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Hey there,

I am not really active on the forum but I am in need of help seriously. I was able to solve any problems that got in my path so far but now I am neck deep in the stuff...

I love the 811 lifestyle and I am even pretty flexible and eat McDougall style when I don't have fruit lying around. I have been alternating between these two for ~7 months and I feel awesome and I would like to do it long-term, like for a lifetime.

Now the problem kicks in. When I started 811 food was affordable here in Hungary however in a few months prices spiked so much that even potatoes are expensive. Fruit is just not affordable and tastes like complete shit. For instance potatoes used to cost 100-120 Huf/kg last year and now they cost 300-400 Huf, which is insane. Bananas used to be 150-200 /kg and now its 400 and there are no wholesale shops in the whole country except for like two, 150km away from me. Even fruit grown locally costs so much. For instance I love grapes... they used to cost ~250/kg last year and now its 500 and above... no f*cking way. [sorry for the language, I am so desperate and angry].

There is no demand for plant matter in this country. They are setting up crops in place of fruit farms to be able to feed the animals they slaughter. And it is getting worse. We revolve around meat (paleo heaven? ).

At the moment I am studying at a university and planning to move out of the country as soon as I get my degree (I am an english major, the translator/interpreter type). Right now I am bound to my family and if I left uni and tried to live on my own I would just die of starvation. It is nearly impossible to find a decent job here in Hungary, even with the right qualifications. I wouldn't be able to live on my own yet... which is the most frustrating. I love my family and all, they are also fully accepting but living here is just not an option anymore.

I am planning on moving to the States since I find it the most comfortable (language and all that). Still, I don't really know what to do, I am so unsure. Do I really want to move so far away? What do you guys think I should do? This is not only about being 811 or vegan, its more about trying to live a fuller life for me. I don't want to waste my life here where everyone is hooked on the money and get into huge debts just to have some property of their own. I want to live as simply and as freely as possible. Any advice?

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Sorry about the inflation in the price of food in your country.  It seems to be happening in a lot of countries.

The price of white potatoes has doubled here in Brazil as well.  It's strange because Japanese-type sweet potatoes are really cheap ($0.50/kg) yet white potatoes cost 3-4 times as much ($1.80/kg).

As an intermediate solution... would dumpster diving be an option for you?

I get by this way very well and need hardly ever buy food. Especially bananas  are among the most thrown away food items around. Right next to tomatoes and salads.

I find grapes and cherries this time of the year a lot too.

Maybe that´s an option for you as well?!

I wouldn't mind doing it at all. Free food is always welcome.

My only concern is that I don't even know where to start. I live in a fairly small city and there are 3 tiny fruit shops and two medium sized stores which sell some fruit. I haven't seen fruit being thrown away that easily, they probably take it away from the store as soon as they decide to throw it out. I haven't seen fruit lying around anywhere at all.

You could ask the fruit shops if they have any fruit they plan on throwing away?  explain youre in a tight money situation.  maybe volunteer there or work there part time for some extra money and fruit?

surely rice is still pretty cheap, right? rice and beans, rice and veggies, rice all day

Why don't you get a piece of land and start to grow your own food?

You can grow lots of fruit in Hungary (I'm from Transylvania btw..:)) even cold hardy bananas like the Mekong Giant which are zone 6.

If I would ever end up back in Europe, I'd get a piece of land in southern Spain which is zone ten similar to south Florida.

A lot of people from eastern Europe go to Spain for fruit picking try to get a job there to gain some experience, meet some people and maybe sniff out some cheap land on the countryside!

If you have 30K I can help you get land and settle here in south-west Florida.

Homesteading 101 - Start-up Costs:



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