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Hi i'm Rachel and i'm 14 years old,

I have been vegan now for nearly 3 months and i thought my parents were starting to accept it, but my dad obviously doesn't because  always says 'why can't you just be vegetarian? the cows aren't harmed and you wont even eat honey!' i have tried explaining to him but he just says they are dumb animals. I understand why he is worried about me, but he also thinks that i have eating problems with food and stuff which can be soo frustrating because i know that i don't and i eat more now than i ever have! It can be really hard, but i know i wont be going back to eating animal products.

some support and advice would be helpful and if you are in a similar situation how do you deal with it?

Thank you in advance :) xx

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I don't know about your situation, but me personally would just tell him to shut up and tell him he is a bad and very dumb person, that likes to stick his head in the sand/apply moral relativism just to keep his bubble intact and keep living his life like he's used too.

It doesn't hurt the animals so you can consume it, get's explained they get raped, locked in cages, kids stolen for the veal industry also so they don't drink the milk you want to consume etc.. and then responds with well they're just dumb animals so it's ok.

Anyway in short don't give a damn what your parents or whoever else thinks, keep doing what you know is right/good and speak the truth, preferably in a better way then me.

haha, thanks for the advice! I will try to just focus on what i know is right and try not to let it affect me :)

stop trying 

some people will never convert or get. friends and family are for some reason are the hardest people to come around 

I guess that's just something that I'm going to learn to live with. Thanks :)

Many folks report that watching the film 'Forks Over Knives' is a life changing eye opener for even the most hard core, set in their ways, corpse eater.  You can find a copy at your local library, you may need to do an inter-library loan.

Failing that go hardcore and give him a dvd copy of earthlings for his bday.

Good plan! I will keep that in mind :D

Thanks, I just don't want to seem too pushy :)

You are doing the right thing and starting so young is a testament to your beautiful nature and spirit. Keep doing what you know is right. I agree with Lewis - some people will never get it so don't bash your head against a brick wall for nothing. 

Thank you so much for your king words! I guess you just have to leave some people be :( x

My dad does the same exact thing. he claims to be so healthy and vegetarian but he thinks carbs are poison and when he gets sick of eating lettuce and tofu he binges on fish and cheese. 

His claim to fame is that he buys milk from dairy cows who live in a pasture and produce milk constantly but we all know thats not true unless your neighbor owns a cow.......

My best advice is to ignore them and live the life that makes YOU happy. You can't change anyone, but you can lead people through example.

That's annoying, some people seem to have this weird idea that dairy cows produce milk all the time naturally :/ haha, i agree that the best thing to do is to lead through example. Thank you for your advice :D



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