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Ugh... How does one go up against their mother in law who is a registered dietician and classically trained on "proper" nutrition! 


"fruit isnt a good protein source"


"meat is beneficial as it has certain vitamins you can't get from any other foods"


My issue tonight is more so with my husband whom seems to think little old me doesn't know what she's talking about.  That's when I told him she (his mother) also drinks diet coke and is wrong!....


Yeah, that didn't go over too well.



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awee sorry to hear that.. My mom actually was a registered dietician for 20 years and that didn't work well for me when I began my Raw Vegan journey, but eventually, after seeing my great results, she got convinced that this was the right path for me.  My advise is: don't let anyone change what you doing FOR YOU! I don't care who they are or what kind of credentials they have, you are on the right path, so stick to it ;)

Well, in this case she is "the system" huh...... 

My Mum drinks Diet Pepsi and it makes me so sad.

Wow, this one is truly a life-lesson in learning how to deal with others.  Gosh, this is a toughie but one that with patience and love in your heart you will find answers to.  My best defense with people "in the know" is to NOT argue with them and simply do what I do and show them there just might be something to it. 

it would be very easy to disprove her. but to for her to change her mind. well that will be hard as she has been brainwashed by a industry /edu system invented in profit off misinformation.

I usually don't try to prove myself right or argue in these type of situations. Instead, I use a nice psychology trick I learned in this video.

so he says get her out of the ego trap by insulting her?

??? no.

That's a tough one. As for "certain vitamins you can't get from any other foods" that's just bogus. But the best advice I can give is just keep doing what you're doing and don't worry what others think, eventually they'll see the results. I started the whole "raw" journey on my own and now just recently (month-month and a half), my mom and dad jumped on board. My mom used to tell me for so long that I needed milk and all that other stuff you always hear but eventually they come around. If she brings it up just tell her, you're going to keep doing what you're doing and she can keep doing what she's doing. There's no point in arguing with someone who's got the credentials because they can always just bring up the fact that they've had 6-8 years of schooling in nutrition and they won't care what you say if you don't have a Dr. in front of your name (and no I don't mean Durianrider :P)

When someones income depends on them not understanding a certain concept, then getting that person to understand that concept is like turning concrete block into a banana smoothie. You can try but 'good luck!'. ;)

I studied nutrition at tertiary level. Its all bollocks except for 'fruits and vegetables are the healthiest foods to eat'.

Ask her why so many athletes are going vegan/fruit focused if its bad for athletic recovery? Ask her why the people that consume the most protein powders also consume the most meat (steroid using bodybuilders) if eating meat 'gave you all the protein you need'.

Its like me telling people they wont get enough carbs and then I consume a carbohydrate supplement!

Yeah but you have to be careful - these arguments can just be turned around. "People who make their living encouraging raw foods are just as unlikely to be willing to learn something new," etc. And for anyone who spent several years slaving through organic chem and grad school, being told that someone else studied it at a basic level and deemed it bunk is only going to prove to her how novice and foolish these raw food nuts are. 

If you really want to give her a go, ask her if she'd be willing to read McDougall's book, or The China Study. Both are written by educated professionals who have published in peer-reviewed journals, and while they don't specifically advocate high-fruit diets, their research provides an easy jump to getting there. They also use diets with high carb ratios and NO animal products to cure people of heart disease; using food in such a way would hopefully impress her. 

Or, you can show her this video. ;) Note: dietitians and medical doctors have an unspoken war going on between them, so it may cause some hostility, but what the heck! Try it :)

Aw, I'm so sorry to hear that! I thought I had it bad, having a boyfriend with a nurse for a mom, but a dietitian mother-in-law must be a million times worse.

Maybe you could ask her to be open-minded and to read some books on veganism? I know The Food Revolution by John Robbins is a good one and have heard The China Study is too (haven't had the chance to read it yet).

If she doesn't want to take the time to read a book, here's a video that you could show her. It pretty much sums up the China Study.

However, since she's a dietitian and will feel like she is an expert on nutrition, she may have already made up her mind to the point that no argument you make will sway her. In that case, you will just have to show her how good you feel on this diet :)

Whatever happens, good luck and I wish you the best!



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