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Ugh... How does one go up against their mother in law who is a registered dietician and classically trained on "proper" nutrition! 


"fruit isnt a good protein source"


"meat is beneficial as it has certain vitamins you can't get from any other foods"


My issue tonight is more so with my husband whom seems to think little old me doesn't know what she's talking about.  That's when I told him she (his mother) also drinks diet coke and is wrong!....


Yeah, that didn't go over too well.



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Thanks guys!  I think for now I really just need to keep my mouth shut.  But I'm new at this and just so excited! 

I feel most poorly for my husband who seems to be stuck in the middle.  Tonight's "debate", splenda and stevia are practically the same thing!   

Oi Vei

Personally, I'd keep my mouth shut for as long as it took to quietly learn how to eat this way and feel confident that it's a healthy lifestyle for me.  It's not a good decision to go up against a dietitian in a food fact challenge when you're new at this!!!

So what I'd do next, once I felt really good with the diet and decided I wanted to share (or at least be more open with my answers when people ask me about it!), I think it would be a good thing to respect your MIL, show her that you value her opinion even though you may have your own that differs.  One way you could do this is to print out one of your cronometer reports and ask her what she thinks as a dietitian.  Does she have any suggestions based on what she sees?  This will serve the purpose of showing her that you respect her opinion and also that you're on top of things and can prove to her in a passive way that you are NOT deficient in anything.

Please don't get into debates about this stuff with the people you love.  Even with good intentions, it is too easy to appear as though you think you're smarter than everybody else.  And that is not a good thing in this case with a MIL that has spent years studying nutrition:P

Live and let live.  But live your life as a good example - that's the only way to have a chance of convincing your MIL that this is an optimal way of eating and it also allows you to keep the peace.

And yes - don't let your husband get in the middle of it all! 

My dad's last girlfriend was a registered dietician.  A fat, oily, prematurely wrinkled registered dietician.  She was also worried about my diet.  Just lead by example, sometimes that's all you can do.  Just show them they're wrong.  And with all due respect, they are completely and entirely wrong.

I'm reading 80 10 10 now. Im hopnig, if anything, she will be open minded enough to read it.

also show her some photos of 80 10 10 athletes

and i usually tell people that before i tried this diet I also thought it sounded a bit crazy

but after two days i felt so light and energized in the body. 

then they have easier to relate to you.

When my son mentioned this way of eating, I thought it sounded unbalanced, then I read the book so as to understand, and although it seemed extreme, I figured I couldn't really know unless I tried it.  My husband and I ate for two weeks strictly following the menus in the book and we felt better which has led us to continue mainly eating this way.  I kept track of everything on cronometer so that I would know if anything was missing.  That is when I stated realizing how ignorant we are as far as nutrition.  We don't even really know how much calcium we need or B12 and where we get it.

Never a good idea to point out negative things about the husband's mother.  :-)

After a certain amount of time, you will be living proof of the validity of eating this way.

If you plan on having children - be prepared!  I went through "are you eating enough protein, I mean beef!" as if even legumes and dairy and eggs weren't enough (that was before we went vegan) with my own mother and (older) sister - just to name one of many, many topics.

 You may be able to hold your tongue now, but you might as well become well educated, by your own  experience, by the science, by other's testimonials, by the cures, and your own beneficial outcomes.  My mom did every diet and came close to vegetarian and complained the whole time (doc ordered) and still she won't hear.  When I told her I was doing a 3 day diet that included hot dogs and ice cream (and more veggies) she was ok with that; I haven't told my family our diet because 1.I'm expecting, 2. we have our children almost the same as us (they still have plain yogurt(B12) and organic butter(taste)), and 3.family won't listen, I'm the younger of 2 girls (the baby girl) of 5 and I stayed at home the longest and am therefore naive, unlearned and inexperienced.  Because my brother studied to be a doctor (but decided to marry instead) he gets all the attention on what to do and how to live...he doesn't even do the type of research except when he has a problem...frequent colds/flus/arrhythmia/ringing in the ears/back pain/shall I continue?

 We homeschool our 8 children, eat healthy (now), have a large garden, have unassisted births, do extensive research online (soooo many studies at your fingertips!) for the past 12 years...yup, I think I should just cave and look like my mom, as you can imagine, large with all the complaints and problems with the excuse that the doctor says she's healthy!  (go figure?!)  

In conclusion: do your research, answer the questions or unfounded statements, be sure in yourself.  You'll see your hubby come around, and do not attack his mommy...no matter how wrong, you must just agree to disagree in some areas.  Don't want your best friend to become your worst enemy and find another buddy (MIL) to discuss things with!  When there's a debate, watch for them, you can always respond with, "Oh, really?  Tell me more."  "How did you come to this conclusion?"  It may all be a way of your MIL just wanting to visit, since it's a topic you'll discuss, then she's gonna bring things up.  Hope you find a safe place for both of you and you can still be friends!  

Oy - a mother in law and a dietician - you've got your work cut out for you.  Go girl.

Just because someone has a degree, it doesn't mean they're educated.

This person could be a registered dietician.

" I eat my meat cos it keeps my body lean n mean baby! " 



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