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This is probably one of the only people in the world that eats too much fruit.   She eats in excess of 5000 calories every day, i repeat the least amount of calories she would ever get is 5000, on most days closer to ten thousand. She is sedentary and 5.6 tall and about 60kg.


The reason she eats so much? A history of Bullimia. She will literally rarely ever puke up now but she will eat till her stomach is so bloated she looks pregnant. For example a normal meal for her is a 2.5 thousand calorie box of dates.... she can often eat 25 bananans in a sitting etc.


The reason she eats so much is not due to starving herself, she has been doing 811 solid for a year getting 5k calories every day minimum. The fact that she is still a normal size is a testament to the fact that there will never be an obese fruit eater, im sure if she was eating 5-10k cooked calories a day she would be huge.


I am posting this because it is so obviously clear to me that emotional eating DOES exist. Bullimics will often have well fed bodies not starving or hungry, then binge on something like two loaves of bread and puke it up if something bad happens, ie if the have an argument they numb themselves from the emotional pain by binging. The very fact that bullimia exists is proof that emotional eating exists.


Im sick of people on this forum saying that the cause of every single bad thing in health/ life is 'not enough fruit'. Sure a lot of people have problems with cravings and lethargy/ weakness that enough calories would put right but to paint everyone with one brush is to make a huge mistake.


For the record I have eaten 3k plus fruit calories for 1.5 years and have no eating problems nor am i under carbed or on drugs. I have just seen many examples of emotional eating not related to lack of carbs, and my girl friend is one of them.

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"The fact that she is still a normal size is a testament to the fact that there will never be an obese fruit eater,"


Yeah! this is good news...right?

    First thing I noticed too, if you eat more calories than you require these simply won't be absorbed - as fat or anything else.  I suspect however that her body craves the treasure trove of VITAMINS & MINERALS found in 10000 kCals of fruit and those likely will be absorbed.


DIZZY posts - spreading love one post at a time!!!

Yes that is good news, but bulimia is very damaging to the body.

The repetetive throwing up is very damaging,


Just read here for a list of things that happen to people with bulimia; http://www.coping-with-binge-eating.com/health-risks-of-bulimia.html


So while not gaining weight is "good news", it is not good news for a bulimic, because she/he will keep going and going and going until her/his body falls apart.

Well I agree that repetive throwing up is damaging but he never said she was doing that.

Your girlfriend likely isn't getting the full signal. That is, the hormone leptin produced by her body isn't being seen by her brain. It is very easy to become "Leptin Resistant" following the SAD diet, but very difficult to be once you start eating healthfully. There are a few steps she can take to improve leptin sensitivity. 

1. Eating 3 meals a day NO snacking

2. Not eating anything after dinner (don't eat at least 3 hours before bed)

3. At least 3 1-hour aerobic exercise sessions a week

4. Try to encourage any activities that keep her from obsessing or thinking about food.(Hobbies, friends, etc)


You are correct in thinking that there are eating disorders that can't be solved by just eating more calories. But you should realize that there is a physiological component to "emotional" eating. Curbing inflammation, reducing stress,  staying active and positivity can all help with this sort of thing. 


Nice post!

Thank you for your long response. I should have clarified in my original post that the bloating she experiences after these huge meals is ussually accompanied by great pain, as you would expect from thr stomach being forced to accomodate 3-4 four times its normal maximum volume.


I, after eating a 1500 calorie fruit meal will never look pregnant, and it leaves my stomach whithin an hour. I think you will find that most people would not be able to consume over 2500 calories in one sitting, even though you can eat six.


I am not assuming her mindset, she has told me in great detail what she experiences. From what i gather, her practice of consuming such large meals is in no way related to her body actually needing anywhere near as much food for energy or nutrients, but due to habit. After years of binging and purging, eating as much as she can possible cram in is a habit that she finds hard to break. 


I have read the thread you posted when it was created, thanks.  I suggest that she is eating 'too much' fruit for the following reasons-


-Sufficient health/energy would likely be achieved on much lower amounts of calories. I believe fully in the eat lots to live lots philiosophy but unless her absorbtion of sugar/ nutrients is severely reduced i doubt that she would need more than 4k cals regularly as she is sedentary.


-she eats to the point of painful bloating, compromising her enjoyment of life.


- she is working her digestive system overtime by giving it so much work to do, and surely the volume of food she is asking her body to digest would be a huge drain on energy/ resources.


Once again i am not 'assuming her mindset' for her, she has explained to me she would love to be able to eat normal volumes and not experience the pain of having eaten beyond her capacity.


I think that to suggest a normal sized girl living a sedentary lifestyle actually needs ten thousand cals is ridiculous. Sure her body would be damaged from her past but I am sure any vital nutrient repletion would have occurred well before now. 


Once again, I eat plenty of fruit (3700 today) and believe fully in the 3k message.

Thanks for your reply adrienne. Im glad you are able to eat less these days, as eating up to ten thousand takes a lot of time! Im sure if an imaginary person was sitting around eating all day eating twenty thousand cals even the die hards on this forum might say they were eating too much fruit;)


She has been at 811 for a couple of years, the last year 100%, but im sure the periodic purges would have undone some the digestive recovery she would have experienced.


I hope that you are right and the urge to cram in as much as possible will fade. I have no problem with her eating 5-10k fruit at all, if she were to eat it slowly in good combinations that didnt bloat her....what strategies do you suggest for overcoming her emotional issues? Such advice would be helpful from one who has healed.

Luke, I understand exactly what you are saying and agree with you.

"Im sick of people on this forum saying that the cause of every single bad thing in health/ life is 'not enough fruit'. Sure a lot of people have problems with cravings and lethargy/ weakness that enough calories would put right but to paint everyone with one brush is to make a huge mistake."


very well said~ thanks luke!

Bullimics will often have well fed bodies not starving or hungry,


Er.... really?


You know a bulimic is someone who binges/purges at least twice per week, right? No way you can be doing that AND still have a well fed body. No way. Vomiting/excessive exercise/laxatives are HUGELY damaging to the body.


And ditto to everything Adrienne said. Bulimia makes NO sense to a non eating disordered person. It makes no rational sense. Bulimia is kinda like having a split personality...





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