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I am reading Dr. Esselstyn's book Prevent & Reverse Heart Disease.

In it he says, " Fruit carries a high sugar content, and consuming too much of it rapidly raises the blood sugar. The body compensates to the sugar high with a surge of insulin from the pancreas and the insulin, in turn, stimulates the liver to manufacture more cholesterol. It may also elevate triglyceride levels." 

My triglycerides are very high after starting 811...and I've gained weight. 

Please help me understand.

Is Dr. Esselstyn wrong???

I do not want to die from heart disease like my father who died at age 49.

Please help.

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give up the salt completely, reduce grains/legumes to 10% or less of food intake with 90% coming from fruit and greens. All of this cholesterol stuff will pass in a year or so.

Thank you!
I am hoping to know the answer to the reason why this happens so that I can explain it to others.
Thank you!

Hi, Are you logging your food? The reason I ask is that although it sounds like you have some time under your belt and probably a pretty good handle on things, it's really easy to go over 10% calories from fat with overts in the diet. On days I thought I was doing pretty well early on and before I started logging, just a little oil on my salads, some avocado, some nuts, etc pretty quickly put me well over 10% and when I tried to combine calorie restriction with 80/10/10 it was even worse.

Also, are you getting exercise? For some people whose bodies seem to manufacture more cholesterol than others, exercise can be a really vital component in getting things balanced out. If you have a highish cholesterol level but the HDL:LDL ration is very good, it is not as much of a problem and in fact, from some f what I've read, can be helpful for cardiac health.

Fruit does contain a lot of sugar, but if you eat it whole, it does not give the same sort of spike that conventional sweets do or even fruit juice. Really the main way that fruit sugar is harmful is when combined with high fat.

I haven't read any other posts in here yet, so forgive me if I am re-covering stuff you have already discussed. I really want to reiterate that you need data to steer by, I cannot recommend logging all your food strongly enough. I hate to see anyone flailing about without real data to go by!

If you are logging your intake and the macro ratios are looking good and you still have high cholesterol and a bad LDL:HDL ratio, high triglycerides, etc. you might want to seek out a medical professional to see how you might be able to get things into a good balance. I'd tend to want to go to someone who is natural hygiene friendly, etc. without going to some quack though. But armed with real data about exactly what you are eating your nutrient levels, macro ratios, exercise, etc, should really help to make good decisions.

Thank you.

If RMM eats one cooked meal/day out of 3 meals that's 33%, not 10.. and how many more times I have to say it that cooked food, salt, grains and other stuff aren't part of the lifestyle we promote and recommend here?

So again, don't expect 100% result if you don't make 100% effort..

You're speculations are just that.. speculations.. lmfao.. where does the fiber goes from smoothies, it evaporates?

smoothies? What are you referring to? Maybe I missed something or someone deleted a response?

Sorry Chris, that post I was referring to was deleted because of guideline violations.

LOL! Gotcha! :) Hey at least now you don't look like you're talking to yourself! ;)

Just my personal story - When I started eating MOSTLY fruits and vegetables and cut out almost all grains(bread/pasta/rice/oatmeal), my bodyfat went wayyyyyy down.  So maybe it's something else.  Just my story.

Exactly Jason.. that's my personal story too.. we all been there.. that's why I don't dance around the issue but tell it how it is: CUT OUT THE CRAP AND GO ALL THE WAY IF YOU WANT TO SEE REAL RESULTS!



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