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My husband has been feeling a burning sensation when urinating...

Hi guys.

So my husband has been high fruit along with me for about 2 weeks.  And he has been noticing a burning sensation when he urinates. It doesn't happen all the time, but he knows it definitely due to the fruits.  Of course he's concerned about Candida overgrowth.

Has anyone experienced this??

Thanks & Gracias!


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I've never heard of this, hope he gets better soon.

I'm not 100% sure what this could be, but here's a thought, maybe it's not what's coming in(the fruit), but what's going out. Water flushes out toxins in our body, most of which come out through our urine from what I understand, others come out through our skin. so it could be that his body is detoxifying, not sure though. Hopefully someone can relate to this and give some answers. Is he drinking enough water? Maybe what he's drinking has something to do with it, like if he's not getting enough water.

Hi, Micah

He is a waterholic! He drinks plenty of water.  Looking up info.  Candida yeast can definitely cause discomfort when using the bathroom. He's thinking he needs to but back on the fruit intake, for now.  We shall see.

Thanks for the reply.

i'd take him to a doctor to get some analysis done. It may be an urinary infection or it might very well be candida, in which case, just stopping the fruit really will do nothing. To get rid of the candida you need treatment, and as much as I'd love to say that there's a natural cure for it, I've had candida in the past and tried all sorts of natural cures for 2yrs. It didn't change. Not until I decided I had had it and took the freaking medicine. Healed it away. So my advice is if the symptoms continue, check what it is with a professional and then decide which steps to take. Good luck.

sounds like water

What kind of diet did he come from? If he came straight from SAD or even vegetarian with lots of gunk it could be a bladder infection. Fruit should help to clean this up especially cranberries. All kinds of things can go weird when you detox from bumps on skin to fevers and other abnormalities. It could also be kidney stones that haven't passed. Does he had lower back pain?



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