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My oreo addiction is jeopardizing my raw til four lifestyle... help!

Hey everyone! i'm new here and i joined mostly because I've been wanting to go raw til four for a little while now.

The thing is I'm a senior student in a very, very academically demanding school and I'm also preparing to do the tests that will allow me to get into uni. So I get home late and go out very early. I try to distance myself from junk foods as much as I can because I really want to be healthy and fit but after school when I go to the institute where I'm preparing for uni I get soooo hungry, and apples and bananas don't seem so appealing as they do during the day.

So I go to the store with my friends and buy oreos, because they're pretty much the only vegan junk food that's easily bought in any store and that's actually affordable (because I don't know about your countries, but where I live being vegan costs A LOT)

So yeah, I really want to stop feeling like I "need" junk food, even if I know my body and soul don't,

any suggestions on what I can replace them with during my late study hours?

(sorry for the long post, whoopsies!)


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eat the apple and banana even if they don't sound good. if you want oreos after that, eat another banana. if you still want oreos, eat another banana. etc. Also, for me, asking myself "How will I feel after I eat this?" has been helpful in avoiding eating junk food as well.

you'll read it on here a thousand times: If you have a craving for junky/crappy food, it's because you didn't eat enough during the day and your body wants more calories/nutrients. eat MORE in the morning, and you'll find you want to eat less at night. I didn't believe it either until I starting trying to eat in the morning (I never used to eat breakfast, I never felt hungry in the morning). After a few days of forcing myself to eat breakfast, I started waking up RAVENOUS, and now I have to have breakfast every day. If I don't start my morning with a 900-1000 calorie smoothie then I'll be super hungry the rest of the day, and therefore more likely to binge on crap.

Also... can you just not buy the Oreos? If they aren't around you can't eat them. If you're at the store anyway, there are plenty of healthy options. just pick up a bunch of naners or a clamshell of berries if you really feel the need to eat when you're with your friends. or even a handful of nuts is better than oreos, if you are craving something fatty.

Another thing... oil-free homemade hummus has been my savior. I blend cooked chickpeas, a bit of cumin, lemon juice, and roasted red pepper and keep it in the fridge. If I'm feeling snacky but fruit just doesn't sound good, then I snack on hummus with carrot or cucumber "chips".

Carob date smoothies, solved. 

sh*t! i actually jumped when i saw the picture, thanks!!!

its possible they just squished a spider and pressed it into the oreo.... how do you know that's legit?LOL

try Rawvana's raw vegan oreos..https://www.facebook.com/rawvana/posts/514296332001189 

you  may substitute young coconut flesh with a banana :)

Hi Victoria!

I have A LOT of experience with your situation. I was up to an entire box of cookies PLUS a couple candy bars a night. I was seriously addicted to sugar & sweets, especially chocolate cookies. 

The only thing that worked, ever, was quitting cold turkey. Quitting cold turkey and allowing yourself to 'suffer' through the withdrawals. Let yourself be okay with feeling the withdrawal symptoms, as that is the toxins leaving your body. 

A lot of people will probably tell you "Just have one cookie" or "just don't buy them", but that's like telling an alcoholic to "just have one beer" or "Just don't buy alcohol, then you wont drink it". Doesn't work for someone who feels like they, as you said, "needs" junk food. 

I quit cold turkey back in late December and the first week was really hard. Think of it this way: It's like having a little monster living in your stomach who is controlling your body, telling you you 'need' chocolate. But here's the thing, that little monster lives on chocolate and processed sugar, thats why he's telling you you need it. Cause without it he dies. And guess what? If you starve the little monster do death, by quitting the oreo's, he goes away. In my experience it took about a week to kill him off. 

Its a sort of funny analogy I provided, but that can seriously be what it feels like. Which is why having 'just one cookie here and there' doesn't work for everyone. Quit cold turkey, girl. I did it in December and haven't had a piece of chocolate or cookie or sweet since, so it's been 8 months now. And I was someone who, remember, was having a box of chocolate every single day of the week. 

Lastly, when you crave something like oreo's, of course bananas or apples aren't going to sound like a good substitute..! I have been there many, many times. I would tell my mom I was craving cookies and she would say "Just have an apple!". I'll say it again, the only way to get rid of the cravings for those sweets and start craving natures sugar (fruit) instead, is to quit cold turkey and when the cravings come up, mash in the fruit until that becomes your new craving. It will happen. I can say that from experience. 

And folks here are right in saying, if your cravings are that strong at night, it means you didn't eat enough during the day. So eat more! And if you're eating only a banana or two at night when the cravings hit, and it's not satisfying you, eat more at that time too. 

You definitely need to quit cold turkey!!! You could start with replacing Oreos for a vegan cereal bar or something!!!! That would definitely be an improvement!!!! If you really don't want fruit, that doesn't mean it can't still be kind-of healthy!!! :)

Directly from Oreo's website

"Oreo is not suitable for Vegans as they have the cross contact of Milk."

Hiya there! Haven't eaten one since i made the post. I've had a few cravings but I just try to ignore them ;), thanks for asking :*

One thing that helped me not eat the junk is remembering that every piece of junk I put in my body makes me unable to focus, unable to move, unable to get to my good weight, unable to be kind and loving!

The sugar high can be 'achieved' if you eat some banana ice cream...if you need the fat add peanut butter, if you need the creamy add vanilla, if you need the crunch add bits of peanuts or get chunky peanut butter.  I know it's not the chocolate you crave as they don't taste like chocolate - so don't add any. (I know oreos don't have p.b. just something I'm into right now :))

I get sick of bananas and smoothies and I love ice cream, so I make the banana ice cream.  Easy way to make it would be make a smoothie you like and put it in ice cube trays.  When you get home you can thaw them slightly and mix them in your blender again to smooth it and eat until your stomach hurts :)  Or as much as you like.  I love this and eat more bananas as ice cream than I do fresh.

Just some ideas.  The more pain you associate with junk food the easier it gets.  Don't forget to remember the pleasure and good you get from eating right especially no guilt!! :)  Best wishes!

Victoria, if you have any left over, you can prank your buds ;)

Creo que tengo un radar, pero al toque pensé que eras argentina! :)

Aparte siendo las Oreo las únicas baratas veganas... casi que seguro eras Arg!

che unite a http://www.30bananasaday.com/group/argentina-rt4-801010

y ahí seguro te pueden ayudar, quizás recomiendan cosas que no conocemos, que están buenas  que tenemos acá a precios más normales..




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