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My parents and my protein don't seem to be getting along

Hey everyone!  It's great to be here, I'm really new here, from Guelph Ontario.  Brrr, it's a cold winter in Canada, and one heck of a time to be a frugivore, but I'm getting through it.  

I have been having problems, however, arguing with my parents about protein.  They are absolutely convinced I am not getting enough protein, and are on the brink of trying to force me to drink protein shakes (blegh!) after my workouts and runs.  Does anyone have any sage advice on how to handle this?  Our arguments keep getting more heated, and it's starting to get stressful!  

No matter how many facts I show them about a human's protein requirements, and the content of protein in fruits, they just refuse to accept that I am nourishing myself properly.  I don't know what to do!

Thanks anyone who can help!  It's great to be here!

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I would get them a copy of The 80/10/10 diet, and ask them to read the chapter on protein.

I would also get a copy of The Pleasure Trap for yourself, as it contains some excellent information about dealing with friends and family when embarking on an "alternative" diet.

Thank you!  I have a digital copy of 80/10/10, I'll send it their way. 

I would just give these books out. if i could.

 It would be so much easier to convince everyone that.

Hi Sequoia,

I have run across the same issue with a few family members and I have just shown them videos and inspiring success stories of people who have tried this diet. If they don't agree in the end then I would just distance myself a little so you can really get grounded in your diet. Once you have been on the diet for a little while I would go get blood work done and show them how healthy you are! It's only because they have been brainwashed their whole lives just like everyone else including myself to think that we have to eat all this other crap to survive. Anyhow, best of luck!

That's a good idea, I never thought to literally prove to them how healthy I am.

Blood work year.

could you eat a handful of nuts now and then to keep them off your back?

my mom was concerned about protein too at first when i explained my diet to her as "mostly raw fruits and veggies". when i clarified that i also occasionally eat nuts, seeds, rice and potatoes, she grudgingly accepted it. but I am 24 and don't live with her, so I don't really care what she thinks anyway, since she doesn't buy my food - i kind of get the feeling from your post that you still live with your parents. good luck!

I do still live with my parents, but it is by choice, because I decided it might be easier to not be paying for a place to live while I'm paying University tuition.  I could definitely make a point of eating around them when I'm eating my protein.  thanks!

It's odd, because they were very gracious all throughout high school, letting me make my own choices and so on, and then suddenly when I'm an adult and protein is an issue... 

Good idea!  Thanks!

doing stuff like lifting 400 lbs in front of them or providing blood tests works a lot faster than arguing about books and statistics ive learned lol. most people today are simple, so give them simple, not complicated.

First off, it's not your responsibility to convince them. Thank them for the concern and tell them you will quit the diet if problems arise. You don't need to resort to nuts and seeds and the like. My argument is simply, humans are efficient to not need much protein, as our lack of protein taste buds gives away, and that too much protein, especially animal, will inevitably breed disease. Do we wanna be like Gorillas or wild dogs? One obviously lives longer and is stronger. God bless...



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