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My dear sister has just broken up with her boyfriend because for the last few months (really the last few years, maybe her whole life) she hasn't been happy (maybe not necessarily unhappy 24/7 but not loving life to the fullest). I swear her main problems come from body image and the wrong diet (like most of us recently converted masses). She's been on a diet her whole life and when not on a diet she feels guilty (I mean GUILTY) for what she eats. I love her so dearly and want to help open her eyes to the bliss that comes from this lifestyle but she is fragile (especially right now) and she is SET in her ways. How can I show her that this WILL help her? Is it possible? Ugh this is sooo disheartening. She is the one person in my family that I thought would try this lifestyle everyone else literally calls me up to put me on speaker to laugh when they ask me what I ate today. Is there anything I can do?

How does everyone else deal with this kind of thing? I posted some our conversation. The links I put in the convo were just quick google searches to show her what vegans can do. Ugh my Herat is sad for my dear sister.

Oh ps of course I've told her about this site and even watched some vids with her.

Here's the convo:
Me:Do me a favor?
Me:Seriously! consider going meatless for 30 days. You will feel different in a good way. A lot I know it sounds ridiculous. I'm serious.
Sis: I love you but I'm in training.. I can't
Me: training for what?
Sis: For a dance program in July
Me: I would like to know why training means you can't go meatless! Curiosity is all.....
More importantly, how ya doing? (Since she just broke up with her bf, which she did because she's been living and unhappy lifestyle for a bit which I truly feel stems from her body image/lifestyle)
Sis:I'm working out A LOT.. I need lots of protein.. I appreciate your concern and I love how important and life changing this had been for you, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's what I believe in..
Me: I sent her 3 links: vegan athletes, vegan body builders and the couple who ran 366 marathons in 366 days (vegan of course)
Sis: Ok I hear you. Now please stop preaching to me (insert little emoji of a gun about 5 times)
Me: I'm not trying to preach to you. I'm just trying to show you that these people got their protein from other sources and are incredible. The emotional change that stems from the reduction/ elimination of meat/byproducts is unbelievable. That's is the reason I continued my 30 day challenge! I just FELT better! Then I started looking into it and learning about.... Everything else. I know I'm pushing it here but you feel not happy, not 100%... Something has to change! Ya might as well try. Final thing, watch the movie "earthlings", you can YouTube it for free and check out "the china study" it's a book that talks about what protein (from animals) really does to our bodies. IM sorry if you've been offended but I love you so much and it hurts me to watch the lies of big businesses affect you. I won't speak of it again. I'll be here for you always.

It sounds super bad but I'm starting to not necessarily lose my patience but lose my tolerance for closed minded people.... Like I just don't want to be around them! I know that's terrible this is my family but, they themselves feel like a toxin! Agh. Anyone else feel sad for close friends/family? What a lonely feeling!

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Has she watched any freelee videos?

Yep. When I was on my 30 day challenge I showed her the vids that helped get me through the tough parts. I post FL's vids in my Facebook. I've sent her the links, talked about it in person with her.. Everything! (So it seems)
My challenge started in January and I've been mentioning it every now and then since.

What does she say about them?

She says that its a cool idea but that the lifestyle isnt for her... :\ i know i just have to let it be but its hard to watch people I care about struggle with something that is easily fixable!

I hear you, Cloud.  It's hard when we want health for our loved ones more than they do, but you've said your piece.  There comes a time when it's best to back away, respecting their decisions to live as they choose, and respecting yourself to release them.  

Just live this lifestyle yourself to the very best of your ability.  Be the example!  Rest assured, she'll be watching you.  

Thats good advice!

your doing all you can. trying to teach her and show her without being pushy. thats all you can do.

You are a good sister and a good spokes person for our animal friends, keep up the good work, you will reach her eventually! :D   Keep featuring beautiful vegan athletes on your FB.  Join organic athlete in your area and invite her to join. https://www.facebook.com/organicathlete

You can beg her too or make a deal/trade/pay for her to try it.  Next time she says your preaching say I'm not preaching I'm begging on behalf of the animals. 

Also you might consider this motivation to start your own youtube channel, you can collect other inspiring videos and re-post them or do your own or both.

I think I will start a youtube channel, it's too easy to get lost and feel alone out there in the world, us vegans have to stick together!! :)

In my own experience, some people just have to really hit rock bottom and make the change on their own. i too have tried to preach to my family and my sister but they never listen and often tell me im "missing out"....lol and i think to myself yeaaaa missing out on feeling sick and being sick. so now i give up and just live and try to set an example. some people in their own time come when they are ready, some may never come. its sad but at the end of the day thats their choice and their loss if they cant even try it for a short time. its probably because the food makes them feel good in the moment. preaching helps some but for others it just pushes them away :(

yep, i heard a quote recently about the fleeting sensation of taste or the day long effects of eating the right food! food is fuel! im just getting sick of watching my family members struggle when i can help them!! but at the same time, only they can help themselves... oh well! in due time!



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