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So my dad came to visit for some days and we've been going out to eat because it has always been that way, but now with my diet things became a little complicated lol and we've been having mini debates on eating meat , and dairy and protein ( basic stuff). He eats A LOT of meat , and I'm not talking about lean meat he eats brains, guts,ribs, lets say he has a SAD diet but with meat as his staple lol. The problem is that now he's talking to my mom and telling her how I can get an anemia or even die from leukemia lol idk what the f.. is going on through his head but I'd say he's over reacting (maybe cause his mexican and mexicans are really close minded) but I don't know how to let them know that I feel better than I did before and that this diet is really working for me. I'm eating about 90% percent of my calories from fruit and 10% from greens.  

Ps. My dad is a person who thinks that God created cows and chikens for us to eat them o.0, he says that if we wouldn't eat them they'd eat the earth's grass and we would die. facepalm
(WOW I didn't know there was such an unbalance in nature that cows were gonna end up fu.. up our world.)lol anyways this is more of a rant but i wanted to share this with people that will get me (:

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LOL Thank you Kristi (: It's not that I'm always talking about fruits and veggies or that I'm a raw vegan, I can perfectly avoid that conversation with other people just by saying ''I love bananas'' or ''I love mangos'' like you said. But with my dad it's different, we go out to eat everyday at lunchtime and its just quite obvious that I don't eat cooked food because I reject it everytime I get offered some. The first two days we went to a chinese restaurant and I took like 2lbs of mango so I managed not to eat there, but now he's worried that I might be over eating fruit he says that I need to find ''the balance'' lol but anyways thank for your support , I wont give in that easy because this is my passion and I wanna keep thriving, I can't imagine eating any other way (: 

ps. I'm not taking a b12 supplement because I haven't had the chance to go see where I can get them, I don't even know If I'm low on b12, I used to drink silk soymilk so I could get my daily b12 but I don't even like it anymore plus I don't want to be drinking evaporated cane juice, so I stopped drinking it about a week ago. I haven't felt any symptoms of b12 deficiency but I'll try to find a place where I can get b12 shots or pills just to make sure ( Even though I wouldn't feel right shooting up something into my body , or taking pills) 

I wouldn't take B12 unless I was sure I was deficient in it. Not everyone needs it. It is produced in our bodies from what I know. Just like cholesterol.

This response was so helpful. I am a new HCRV and recieve 20 questions daily or the classic eye roll!!!!

Amen! Well said.

Wow I think they over react a little lol, we should be the ones getting worried for them. I have tried to show them scientific research that I've found on forums and stuff like that but even then they ignore me, to me its more of common sense. What makes more sense, eating a fresh, juicy, living fruit full of water, vitamins and minerals OR killing an innocent animal to eat its bloody, undercarbed flesh full of nerves, arteries and BLOOD ? I'd take the fruit (:

I know they could live without meat but the thing is that they're addicted to it, and thats really sad, seeing human beings eating food that we ate a long time ago to survive and eating it as if it was the best. Its just like cans the government made them for war and now they're used all over the world and people buy food packaged in cans LOL thats pathetic having all the land you want to plant fresh fruit and veggies but instead choosing to kill billions of innocent animals, its makes no sense. 

Anyways, have a look at this article that I just read http://www.nealhendrickson.com/mcdougall/031200puprotein.htm  I wish i had the links to the articles I've read in the past but I can't remember where I read most of them, I'll make sure to save them from now on haha.

lol. i feel ya. im indian and i swear in india, the fatter you are, the "healthier" people think you are so when i lost alot of weight i heard alot of crap from my grandparents, aunts, uncles, you name it. They all think I'm starving myself. haha

lol I didn't know our cultures were so alike haha, my dad must think that I have an eating disorder when in reality I get more calories than him and he's way heavier than me haha

You can assure your dad that you WILL DIE (and so will he, and everybody else), just MUCH LATER than you would on a SAD diet. ;)

lol, Death is the only thing for granted but I don't want to wonder If I could of lived better and longer life once I'm on my deathbed and its to late to change it.

When I say "I´m lactose intolerant and celiac" people respect that because it´s a medical diagnosis. The truth is I´m as lactose-intolerant as most people, and I get a bad reaction when I eat bread as everybody else.

I´m just starting with 811 and I decided not to share it with most people. 



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