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So my dad came to visit for some days and we've been going out to eat because it has always been that way, but now with my diet things became a little complicated lol and we've been having mini debates on eating meat , and dairy and protein ( basic stuff). He eats A LOT of meat , and I'm not talking about lean meat he eats brains, guts,ribs, lets say he has a SAD diet but with meat as his staple lol. The problem is that now he's talking to my mom and telling her how I can get an anemia or even die from leukemia lol idk what the f.. is going on through his head but I'd say he's over reacting (maybe cause his mexican and mexicans are really close minded) but I don't know how to let them know that I feel better than I did before and that this diet is really working for me. I'm eating about 90% percent of my calories from fruit and 10% from greens.  

Ps. My dad is a person who thinks that God created cows and chikens for us to eat them o.0, he says that if we wouldn't eat them they'd eat the earth's grass and we would die. facepalm
(WOW I didn't know there was such an unbalance in nature that cows were gonna end up fu.. up our world.)lol anyways this is more of a rant but i wanted to share this with people that will get me (:

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I'm 17 , I keep explaining how this diet works for them , how there's people thriving in their 50's but he says that I'm to young to start this diet, that I need more proteins and fat lol . I think that the SAD diet really makes people ignorant 

Totally agree on making them ignorant!  I had heat stroke the other day b/c i accidentally fell asleep in my room which was well over 90 degrees as well as un-air conditioned. well i woke up and pretty much felt like i was about to die, I ended up driving myself to my parents house (like 3 miles away.) Luckly I didnt faint behind the wheel, I got to their house and used thier outside hose and drenched myself than drank lots and lots of water, I just kept throwing  up all the water  and felt like i was on the verge of fainting but my body wouldn't . I was supposed to pick my bf up from work but i couldn't becasue of how bad of shape I was in so I asked my dad to. well my dad told my bf (who is also a 8 10 10er) that I am sick because all I eat are bananas. Mean while I talk to them about ALL the fruit I eat. People are just thick headed there is no passing it. My mom is the same way. She has precancerous cells in her stomach and I keep telling her to do green smoothies and change her diet but all she can tell me is that she cant her Doctor wont let her.(she just doesn't want to or care shed rather eat her meat and pasta that's causing her problems) The same day I had my heat stroke my mom came home from work and told me that she "stopped eating high carb because it causes osteoporosis." Like I said before you can try to talk to them and educate them but a lot of the time people are going to be brainwashed, its sad when its the ones you care about too.

He's not close minded because he's Mexican. Lots of people from all backgrounds have close minded issues. I'm Mexican and have such an open mind that people have made jokes about my brain falling out. 

Yeh, but culture can serve as an excuse for close-mindedness -even when all the logical arguments are against you-. "In Mexico/Germany/Turkey, we do things like this, and this is how it has to be done". 

haha yeah im not being racist here I'm mexican as well and am open to any idea but I think that they take their culture so seriously that they feel they have to act a certain way just because mexicans are that way, but  as Mckenna said  ''Culture is not your friend'' ;)

"people have made jokes about my brain falling out."

That made me laugh. ;D)

I'm Latin too, & I think my brain fell out from being so open-minded. :)

Thank you (: I didn't think this lifestyle would create such a problem in my family lol I'm already thinking of leaving to Costa Rica because this isn't the place where I wanna be

Me and my mom try so hard to succeed on this lifestyle and it's a little discouraging when we go to family dinners (we have a lot of relatives who are beef farmers-we're obviously from Kansas haha) and they just don't understand why any one would live as they do. Food is such an ingrained part of many cultures and family traditions. In their mind, it's almost as if you're telling them that you no longer want to be a part of that tradition and that can be hurtful or upsetting to them. I found that what is best is that you just explain why you are eating this way and all the positive health benefits you have seen as a result of eating this way. Anyone who truly loves you will want the best for you and will want to see you happy and healthy. Your dad might be upset to see you growing up and to see that you are starting to make your own decisions and become your own person. Remind him that it's not as if you are trying to be an adult by getting married too early or going out and partying all the time, you are becoming a responsible, grown-up individual who is capable of making his own choices about his health. It also might help if you flatter him by thanking him for raising you to be a person who can recognize and make good health choices.

right? they feel that because I eat fruits and veggies I no longer want to be part of their traditions, but its not that way. I mean why can't people just respect that I feel BETTER than before and that I'm old enough to decide what to eat, now I feel so in tune with my body that I can feel the change of energy in my body when I eat steamed veggies but he doesn't get it. He thinks that now my body is rejecting what's good because it's so used to fruit and he even claims that fruit might be destroying my intestines and bla bla bla. But whatever lets just let it be.

Honestly, when you go on this diet, suddenly every joe schmoe is a nutritionist or health expert. Honestly, they know what they were taught in the 4th grade from the food pyramid. Its a joke really.

Do what you KNOW is right. No matter if you go back to the SAD or switch to another lifestyle, you will always remember how awesome you felt on a fruit based diet.

I get hate ALL day for this diet, and you know what? The hate is usually from fat a$$ people who think you need meat for breakfast lunch and dinner and think low carb is awesome. While they sit there and eat their calorie portioned lunch and work out 2 hours a day to stay "fit" LOL

Its a joke really, just remember, unless you are talking to another 80/10/10'er, you are going to hear nothing but negativity about this lifestyle, honestly, you are going to have to get used to letting that crap roll off your back. I do.

Biggest thing i do? Don't tell people about your diet. Heres the biggest things that i say

Store Clerk: "Oh wow! Do you have a monkey! you making banana bread!? thats a LOT of bananas!"
Me: Yep! I LOVE bananas!
Store Clerk: Honestly.. you eat all those?
Me: Oh yeah! Bananas taste soo good. :)
Store Clerk: Aren't you going to get a potassium overdose?"
Me: Nope! You pee out everything your body doesn't need"
Store clerk: ok........


Or people at work: Why are you eating so many bananas?
Avoiding the fruitarian topic.. Me: Because i love bananas.

People at work: oh, ok! You are crazy!

Topic averted. Just don't say "because i am fruitarian and i ONLY eat fruit and vegetables raw because meat and dairy are bad for you!!

Thats the stuff we want to say because we feel passionate about our lifestyle choices, but trust me, it gets you nowhere. When someone is eating a burger in front of you while you sit there and munch on 1/2 a watermelon, just smile. When they bring it up, have quick non threatening answers and never chastise them for eating it

Just remember, theres not much you are missing on a raw vegan high fruit diet as long as you are eating enough RIPE fruit, and are getting enough calories. Eat your greens, take a b12 supplement, get plenty of sunshine and rest and water, and you are golden.

Don't worry. Peopl act like meat and cheese diets are perfect for humans, but if they were, we wouldnt be dying of heart disease and cancer at a rate that doctors can't keep up with.

<3 good luck! just be a perfect example of health and people will follow.

OH MAN I HATE THAT! EVERYONE thinks they're a nutrition expert all of a sudden. If they were such an "expert", wouldn't they know that this eating plan is the best for you?? So frusturating haha



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