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Today I started entering my food on fitday.com to see where I was calorie/nutrition wise. It was no surprise to me that my B12 was nonexistent. I know B12 has been a topic of concern in the vegan world so it didn't really scare me much to see that big fat 0 next to the B12 recommendations. I did a quick google search to see if there were any veggie sources of the vitamin and came up short handed...unless I missed a page, I found that only animal sources can give you a significant amount of B12. This got me thinking...

If there are no known significant sources of B12 other than the ones found in animal products, then where the heck are the animals getting their B12?

Now, I am totally not an expert by any stretch of the imagination, and I am going off pure thought thinking here...but is it possible that our bodies can produce B12 on their own? Do we really actually need outside sources of B12 to live healthy/happy? Guessing by the way Freelee and DR look I would say no LoL, but I'd just like to get some fresh ideas on this subject. I think I've even heard that we have natural occurring bacteria in our stomach that produce the B12 for us? So, perhaps once our digestion is back up and running strong the supply of B12 will magically show up?

Thoughts, comments, disagreements?

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3 to 4 weeks usually does it he says.

Hmmm... Well your metabolism slows down a lot when you're fasting so you wouldn't be burning that much energy and also the idea is to not do too much physical activity. Just rest mostly. I guess you know that. You don't look dangerously underweight or anything in your photos to me. I couldn't say whether you should do one or not. I guess they can be dangerous but that's why we do them supervised I guess.

Why do you want to fast?
Had digestive issues pretty much my whole life. Not eating the right food growing up is most likely the main culprit. I was born with Jaundice, so I'm sure that didn't help much either (not a good way to start out life lol) I must say that everything has been running a lot smoother since switching to a raw diet, and even in these last 3 days of being high fruit I have seen dramatic improvements, but I just have this nagging feeling to do a fast. Might be nice to give my digestive track a little break. But, I am so active that I'm not sure I'd be able to even sit through a fast. I love being busy and moving around. Maybe I'll just continue with the fruit thing for a while and see how things go. I could possibly just balance back out on my own...who knows?
Fast fever because you're surrounded by it perhaps?

Stick to the fruit thing for a while. Take a PB8 probiotic if your guts are messed up. They'll smooth out. I don't want you to turn into an un-energetic stick before I can get to Hawaii and we can have crazy fruit parties in the Pacific :)
LoL I had the fever before I came here, so I have no idea what it's from. Maybe I will try a weekend fast and see how I feel? Don't really like the idea of having low energy though...just doesn't seem too natural, but then again neither was all the junk I was putting into my body. So maybe it would do me some good and purge a little extra junk (hopefully not from my trunk though lol okay that was horrible, I apologize).

I certainly don't wanna be stickly when you get here. There is WaY too much fun stuff to do. I want all the energy I can get. Right now I feel amazing though. Like super high energy, it's great! Being active makes me happy :)
Get your b12 levels up over 550 by doing a course of sublinguals or injections. I do injections cos they by pass any absorption issues that my past history of celiacs can create.
Yeah, Crohn's runs in my family...doctor thought I might have it, so if I did start supplementing I would definitely go for the shot just to be safe. Hate needles though :/
I used to freak out about needles and now can jab myself. I got some nurses to show me and now its as easy as pick'n up a box of bananas.
Doug recommends supervised and thats a really smart idea!

My housemate died last year whilst trying to fast off some food poisoning from animal products. They did it with telephone supervision and a few friends coming over to check up. They just got way dehydrated and then weak and ended up in hospital on life support. Renal failure ensued. I was in Thailand at the time.

The situation could have been totally avoided if my friend just lived the optimum healthy diet and lifestyle from the get go rather than undereating and then eating stuff and getting sick and wanting to fast.

Ive never seen anyone that does this 811 gig for a year or 2 still want to fast. 10-12hours a night rest, lots of fruit calories, low fat, no salt n stuff, lots of exercise and sun..no real reason to fast after that.

Some people still live the high stress, low sleep lifestyle but eat real well and they think fasting will cure the facets of their life that need to be taken care off. Ive seen some nasty results of people fasting and then going back to the stress life/diet and then hating life.

Treat the cause rather than the symptoms.
The story of your friend sounds so much like what happened to my boss's Mom. She got into eating raw eggs and got sick off them, decided to fast to cure it and ended up getting dehydrated and passed away. Risky business trying to self cure like that.

I definitely think fasting can be beneficial, I've seen and read testimonies from many people who were healed immensely...but the majority were overweight and had a lot for their body to feed on. Me? Not so much...I definitely have a couple areas where I could trim up a bit, but I I like keepin my weight around 112lb. If I were to get below 110lb I'd probably scare the shit outta people Lol. I am for sure going to stick with the high fruit thing, and definitely work on getting more sleep. I feel better already and it's only been 3 days on high fruit. Somethin must be working.

Thanks for all the advice DR!
Hi Ashley, thought I'd chime in,,, A few months ago I was watching DR's blood test result video and was interested in getting one for myself at the local hospital.
they tested a few things and it was all good , even my b12.
Feeling great every day is nessasary for the work/hobbies I do daily

Growing my own food here in Hawaii is the most rewarding thing I can do with my hands/body, and mind for staying in shape and healing this planet.
that is way rawesome you are working at Nicks fasting center across the Island on the edge of the Lava , a very secluded restful place to assist people to cleanse out the cooked/dead food (demons) in their bodies.
I believe the most important thing for a healthy body is to grow yer own,, if you or anyone reading this, have not yet had the oppurtunity to grow food, consider voluntering at a local organic farm/garden to gain some experiance and the beneifits of FRESH food and the connection to the Earth it gives us
or start with planting some wheatgrass in some good soil and chew it like gum when it is young and tender, within a week

i am getting back outside to forage some lychees now, computers strain my eyes and ,,
That's awesome! I think I will do a test a couple months from now...I'm just so curious.

Do you know Nick? I am definitely loving it here. And, I really like your suggestion about volunteering at a farm. There are tons around here, and that sounds like a great idea! The closer to nature I can get, the better! I'm doin my best to slowly ween myself from attachments. Working on the farm would be a great way to start things off :)
If 90% of US citizens got their b12 serum levels tested in Japan, they would be 'deficient'. 550 is the cut off in Japan.

Its a bit like having a dodgy backyard mechanic say your brakes are ok, but if you took em to a Japanese Nismo mechanic, they wouldnt pass em.

Do some more homework on what you feel your b12 levels should be for the lifestyle you wish to live. Me? I base em on the blood work of athletes. Which is ok cos b12 levels dont change with EPO, HGH, Cera usage etc.



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