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I've been melon free for a few weeks now. I knew for sure I had a watermelon problem, but now it appears it might be all melons :(

I had Honeydew for breakfast this morning. Only two pounds of edible was consumed. Here's how I describe my melon experience....

Imagine all your blood leaves your upper body, and transfers into your lower. My stomach and legs get very heavy, making me feel lethargic. Just drained!

I'm posting this for newbies, because it had me second guessing LFRV right off the bat. It had totally killed my performance and my heart rate was really high.

I clean up melons pretty good. Am I maybe digging too much into the rind? Could maybe just sticking to the sweeter stuff in the middle help? I think I remember trying eating from the center of a big watermelon and felt the same by the time I got to the rind.

I bought two cantaloupe today, so they will be the next test. I love melons, I'd hate to have to pretty much stop eating them.

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Good thought with staying away from the rind. I get a bit of a tummy ache if I go within about an inch of the rind, depending on how ripe the melon is.
Cool. It'll be exciting to see what others saw as well.
Is it the... pesticides that penetrates 1-3 cm into the melon that makes you feel bad?
I eat a lot of honeydew and never eat the green or rind just the sweet pink..... and it suits me fine... in fact its the fruit i love the most so refreshing....... i think different fruits suit different ppl... its justa case of finding which ones suit you the best!! .... ;-)) x
I'm fine with melon as long as I don't try to make an entire meal of them. They're just not calorically dense enough, depending on size, I'd have to eat 3 whole cantaloupes to make a meal, and I can't handle that volume yet.

So, I eat about half a melon as a starter, and then about 20 minutes later have my main course. This works well for me. I can't imagine having to give up cantaloupe or watermelon!
wow that is so sad... personally i don't know what i would do without cantaloupe!

i have read that we often crave or really enjoy things that we are allergic too.
My legs feel swollen and my stomach feels heavy often times when I eat melon. Interestingly, I had a really ripe watermelon that did have its seeds and the melon did not have this effect on me at all. Cantaloupes have this effect often. Not sure about honeydew. I think it has to do with ripeness for me. When the melons are extremely and perfectly ripe I am fine, if they are JUST ever so slightly underripe, then they have this effect. This makes sense because I sometimes have the same symptoms after eating bananas or any fruit that is not quite quite ripe, or if I food combine poorly.
Another hunch is that it may be because the foods are hybrid and crossed with something that they would not naturally cross with...I heard that seedless watermelon is crossed with something really weird to get it to be seedless successfully or something and seedless watermelon is my worst culprit. Also I've heard most cantaloupes sold in grocery stores are a strange cross as well. Ugh its awful because I love them so much. I've had melon today that wasn't QUITE ripe and now I am feeling the lethargy, swollen legs, heavy stomach.
I have been eating HUGE amounts of watermelon this last month (like 5 big ones a week), and they don't give me any problems. I eat as much of the rind as possible. I prefer seeded, and I started eating some of the seeds with the melon, too.

I gave up on cantaloupe because it's just too disappointing when you get a bad one. Honeydew definitely gives me problems. I've only had it recently twice, and both times I got a terrible itchy rash on my arms and neck afterward (no proof that this was the melon, but it's my best explanation). I'm of the opinion that unripe melon can be bad news. It seems much easier to find ripe watermelon.

I hope you can find a solution to your melon woes before the season's over!!
I know EXACTLY! what you are saying about the cantaloupe. The farmers are supposed to know when their products are in peak condition. 
This used to happen to me.

All you have to do is eat it very slowly, and don't pound it down in 5 min.

I see that some ppl eat it with a spoon, but that makes me eat it so fast and then i feel awful.
So i make sure i cut off a slice, eat that slice, cut another one, etc. Eating slowly.
Unripe might be part of the problem with melons other than watermelon. I can't eat anything slow. What is painfully slow for me, is fast for others. When it's time to eat, my body just wants to eat.
I think what you might be experiencing, is called a "sugar rush". I get them from melons, pears and mangoes, if I eat them first thing in the morning. It feels like sugar going straight into my heart and I feel disoriented, get dizzy, clutch my chest, bend over, crawl on the floor. Once I almost passed out a few times. Once I honestly thought I was going to die. Very scary! I have since learned to wait until my blood is circulating and I have done some exercise and pace myself slowly. I have to be very careful with sweet juicy fruit. I may have damaged my pancreas from years of binging on fruit. I hope this is helpful.



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