ah yes, religion/spirituality and 'science' .....woah thats a big topic....
Why religions? I have always felt perfectly free in mine, and it has always been the only thing in my life which allowed be to feel free in the deepest sense, I know very few people who has had the courage to be sincere and not coward in some life circumstances, some special ones, in which I have found the courage to be more sincere and with more open eyes (even if most people have been much better than me in thousands of other circumstances, you can surely bet, don't worry)! and that thanks to my religion! I am perfectly conscious of its limits, i am perfectly conscious of my decision.
you got here b4 me Eva :)

as usual, well said!
Oh thats brilliant Fruity!! Haha Sheeple! Haven't heard that one yet :-D

No way its cool! There is awesome info here and people will benefit from having their awareness raised! You are passionate and caring and this is your expression of that. You are not threatening anyone....we are the ones with our lives being threatened...the truth needs to come out.
I read a lot of info on Mario's site, its awesome, i should put a link on the homepage here, maybe i put a button up the top saying LINKS...

Your post was fantastic to read Fruity!!
if you've ever been in ikea you will know what it feels like to be a sheeple! eyes fixed on the newest vanvik bedroom set!! lol
how bout the fact that we recognize our physiological similarities with the monkeys enough to torture them with our chemicals but don't realize that we should take a cue from them with the diet nature intended to achieve the simple bliss that was meant for us
Yeh!!! Ryan that is so true....oh but we aren't animals.....we are supreme beings & every animal should bow down this & surrender or else!!!
I guess it just shows how 'sick' we really are & how badly we need a raise in universal consciousness.

Hi Michel,

Us raw foodies are about to discover remedy to everlasting bliss, healthy body-mind-world and co-operation with Mother Nature.

Amen I feel this too! I feel we have a responsibility to the earth and animals....
Hmmmmmmm, you remind of this documentary "processed people" . It talks about how we get "processed" through the system from baby to death.

plastic flowers
Good point it is important to release both good and bad energy.

Some use excercise, journals, forums etc.

Sometimes I just want to punch someone out lol

Mainly do to the Medical Shananigans that go on and seeing all the people being duped.



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